Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 7: Playing with Death [4]

Episode IV

Ring of the Wild

Parties, Mysterious Wizards, and Tummy Rubs

After defeating each other in the grasslands over handling graveyard, the PC’s were ready to continue their wait for Ignis the Red to make their scabbard. Who knows aht kind of crazy things they could get into while they wait.

They stayed in Silverspire for less than half a day, and already they were improving things (for a change). Arawn learned a new spell that he decided to test out on the farming fields. After spending over eight hours in the dirt, he managed to nearly triple the next harvest. While this was happening, Nixero was planning and deciding how many troops he would be able to send from the north. 25 seemed like a reasonable number, and besides, that’s how many he sent in the past to Silverspire. They were happy to see Silversprie rebuilding and growing once more.

Later that day, the group was approached by a mysterious woman dressed in green. She introduced herself as Tasith, wizard of all things acid. (Tasith Acidstaff) She asked them to go on a mission to kill her previous apprentice. He had disobeyed the laws of the order of the hand, and by doing so, he had condemned himself to death. The party decided to think it over, and plan a party for the evening.

The party went really smoothly, no one got hurt or summoned any demons or portals, and no one was trying to murder people with Graveyard. It was as if Graveyard was giving the group time off for a change to enjoy themselves for just one night. Marduk did end up trying to hit on Tasith, but as usual, his methods were just too complicated for a normal person to appreciate. Because of Arawn’s spell, the grass in the area was really thick and very comfortable, so they decided to sleep on the grass in the protection of their home.

The next morning, everyone woke up on the grass except for Arawn, and decided to seek out the wizard immediately to tell her their answers. Arawn woke up beside his Queen, Quinitali, in his king size bed. He smiled at Quinitali and rubbed her tummy and told she had a larger than usual tummy and that he liked it. She immediately became angry with hi for telling her this. He then went on saying that her stomach was a bit firmer or slightly more rounded and that it was a good thing. Again, Quinitali disapproved of this. He was trying to figure out a way to let her know she was pregnant, but couldn’t come up with the words to tell her that she was pregnant. He kept going on this spiral of doom until eventually he just blurted out “you’re pregnant and I think it’s awesome!” She was taken back by what he said and they had a discussion on how he would know this and not her. Turns out Ignis the Red had informed Arawn that he had been sensing another body within Quinitali beginning to grow.

Later that morning, Arawn met with the rest of the group to talk to Tasith about killing her past apprentice. She told them that the reward for killing him would be the ring that he stole from her and any treasure that he has hoarded away in his keep. They made sure that he was a bad bad man in needing of a good killing, and through a series of questions, they determined just that. They agreed to take on the mission. Tasith opened a portal for them leading to the Tanglewood Forest, somewhere in the eastern portion. They stepped through one by one, wondering if this portal would send them through time like all the ohter ones have done before.

Xandor Glasstaff

After stepping through the portal, it would seem they did not travel through time as they had expected they would. Instead they were exactly where they were meant to be. After looking around for a few minutes, they moved westward, pinging detect magic to find the location of Xandor. Luckily, he wasn’t trying to mask his location. Eventually they came across a tower that appeared to be made for an observatory.

They walked up and checked the area for traps before proceeding through the door by the stealthy hands of Arawn. The first room seemed like a normal house. There were two stairways; one leading to the basement and the other leading upstairs. Sitting in the corner there was a piano, and through a doorway there was a kitchen. Arawn took a look at the piano. He noticed there were 5 keys that looked to be played slightly more than all the others. Since this was a wizard’s house, there was bound to be a secret button or lever, so he played all 5 keys at once to see what would happen. After doping so, the stairs behind them that lead to the basement shifted. They now lead to the east instead of the west. Arawn was very proud of himself.

They traveled downstairs to see what he would have kept so hidden. (probably a sex dungeon full of dildos thought Faust) After reaching the bottom of the stairs, they found a hall leading up to a wooden door with teeth and claw marks all over it. Upon further inspection of the door, it would appear that the marks were made by a human of some sort. Shemuel heeded no caution and instead kicked open the door leading to the next room. Inside they found 8 massive Dire Wolves. Shemuel soon regretted bursting in the door.

At first the group tried to talk to the wolves, because they are intelligent creatures with the ability to speak. The group could not persuade the wolves to allow them to pass to murder Xandor, so instead they had to kill the wolves. Battle began with a massive ice explosion from Nixero, knocking most down to about half health. That didn’t mater much, the wolves still dealt a great amount of damage. The battle went on for about five rounds before they finally killed the last wolf.

After defeating the wolves, the group moved on to the next room (but not before setting off a shock trap). The next room seemed pretty useless. It was a broken laboratory that hadn’t been used in almost six months. Nothing if use here, so the group continued to the next room, which just so happened to be a storage room. In which they also found nothing.

Continuing to the next room, they saw a strange sight. They saw a man wearing just trousers crawling around with two dire wolves. He stood up and faced them with a hunger in his eyes that looked like his primal urges had taken over. Arawn immediately shot an arrow into his shoulder and started combat. He fought very strangely for training as a wizard. He fought with his fists and hurled people across the room using his power from the ring.

The battle went fairly quickly after Arawn summoned eight wolves to join in on the fight. the eight wolves destroyed Glasstaff in less than one round. After his death, he had his wolves scare off the two dire wolves that were there with Xandor. He then dispersed his wolves and Nulaf took the Ring of the Wild.

After the death of Xandor, they looted his little keep and found what treasures he had. A few pieces of runestones and some silver. They then went back out of the keep and through the portal that remained open for them. Again they did not get sent through time, but instead were safely taken to Silverspire, where Tasith was waiting on them. They showed her the ring and she smiled and thanked them. All that was truly left for the group to do now was wait until Ignis had completed his scabbard.

What Next?

Now the PCs have one more magic item to help them on their journey to Mt. Nex, but will they make it through the dungeon before they murder themselves? Find out soon…


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