Fiery Redhead Dragon Girl


When she was a younger girl, her home was invaded by a merciless group of mercenaries known as the Silver Syndicate. They stormed into her room, where she was minding her own business combing her hair, going about her day to day life. She was unarmed but they kept demanding she give them the treasure she had, which she had none. She yelled for them to leave, but they were persistent. She ran into the next room and hid for her life. Luckily the group went to another room and left her alone. She had never been so afraid in her entire life.

After hours of sitting there in the corner of the room crying to herself, she finally got the courage to get up and see if the group was still there. Just before she got up, the group opened the door to the room she was in. She covered her head in the corner and cried. She thought they were going to kill her, or worse. The devil faced man walked over to her and blasted her in the face with some sort of magic, leaving a scar on her cheek and eye that would always remind her of this day and how she would eventually seek vengeance. She was terrified, hurt, and angry. So angry. They began to argue about whether or not they should kill her and kill her mother of they should leave one of them alive. These people were as crazy as crazy could get.

Eventually a very angry dwarf carried Rocloe out of her corner by her hair and dragged her into the next room where her mother was. Her mother was a dragon of course, and the group was here for the treasure of the dragon. They threatened the life of Rocloe, leaving the dragon no other potion than to give them what they wanted.

Rocloe later discovered the body of her father laying in a pool of blood. His throat was ripped out, his ribs shattered, his skull bashed in on some spots, and his arms dislocated. He wasn’t just murdered. This was an act of complete brutality, She would never forgive or forget the faces of the group and she would never rest until the group paid with their lives.

It has been years since that fateful day. Rocloe has grown into a powerful demi-dragon and has grown allies. She was able to travel to the etheral plane and murder Harbek, Cleric of the Raven Queen. This was one step forward on her path to revenge. She knew her enemies have probably grown in their numbers, but she was prepared. The only thing stopping her was not having enough time to grow in power before she wanted to strike.

Although she is not at full power, she is ready to strike at any moment the characters are at disadvantage. Her scar on her face worn proudly, and a blood drop of her father’s blood worn around her neck in a vial. Adorned with the scales of her dead mother’s hide, and the blade of the entity that gives her aid, she is prepared to kill the Silver Syndicate, or die trying.


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