Ignis the Red

Chaotic Red Wizard


Lv 5 Wizard of the Fire Element. Could be deadly powerful, but is so completely insane, that there is no predicting what he would do in a battle.


Ignis the Red was once a great and knowledgeable wizard of high standing. He taught at the academy for young magic users, and helped other learn to control their magic. But his knowledge was his downfall. He knew so much that of course, he needed to know more. So out of pure curiosity, he started building a portal to a different plane of existence. That was the last time anyone ever saw him again, however anyone who goes to his manner, never returns. It also said that the area around his manor produces a massive amount of heat light some evenings. As if a big fire were there somewhere.

Ignis was insane for who knows how long. Eventually the Silver Syndicate came along and freed him from himself. Once released, Ignis told them the best way to get rid of the sword for good was to take it up to Mt. Nex and use the last shard of Vecna to cause it’s destruction. With the destruction of the sword, the world would be safe for at least one more century until they found a way to completely obliterate the sword from all existences.

Ignis has helped the party along the way by teleporting them from place to place and by giving them boons of protection. His (now ex-)wife, Sarin the Red, travels with them, offering what protection she can. Ignis does his best to help look after the city of Silverspire while the group is away taking care of the sword. One day he hopes to return to studying nothing but magic and finding a way to control the magic forces that drive the Demons.

Ignis the Red

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