[zzDEAD] Mulfkein

Chill Demon Shopkeeper


Lv 10 Illusionist


Raised in a small town in the poor area of hell, Mulfkein was a son of a single man who tried to make ends meet by selling things. After the first rebellion of fire, Mulfkein’s father was killed for aiding wounded soldiers of the losing side. Left with nothing except the know how of running a shop, Mulfkein followed his father’s footsteps and ran a market. He was determined not to be a weakling like his father though.

Mulfkein soon learned that other markets stayed a float by selling rare items in the material plane, also known as the “surface” and then transferring the gold into gems at a hefty exchange rate due to the rarity of gold in hell. He made friends with a demon who made a trip to the “surface” once in a while to find mushrooms for potions he created.

One day, a huge rip opened up in the middle of his market. Through it he could see a human city on the surface. He stepped through the portal, and he is where he is today. Trying to make a living and a name for himself.

[zzDEAD] Mulfkein

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