[zzDEAD] Corgan Fullarm

Leader of Tridents


Barbarian of great power


Age: 28
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 250 Lbs

An overly muscular man who towers over most people, Corgan is big and he knows it. Corgan pushes people around to get what he wants, and he normally does. He wears leather, animal skins, and animal skulls as helmets, and he carries an enormous hammer that he uses in combat. He is fast for his size, and very strong. He is a great foe to face in one-on-one combat, or even three-on-one.

His brother was killed, and he seeks to find a way to bring him back and seek vengeance on whoever killed him. This is the only thing that drives him forward, and sometimes drives him insane. He has no thoughts that are not filled with rage or insanity.

[zzDEAD] Corgan Fullarm

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