[EX-PC] Olaf Dolastrad

Dwarven Druid Noble's Son


“I come from the north lands, seeking vengeance for family murdered by assassin clan.”

Age: 42
Weight: 140 Lbs
Height: 4’
Class: Druid (only slightly)
Race: Dwarf

Wields a scimitar, but mainly uses spells when combat is needed, but would much prefer talking and negotiating. Remains calm in even the most dire circumstances, (vodka shortage doesn’t count)


Olaf was the 17th son of Kir Dolastrad. Born into the affluent but ever distant Dolastrad family, Olaf was largely raised by tutors and servants. At an early age he among the numerous young ones of the Dolastrad family were taught their druidic traditions. Olaf seeing little use outside the practical side of the teachings was then put in a class dealing mostly finances. Olaf distinguished himself among the family by being uncharacteristically talkative and charismatic. By the time he was old enough to grow a beard he had already negotiated several important business deals, and fostered peace with important allies. The diplomat role had mostly belonged to Mephisto, and though they rarely met in person (both often being sent into faraway lands far away from each other.) they each got along well enough in passing.

Olaf’s rank is a bit ambiguous, as are most in the Dolastrad family. He is able to enjoy the privileges that come with being one of the Old Man’s son, but is given much less responsibility and power than those considered to be the elite. This is mostly due to the fact that Olaf while effective with his work is very lazy and will often neglect his mission for anything else he finds interesting. Another reason he hasn’t risen far into the family is the fact that his personality clashes with so many of his close relatives. That being said the family considers him an important person and he wields absolute authority from the main branch down.

Olaf’s relation to the Old Man is the same for most of the family. The Old Man Rarely deals outside his top echelon. Though it’s been said he approves of at least one of his family acting as diplomat.

[EX-PC] Olaf Dolastrad

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