Demon Bounty Hunter


Lv 9 Shadow Vrock with elite armor capabilities.


Cyvolt is a bounty hunter in the world of demons. He works for no one, but he will take jobs for others if the offer suits him. He has never failed any of his missions, save for one.

It is said that his methods involve creating a slip portal from the demon plane to the material world, where he then catches his target of guard and slaughters them or brings them back alive depending on the contract. Sometimes it doesn’t mater if they live or die as long as he gets the item he was looking for. Once he has his item, he goes back through his portal and disappears.

Cyvolt is cunning, quick and ruthless in all of his missions. The only flaw that has ever been witnessed by the targets left alive, is the fact that he plays with his target first. He enjoys the chase, and ending it too quickly would be a waste of time and no fun. He would much rather savor the moment, especially if the opponent thinks of themselves as someone worthy of fighting Cyvolt.

Cyvolt is part of an elite batch of Vrock bred for the purpose to be more intelligent and more dangerous than the other vrocks created and tamed by demon lords in the underworld. When Cyvolt was born first in the batch, he murdered all of the other siblings.
In the other 4 batches, other Elite Vrock displayed similar behavior. He is currently one of only 5 total Elite Vrocks. Originally meant to be 25 Elite Vrocks to be used as the undergods felt fit. Now the Elite Vrocks work independently from one another and from other demon lords picking up contracts or completely ignoring everything that goes on in the universe.

Cyvolt is said to wear blue plate armor on his body. This armor gives him a power that is neither materialistic in nature nor demonic. No one knows where the armor came from or who created it, but it definitely gives Cyvolt an advantage in all of his missions. He also wields sword and spell in his battles. He is dangerous, and if anyone plans on fighting him, better do it on ground they know rather than be taken off guard.


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