Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 8: Mt. Nex [2]

Episode II

Floor 1

Useless Statues

After finishing the climb of Mt. Nex, the PCs decided to take a short rest at the entrance way. While they were resting, Shemuel, Nixero, and Sagemon were discussing the sword and what it could be capable of. They still had no set conclusion on what they would do to the sword once they reached the bottom of the dungeon, but they did agree that no one would attune to it until they figured out more about it. Shemuel still seemed to have some distrust in Nixero, and Sagemon didn’t trust the sword in either case, but they carried on.

The group picked their things up and moved into the first room of the dungeon. In this room, there were 8 statues, and an iron door leading to the next room. The air felt charged with arcane energy here, most likely caused by the statues, but the group decided to touch them anyway. They touched the first two, both of them resembling the hand of Vecna carved out of stone. The hands instantly grabbed on tot he arms of our adventurers. Arawn struggled to get his free, seeing as he has swords and a bow, but Sagemon seemed to be chipping away at the base of the statue grabbing him with his warhammer.

Eventually, with the help of their friends, they were able to escape the grasp of the hands. Arawn decided to mend the statues to make it seem as if no one had tampered with them. They then immediately decided to touch one of the eye statues. It came to life just as the previous one did, and started to attack the party. They then proceeded to kill this one as well, and finally decided that the statues had no real significance to them by bringing them to life, so they opened the door heading to the next room.

Chimeras of Doom

The party walked in the next room and saw two, not one but two, huge chimeras. These chimeras weren’t ordinary chimeras. They were fused with the undead head of a dracolich, a displacer beast, and hellhound. They group walked in, completely destroyed them, and walked out the door leading to the next room.

Rolling Rock

After going through a puzzle room that wasn’t very hard, but was somehow impossible to figure out, the PCs ended up in a long hallway that spiraled down further and further into the mountain. The corners were rounded at each corner, and the ceiling was arched…how strange. They started walking down the passageway, when suddenly someone stepped on a pressure plate and caused a mechanism to open the ceiling behind them and drop a massive boulder the size of the hall way.

The group immediately started running and was immediately cut in half by the bolder out maneuvering three party members. Shemuel and Sarin were both run over by the bolder, while Sagemon was somehow able to avoid getting crushed, but he was still cut off from the rest of the group. Nixero, Nulaf, Marduk, Faust, and Arawn were all able to out run the bolder, however they decided they would try and destroy the bolder before it made it to the end of the passage and blocked the exit.

Though they tried almost everything in their power (including shooting themselves with their own crossbow bolts) but they could not stop the rolling mass of rock. They used magic, force, and throwing items under it to slow it down. In the end they gave up and just let it roll with them until they got to the exit, where they would deal with getting people through the rubble. They ended up just using their shields to dig their way through.

Floor 2

The Portal Room

The exit lead them down a spiral stairway and into a strange room. Inside the room was a deactivated portal of some kind. They did not try to determine where the portal would take them if it was activated, but they decided that they would need to activate it in order to proceed. Around the portal was a small wall of sorts. In the four “Corners” of the circular wall, there were insets that looked as though something were to be inserted. Around those four holes was something written, each hole different. The PCs took note of this and decided to come back later.


There were four sets of double doors leading out of the room. The group decided to go westward first, just to see what they were up against. As they walked in, they noticed a pile of bones laying in the corner; the bones were giving off some kind of fear aura. When the group finally made it all inside the room, the bones started to rattle and shake, taking on the form of a dragon in undead form. It was a dracolich.


They were up against a very powerful enemy, but luckily for them, time was on their side for once. It appeared that since so much time had gone by, the bones on this dracolich were brittle and the magic it once had was now dampened by time. They made their stand, not a single one falling under the fear of the dragon. It was hard battle, but as with any battle, the PCs won. They defeated the monster and recovered a key leading to the next room further westward.


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