Hand: Jin Glowstaff

Radiant Wizard


Jin is a rare type of wizard. Not many wizards can or want to harness the power of radiance. Was defeated in the battle of Dragonmail Attack of Silverspire by the Cold Light Legion


Jin gives off a very angelic sort of feel whenever she is around people. Her magic is definitely strange to feel, and that of course continues over to her physical body. She has two outfits that she wears. The first is her diplomacy and casual wear. Don’t let the appearance fool you though. The few pieces of armor that comes with this particular outfit gives her diplomacy bonuses and bluff advantages. The second outfit is a battle armor:


She is headed to a place known as Ft. Brehenine to retrieve materials for her ongoing project, but since Tasith was in Silverspire, she decided to drop in and say hello.

Jin has been said to be a part of the organization known as the “Order of the Hand” Her role in the order is not yet known.

Hand: Jin Glowstaff

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