Lieutenant Dorn Greycastle

Frost Wolf Lieutenant




Lieutenant Dorn Greycastle. An eldritch knight like Nixero. He is next in line to take his place if he dies. Dorn is honorable, honest, compassionate, and brave. In a way, he exemplifies the image of a “Knight In Shining Armor”, even though he was not born from nobility. Organized and confident, he inspires loyalty in his company of 200 soldiers, driving them to be relentless and unerring in their missions. But even so, he is laid back and forgiving of mistakes.

“Off the Clock”, Dorn’s laid back attitude has a less noble side. Dorn, being an unreasonably attractive man, tends to use his “smooth diplomacy” and “social graces” to “get to know” women. He has a talent for letting his rampant womanizing get him into trouble…

Dorn is currently stationed at Silverspire, where he and a small squad of Frost Wolves has been tasked with training the local militia and clearing out the remaining demons that still plague the city after the demon portal was closed by Ignis. Which also means that he will be spending a fair amount of time speaking to the Queen as well…

Lieutenant Dorn Greycastle

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