[COMPANY] Abner Weaponry

Weapon Dealer Family



In the past, there was once a young Priest named Barakas Abner. His family for generations had been priests and priestesses. Young Barakas was different than the rest of his family and ancestors. He found an interest in weapons and how to use them. He enjoyed fighting and learning forms of fighting. He never quite understood why the others in his family hated fighting and violence, when so much could be accomplished and gained through it. He eventually sought out Ralishaz, a god of neutral standing who believed in luck controlling everything. Seeing as Barakas was a priest, he figured he would have no problem negotiating a deal with this god…

After traveling to Ralishaz’s shrine at the base of a mountain, Barakas sat before a statue of a god rolling a die, and went into a meditative state. No one knows what really happened to him when he did this, they only say he changed, and not for the better. When he came back to his house, he was carrying a strange die in his hand and wore an extremely horrifying grin constantly. It was later discovered that he killed his family after rolling a die to determine each of their fates…apparently he rolled low. Some were strangled, others brutally murdered with house hold objects, and some burned to death.

He continued his passion for fighting. He grew strong and fast, and started to collect a vast amount of weaponry. Just having weapons wasn’t enough for him, he needed to be able to make these himself. He learned black smithing from and old man in town, and he began to make his own, strange weapons. His weapons sometimes seemed to glow when looked at in the right light.

His works started to catch the eyes of every collector on the continent. Everyone wanted one of his swords in their collection. He never sold any of them however. One day, a tiefling collector named Vaelentor Mephistopheles came to his door, looking for one of Baraka’s blades. Again, the man denied his request. Vaelentor then convinced Barakas to instead teach him how he made his blades. This was the first time Barakas heard a collector actually want to get dirt on their shirt. He grinned, pulled out a die and rolled it across the table. It made a loud thud and rolled until it stopped, showing a 20. Barakas stood, and agreed to help Vaelentor make weapons as he did.


The two grew close, seeing as they were both pretty much insane. They soon became business partners. Vaelentor persuaded Barakas to make a living off of selling these swords and other tools of war to the common people. They formed a business known as Abner Weaponry. Selling weapons with random effects and enchantments, just as Ralishaz would enjoy. The company’s man speaker is Vaelentor Mephistopheles. He handles treasury, appointments, business meetings, and everything to do with the public. Barakas is in charge of the weapons. Testing them, making them, and storing them.

[COMPANY] Abner Weaponry

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