Faust of the Dolastrad

All debts paid in full...


Faust “Mephisto” Mephistopheles

Taller than average.
Dressed lavishly.
Mid length white hair.
Reddish skin.
Grey eyes.
Small horns and tail.
Usually accompanied by Lockhorn his dragon.

Not inherently evil, he instead maintains the values imposed on him by the Dolastrad family. While he has since grown to have his own unique sensibilities he still values what the family has taught him.


“All debts must be repaid in full.”

Main Goals:
Complete all missions given to hi by the Dolastrad family.
Collect rare objects.
Research the occult.
find Mephistopheles (find out the mystery of the Mephistopheles family and reclaim old surname.)

Faust’s earliest memories are being raised by his negligent brothers in a decrepit mansion. Rumors were that the Mephistopheles family ran afoul of some religious zealots. After being abandoned by his brother at the age of 6 he traveled around various transient caravans. While his Tiefling appearance and his penchant for the dark arts left isolated him from the rest of the vagabonds. Finally, he was sold into indentured servitude in the Dolastrad family mines. Kir Dolastrad while surveying his mines saw the young tiefling.

“Ah, this is interesting. I have a better way for him to pay off his debt.”

It was then that Faust was trained as a warlock assasin and employed as an enforcer for the family. Eventually the family recognized his sharp tongue, and diplomatic skills which they put to use. He rose among the Dolastrad family eventually joining the “main branch” Yygdrasil. He eventually became the “consigliere” of the family, closest to Kir himself.

All the while Faust had been researching the occult in the massive library within Dolastrad Manor. It became obsession when he wasn’t other wise preoccupied with his work with the family. He now plans to eventually seek out Mephisto in the 9 hells and “finish the pact”, that his ancestors started. As well as a healthy interest into travelling into other dimensions to fight what dwells there.

Traits: Bored easily, Vain, arrogant. Adopted some mannerisms of the Dolastrad family. Including their detached business like manner.
Grew a distaste for those who worship demons. Believes that those who are consumed by darkness are less than trash and goes out his way to make trouble for them.
“There are those who are consumed by darkness, and those who control it. I know which one I am.”

Relations. Three Mephisto Brothers: Vaelentor, and Aventach. "I’ll have to pay them back for their kindness some time.
Dolastrad Family immensely: loyal. Though relations have been fraying as of late.
General Population: indifferent or slightly amused.

Last conversation with Kir whom berated Faust for letting Olaf leave the manor, left Faust uncertain of the family. He is bound and determined to find out the secrets the family has been harboring.

“They have given me so much, and there is so much I don’t know. If I am to help them I will need to learn more about them whether they want me to or not. All debts must repaid in full…”

Faust of the Dolastrad

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