Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 8: Mt. Nex [4]

Episode IV

East and South Wings

Hats, Chests, and Rust

After a decent rest in the heart of the dungeon, the PCs decided it was time to move double time. Who knew exactly what this dungeon was doing to them or the sword. They gathered their things and moved to the northern door. It was locked, so they simply went to the eastern doors. They stepped through after checking for any traps.

After stepping through the door, they felt a huge sense of dread as chills ran down their spines. They saw the man in red laughing. He was standing in front of the corpse of a beholder split into two. He vanished before any of them had a chance to do or say anything. This caused the PCs to re-think their theory on how the sword and Kas worked. They let that simmer in the back of their mind while they moved on to the next room.

Upon entering this room, they discovered 3 chests, a door leading out, and 4 keys. Above the chests there was something written. " Gamble wisely, and you leave this room a wealthy person. Gamble poorly and you won’t leave at all. Don’t gamble and you will leave, but not wealthy." With this information, Faust said there was only one thing to do. He immediately picked up a key and began telling the group of a story about why he was sometimes referred to as “the worst gambler in the Dolastrads” and instantly stuck it into a chest and turned it.

against all odds, his key just so happened to work the chest, giving him access to gold. The rest of the group fumbled about with theories and odds, but eventually they were able to unlock all but one of the chests and get the door open. Some of the group wished they had stayed inside the room with the chests however. In this next room they found 7 rust monsters, 3 huge skeletons wielding stone hammers, and 2 ogre zombies. What a sight to behold. The group charged forward, slamming the enemies attack after attack.

At the end of it all, they managed to defeat all of the creatures with very little amounts of damage. Sagemon and Sarin both had armor pieces rust away, but it was only in their shoulders. After looking over their damages the group decided it was time to move on. Before stepping into the next door, the group tried to determine if the door was trapped. They discovered someone had placed an arcane trap on it. Shemuel decided it would be a great idea to deactivate the trap using his spear. Everyone else stood back from the door, and shemuel tossed his spear into the door squarely. Before he could say ouch, a bolt of lightning burst out from the door in a tremendous display of power. It went right through his armor, damaging him deeply and sending him flying back against the far wall. He stood with his armor still smoking.

The Broken Tusk

The party waited until Shemuel’s armor cooled off before moving on tot he next room. After entering the next portion, it was clear to the party that there would be no battle here, unless it was a battle of wits. The hall before them had red tiles that glowed with immense power. The group tossed something onto the tile and it was engulfed with flame, so their only logical conclusion was to smash the floor. Faust volunteered for the job, seeing as he had the most experience at destroying things, especially floors (they were his specialty) He stepped up to the first tile and tuck out his beloved minotaur tusk, which had never actually served him any good before, but it was his and it had some very little sentimental value. He slammed it on the first tile with all his might and destroyed the tile, removing what ever magic might have been living there in wait. He was very content with himself and his work with that tile. He moved up tot he next tile and slammed his tusk on it as he did the last one. There was a loud crack, and the room fell silent.

Nixero approached Faust, placing his hand on his shoulder and asked if were okay. He was not okay. In his hands he held what pieces remained of his beloved tusk, his eyes looking off into the distant darkness, wondering why life had taken him down this path of emotional destruction. His whole life was being re-evaluated inside of his mind as the only thing he truly cared for was laying broken in his hands. Nixero lead Faust over to a corner of the room and sat him down and tried to comfort him the best he could while the rest of the party tried to smash the tiles. It took them a little while, but eventually they managed to make it past the hall and into the next room, with Faust very slowly trudging behind them.

The Samurai

In this next room they found only a single samurai. On his side he carried a very large Daikatana in a Saya. He spoke tot hem when they came into his room. He told them he would like an honorable fight, and if they won, he would give them the gem they were seeking. Shemuel stepped forward and agreed to this honorable battle one on one. The Samurai unsheathed his weapon, and the battle began. The rest of the group waited on the sideline for the battle to end, but just in case Shemuel needed help, they all readied an action with a spell.

Eventually Shemuel tried to cast a spell on the Samurai to help aid himself in battle, but the spell took no effect and the Samurai laughed. The rest of the group decided it was time to let loose their spells, but none of them hit the swordsman. It wasn’t because they missed, it seemed as though this man had some sort of spell barrier, which was not good at all. The battle continued, and Shemuel insisted no one help him. After hours of sword fighting, the Samurai finally gave up and bowed before Shemuel. He then left, leaving a bag of magic beans on the floor.

The End of the Eastern Wing

After defeating the Samurai and retrieving his beans, the group found a slot in which they inserted Graveyard once again. Doing so revealed a small treasure hidden behind a wall tile, and sent Shemuel into the consciousness of some astral being. This time it was not a child, but that of a teenager. It worked just as before; Shemuel asked it a few questions and then in return it asked him a couple and sent Shemuel on his way. Every encounter with this being kept causing Shemuel to become more and more confused about his own goal and where he should be heading. Either way, they retrieved one more portal stone and decided to head back to the main room for a rest.

After having a good sleep, the group was now ready for another wing, however they woke to Shemuel holding his head with agony on his face. He told them about his crazy nightmares and visions he had when he was sleeping. He felt ill and weak, but he was willing to continue on to the next wing of the dungeon.

The Southern Wing

Magical Portals

The door was unlocked so the group moved through the door. When the doors closed behind them, it then morphed into one single iron door. Where the key hole once was, was now a diamond shaped hole, fit for something that looked similar to a d8. Inside this room there was a chest on the floor, and a sign above the chest. The sign read “You might need these”, and inside the chest they found a bag of 20 d8’s. They were slightly puzzled, but they soon realized what they must do. They sat on the floor and began to spin them around like tops. Then they got up and slotted one inside the door lock. As they did, the die appeared to roll. A random number appeared, and then the door opened, but it was not where they had left last time.

Eventually they defeated a few rooms with some crazy monk guys from the astral plane and moved on, spending their dice as they moved from room to room, sometimes back tracking. Eventually they managed to make it to a room where they met someone really powerful. A Vampire. They asked him some questions and learned a few things, but not much. Then Nixero decided to launch an attack.


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