[COMPANY] Dolastrad Family

Reclusive Dwarven Noble Family


The Dolastrads grew to be infinitely more influential as the years wet by. This however caused a shortage of iron right about 5 years before the cataclysm of demons occurred. Because of this, the Dolastrad’s took a big hit. However, thanks to some mysterious deal the Old Man’s brother made with a shady character, the mines lead to extremely rich caverns with iron once more. This iron was different than standard iron though. it was a sort of yellow tinted iron. This iron was a lot lighter than standard iron, making it extremely easy to use, but a lot less durable and a lot weaker. The blade could not quite be as sharp as a normal blade because of its brittleness.


The Dolastrad family is one of the three Great Dwarven families of the North.

Descended from druidic tribes that traveled to the north to fulfill an ambiguous prophecy. The few that survived found an oasis in the desert of snow. Myrkivior is both the name of the strange enchanted woods where the Dolastrads dwell and the region under their control.
Strange steam vents allowed for the ground to thaw enough for gigantic pine trees to grow and also allow for strange flora and fauna to thrive in the caves that propagate about the region. The earliest dwarven druids were said to worship and protect their strange land. Eventually Kir would depart from the main druidic and discover the Giants tooth, a small mountain near the center of the forest. It was there he found the abandoned manor and eventually learned of all the precious metals that lie beneath the lands of Myrkivior.

The family is a powerful mercantile family, establishing themselves deep into the eastern side of the northern continent they quickly created their own unique industry. From the great trees that grew in their forests four giant trade ships were made. With these large amounts of iron and small amount of enchanted timber was sent all over the world. They also mass produce weapons of all description and are renowned for their quality and strange attributes. They have also implemented steam technology created by the genuis gnome Oruni. This lead to them to producing massive amounts of product despite their small numbers. Smuggling. war profiteering, and many other illicit business practices have both made them a powerful and feared family.

The druidic side of the family is shrouded in much more mystery and is managed by Kir’s wife and his brother in law. Their practices seem to have little to do with standard druidic tradition and their goals are ambiguous. Despite this the “devout” have a large amount of reverence within the family.

The family itself is incredibly reclusive and their hierarchy is complicated. Here is a basic rundown of their hierarchy.

The Ygdrasil is the top main branch of the family. Composed of blood relatives and a few trusted “crested” members.
Those whom are blood relatives need only say so, and those concerned can verify themselves. Anyone posing as a blood member of Ygdrasil is dealt with.
Crested members have their previous tattoo modified to have a tree growing out of a caribou skull.

Crested members make up the main body of the organization. Named as they have earned the right to have the basic Dolastrad crest tattooed in a place of their choosing. (Most choose an easy to access area as they may have to verify their affiliation to the family.)
While crested members are far from the Ygdrasil branch they are proud members of the family and can be anyone to lowly soldiers to high ranking “Capos.”

There are several employees associated with the family, but unless they are crested they are not usually invloved in the darker side of the family.

Family relations:

The Dolastrads are most well known for their influence in foreign countries while their command center remains in Myrkivior. They operate in a mafia like fashion extorting protection money, smuggling, which serves to augment their legitimate work.

With other Dwarves: Most dwarves are aware of the Dolastrad, and those more prone to gossip will be aware of the rumours that surround them. They are considered at best eccentric and at worse pariahs. Their success while earning the respect of some has elicited the ire of most prominent dwarven families. The only family they regularly come to heads with them however is the Gorongirn family, one of the other two that control the north. The Gorongirn’s control the sliver of mountain range that separates the North from the ice bridge that eventually leads to Gaia.They impose heavy tax on all Dolastrad goods and are one of the many reasons the Dolastrad have little influence to the south.

With other merchants:

The Dolastrads are seen as a gamble. Their business practices while sketchy are very lucrative, at the same time the Dolastrads will sooner destroy competition than work with them. (Often they do both.) Most “respectable” merchants will avoid any dealings with the Dolastrad. But many close to the underworld black market have found favorable deals with them.

With Gaia:

The Dolastrad have a network setup but little official influence in Gaia. Those who are more worldly will know of them, especially merchants and those associated with the criminal underworld. Crested members have begun attempting to set up outposts in several prominent cities following a temporary truce with the Gorongirn.

With Humans in the North:

The scattered human settlements in the north are treated well by the Dolastrad. They are used as shipworkers, miners and many other tasks. While they are forbidden to enter Myrkivior without invitation the community is grateful to them. The Dolastrads provide food and labor to keep the human settlements alive. A few are permitted to be servants within the Dolastrad manor, those who are, are not seen again and have resigned themselves to a life of serving the Dolastrads. In return their families are given special treatment.

With scholars:

Scholars have repeatedly tried to investigate both the arcane properties of the trees in Mrkivior and the strange sprins and caves surrounding it. The Druid tribes that patrol the area have either turned away or killed those whom intrude upon their holy grounds.

[COMPANY] Dolastrad Family

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