Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 9: A New Beginning [7]

Episode VII

The Last of the Cave

Strange Shadows

After sealing more cave entrances and healing their wounds, the group continued down the last remaining undiscovered tunnel. They wound down the tunnel for what seemed like days, until eventually they saw a wooden door with a sign on it. The sign read “Do Not Disturb” so naturally our group decided to enter.

Inside, they found what would appear to be a make-shift living room. There was a couch stuffed with literally almost anything that could have been lying around the place without any other current use. In the corner there stood a bookcase, with nothing on it except books on lung diseases. They noticed a strange smell coming from the room ahead of them, but before they could move anywhere, the shadows in the corners of the room seemed to animate and spawn demon things. They had tentacles writhing all over them, with nothing else save for a beak on the fronts of the mass of tentacles. The party was stunned at what they saw, but all attempts to speak to them were in vein, so they pulled their weapons out and readied an attack.

The monsters made it a very quick point to show the adventurers that they weren’t playing around by grappling them, rendering them defenseless and useless. The group turned the tide on them however once the bard started to sing his songs of despair and courage. The monsters were quickly dispatched, and the group continued onto the next room.

Old Acquaintances

In the next room, the group found a kitchen of sorts. There was a cooking hearth with something on the pot, along with salted meats in barrels and aged wine that was perfect for relaxing. The group examined the pot and discovered it was medicine. Shemuel further inspected it to discover it was for lung disease. They took what they could, fearing the next room might hold something terrifyingly powerful and harmful to biological creatures that use air to breathe.

They continued forward only to find something terrible. There were cots, many cots, most all of them containing bed bound cave dwelling humans. Upon further investigation, it would appear over half of these had already passed, while the other half was suffering from some sort of lung issue. From around the corner, out of nowhere, a ghost from the past reappeared before the group. Rocloe. As she saw them, she pulled out her crossbow and aimed it squarely in Faust’s eyes.

They had some conversation with her before Nixero gave an awe inspiring speech to rocloe about the past and about everything they had done wrong, but now was the time to make up for everything. For everything they had done wrong, they would risk their lives to help the people in need. They discovered that there was a demon in the next room who had caused all of these people to become sick. The group determined that their course of action should be to destroy the demon and avenge the people on Rocloe’s behalf. Rocloe fell unconscious due to an injury she sustained in an earlier battle she had with the demon. The group made sure she was okay, and then readied themselves for the worst.

Hai Suchiru

As they stepped through the two large double doors, they felt a great fear tremble within themselves as they gazed upon the horrid demon. It stood at over 75ft tall and at least 35ft wide; it was nothing but tentacles, eyes, and pores. The entire mass of grotesque nightmares writhed in its own hatred for the world and all who dwell within it. It spoke to them in a voice you would only hear in your worst nightmares. It told them that even if they somehow managed to kill it, that the people in the other room would still die, and there was nothing they could do about it. They shrugged and started attacking it.

It was a great battle that lasted 6 rounds. The creature used its many tentacles to attack 11 times each round. It used large ones to sweep attack anyone near it, while using medium ones for a direct attack, and small ones for grappling the creatures causing it the most pain. Faust spoke to Zargon before things started to get too rough, and traded him the Timesus Power Core for what appeared to be a tentacle bomb of sorts. Then the group set in on their attacks.

The group relentlessly and stubbornly attacked the creature, leaving themselves wide open, but they didn’t care. Shemuel did the most damage to it due to his fire scythe. The creature despised fire, and anyone wielding it. At this point, Faust managed to plant his bomb within one of the creature’s pores elbow deep, but who knew how long it would take for that thing to go off? Suddenly, Shemuel started his massive fire combo; he swung his scythe in circles, up down, left and right, hitting the creature at all the most painful angles possible. Out of nowhere the creature shrieked and starting slamming its tentacles against Shemuel one after another. He fell unconscious, but the monster didn’t care, he wanted him dead. He hot him again, and again, bringing within an inch of death. Suddenly, before the monster brought down the killing blow, something as loud as a fireball was heard within the creature. A Hunger of Hadar spell was cast at 15th level within the creature. This was a spell so powerful, no spell caster could ever comprehend its full strength. Tentacles of pure darkness broke through the creature’s body on every possible facet, through every pore and eye socket, and extended to the walls of the room. The creature made no noise but the sound of crunching as the tentacles wrapped around it and broke its body to fit it through the small portal used to summon it. It dragged the demon to a place far worse than where it came from, never to be seen again and to be forever tortured by the vastness of the Abyssal Plane.


Shemuel was badly injured. His entire body save for his skull was shattered. The healing he needed was far above any normal paladin or priest. It was unlikely he would recover at all from a fatal blow like this, but if there was a place that could help, it would be within the walls of the City of Thorns. The group (along with Rocloe) carried Shemuel out of the tunnel, passing all of the now dead humans on cots on their way out. They took him out to the split, and then out of the mine totally, and began their long trek to the City of Thorns.

What Next?

The group eventually made it to the city, and searched out the Father of the Silver Flame. If anyone could heal Shemuel it would be him. What will the group do now with a member as wounded as this? Will they leave him behind and continue on, or will they wait for their comrade and find other things to occupy their time within the city?


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