Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 9: A New Beginning [6]

Episode VI

The Cave Goes On

A New Alliance

After blowing up a few caverns and tunnels, the group decided it would be a good idea to just pretend that never happened. So they continued their way to the left portion of the split. After traveling for nearly 8 hours, they came across a strange room. This room contained a slab of rock wall that was glowing red slightly. Marduk instantly started to spam his counterspell spell, even though it was doing nothing. The rest of the group stood around and tried to figure out what this could mean. Suddenly the rock started to grow bright red, but because of Marduk’s counterspell spamming, he countered the glowing and made the rock go back to being normal colored rock.

Suddenly the group heard a voice from the other side of the slab. It sounded like a dwarf of some kind. He was complaining about how they destroyed his door and he would have to pick his way out. Faust stepped up, loosened his fingers a bit, and cast his create door ability. Right in the middle of that stone slab was now a very intricate and master-crafted mahogany door. The dwarf was still not very pleased, as he wanted a secrete door. but the group managed to talk him into letting them into his home thanks to Faust’s well spoken Dwarven.

Once in the next room, they were surrounded by 10 total Duergar. They seemed to be very untrusting of these new outsiders coming into their home, as any one would be. The group decided it would be a great idea to have a drinking contest with the rest of the dwarves to get everyone’s tension down. So they started pouring and drinking drinks. At the end, the dwarves won. Shemuel and Arawn were the only ones who were not drunk, along with one of the captains. Eventually Shemuel used his abilities to remove everyone’s drunkness, which allowed some conversation to take place.

It turns out these Duergar were making weapons and armor for the hand of vecna. They were making a pretty good deal on them as well, and were not going to stop selling them anything because a random group of people came into their home and told them to do so. Arawn placed an order with the master blacksmith, and was told to come back in 2 months for his new weapon. After that, the group decided it was time to move along.

Dragony Things

The group then traveled to the next tunnel. Eventually they came to a T. On the right side was a secret entrance to the room where they once saw a Dragon Turtle. There was a residue of the dragon essence they found on some of the rocks below, and scorching marks on the walls in this cavern as well as some cave-in damage. They slowly backed out and went to the other room.

This room contained a large group of Kobolds and drakes. Nixero stepped forward and began his dragon speech about how he was the new leader according to Tasith. Eventually in his speech he managed to mention his dragon patron instead and the Kobolds launched an attack. The group killed everything in that room and chased the remaining kobolds into the next room. Once in there they saw something they didn’t want to see. They saw Dragon Eggs. Was the Hand trying to create more dragons? They slaughtered the eggs and the kobolds and took the treasure that was left there. They then went back to the split at the beginning.


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