Captain Corey

Captain of Knights


Level 10 Fighter


Corey is the captain of the knights in Baulder’s Gate. Although he seems very strict and uptight, it’s only for the well being of the city.

At a very young age, Corey was enlisted into the army. He loathed every minute he had to spend in the protection squad. He always thought having an army was completely useless, especially up in the mountains surrounded by solid rock on all sides of the city. He did his duties as he was told, but he got into almost every kind of trouble he could find.

One day, he decided enough was enough. He didn’t think anyone would miss him if he were to leave, and it wasn’t like the city would be at war tomorrow or anything. He left while in the middle of one of his kitchen duties, with the water still running and the oven still on. He left and decided to never look back… happened.

Not even two hours after he abandoned his post, a tremendous roar broke the quiet of the evening. It occurred again and this time it was closer. He could feel his body stiffen with fear and dread. It roared again, this time followed by fire. A dragon had started its assault against the city known as Baulder’s Gate. It wasn’t alone either. Its minions, the kobold clan known as the Blue Spears from the southern mountains, were following the dragon and ramming the gates down from the eastern side of the city.

Corey scrambled to the barracks as fast as he could. He needed to arm himself and figure out a plan to survive this. When he finally reached the barracks, he saw 3 kobolds devouring his comrades, They were crunching their bones and rummaging through organs like picking through trash to find something edible. Overwhelmed with shock and sudden anger, Corey grabbed a sword from the nearest body. As fast as lightning, he found himself standing at the other end of the barracks holding a bloody sword. He looked back and saw many kobold bodies laying on the floor, cut down by something- not something, but him. He grasped his sword and decided to make a stand against these foul creatures. This was his home, and he was determined to stay here.

As the night continued on, Corey ended up rounding up as many soldiers as he could find left alive. He got them to make strategic attacks against the kobolds and their generals. Soon the kobolds were out numbered, and when they called to the dragon for aid, it decided it was time to leave. The Baulder Knights finished off all the stragglers and saved the day from the dreaded dragon attack. The city has from that day forth made Corey a hero. They offered him a position as General, but he declined and instead took the position of Captain.

He will do whatever it takes to defend the city and its people.

Captain Corey

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