Lynn the Vengeful



Green hair and eyes. She wears light armor or cloth, uses short swords and occasionally bows. She carries a longsword in case someone challenges her to a duel, she never backs down from a duel.



Lynn grew up in a nice wooded area. Her parents were very kind hearted and joyful. They even adopted a young half elf boy who had just lost his home to a group of orc raiders some ways off to the west. Everything was perfect in her life, she even had the brother she had always wanted. Arawn. Happiness never lasts however.

One day when things were going as usual, an orc raiding party blew through their small village. She bore witness to the rape and death of her mother, she saw her father eaten alive, and she herself was kidnapped. She had no idea what happened to Arawn, but she could only assume what orcs would do to an elf kin boy. She was later used by the orcs both as a slave and a pass around whore.

One day, when all her hope of rescue had gone, and she had nothing left in her heart except hatred, she decided it was freedom, or she would die trying. That night, during the usual pass around time, she staged her escape. She caught them off guard, stealing one of their longswords they had stolen from her village. She slit their throats one by one, silently in the night. She executed the entire raid party, with nothing more than the sword she wielded. She was determined to rid the planet of those foul beings wherever she found them from here on out.

Now she heads a dungeon raiding party, purely for profit. In her spare time, she seeks out orc camps with a few friends and utterly destroys them. Of course she has lost quite a few members of her party doing this, but there was no cost too great to rid these beasts from the material plane completely.

Her latest mission was a bit risky. She was determined to scale the highest mountain and see what kind of dungeon she could find within. There were reasons she wanted to do a mountain dungeon. One: Dragons live in mountains, and dragons have nice loot. Two: She had been sick and tired of rats from her last dungeon and has a bit of a psychological problem with those critters now.

Lynn the Vengeful

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