Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 9 [1-5]

Catch Up

The group has been reassembled and have been spending most of their time in the Tanglewood Forest. They have begun clearing out an old mine known as Deep Root, located in the center of the forest. They also spawned a second pyramid and defeated the mummy lord within and retrieved its treasure. They killed some minions of the long lost god known as Timesus. Now that you are caught up, let’s resume.

1st Encounter of the Hand

Fredrick Glasstaff

After roaming around in the tunnels for days, the group eventually came across a roughed up middle aged man. He had scars all over his torso, except for one particular spot on his shoulder where he had the tattoo of the symbol of the right hand of Vecna. He was found unconscious on the ground, so the group revived him and started to ask him some questions. Before long, the bard cast suggestion on him, forcing him to aid in their quest, even if he didn’t want to.

Eventually he lead them to a door, locked with some sort of secret riddle/password. Inside that room there was a statue that looked like a hand. Fredrick told them that the trap more than likely just killed anything in the room if an incorrect password was given. So the group decided to start throwing apples into the room and closing the door and giving the password that way. The door, however, was sound proof. Faust had a way to fix that. Faust walked right up to the door, laid his hand on it, and the door morphed into a really expensive and impressive mahogany door. Now with this new door, the group continued to throw apples in and guessing the password, except this time the trap could hear them. They tried twice before guessing the correct passphrase. Once they guessed correctly, the statue allowed them through without any issues.

Tasith Corrodedstaff

Entering the next room revealed an entire room of kobolds working together to create some sort of alchemy using some sort of dragon fruit and other mixtures. Nixero quickly walked in and demanded that he have an audience with Tasith. A kobold ran into the other room to ask permission. He came back and told the group that they had to fight the guards before they would be permitted in to see Tasith. Battle commenced, T-rex’s were summoned, and things were killed. The group completely destroyed the entire room, leaving none alive. They then proceeded into the next room.

When they entered this next room, they saw Tasith here admiring a plant of hers. They walked up and demanded that she stop working with the Hand, but she declined and so they battled. It was a long and hard battle, but the group eventually won. They killed Tasith and ran out of the room as it quickly started to disappear.

Afterward, they headed to an adjacent room and found the hoard of the dragon, which they looted and left behind 12 magical pink frogs.


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