Sagemon Ravencrest

Storm Cleric of Kord


Average Height with a hearty build.
Blues eyes that appear to have a glint of ‘spark’ to them.
Due to his devotion to his god “Kord” and domain, his hair has develop white streaks amonst his jet black hair.
Tanned skin due to constant travel and working the farm when he was a child.


It all began in a small outlying village where life was simple and people labored the day away to provide for their families. It just happened that one day during a religious journey, a group of clergy men happened upon this village and decided to rest. The villagers were used to seeing groups like this come through and went out of their way to provide for these travelers. This was when people of the village could learn news of the coming and goings of the world. While spending time with folks here, they came across a boy who caught their attention. This boy showed such potential for the Order of the Storm Shields. An order devoted to the service of the god “Kord”, the Storm Shields were an honorable and respected order in the surrounding areas. This boy they found seemed to move them. He showed such characteristics like his compassion to help those hurt. He would help tend to their injuries. It was later discovered that even though he was the son of the main farmer of the village, he had been assisting with the village healer as well. They also witnessed him stand up to bullies when they would start picking on the meek. He was definitely a scrapper. They started asking where to find the boy. They were directed to a large farm to the north end of the village. They went to visit the boy and his parents. What they discovered was a very loving family. The father was very wise and kind and loved his son very much. The priest began to speak with the parents of the boy’s potential and how he would make a great cleric. The parents were honored but insisted that boy was not ready and needed in the village. The clergy tried to convince them but to no avail. It was time for the group to set off, but before they did, they informed the parents that if things changed, he was still welcome to join the order. A few years went by, the village fell into troubled times. The farms were drying up, visitors stopped coming by, and people were dying. There was no answer as to why this was happening. The parents feared for their son and did not want him to suffer any more. They spoke with him about going to the order of the Storm Shield. The boy felt sorrow, for he did not want to leave his parents, but knew that he must. He was going to set out and find out why this bad luck was happening to his village. As he packed his things, his parents met him at the door and they tearfully said their goodbyes. The village was there to see him off as well and to wish him luck. The boy started his journey to the temple of the order. It was several days journey. It was a rough journey with many trials from finding food to finding shelter when there was none available. Finally he could see the temple off in the distance. He made his way there thanking the gods for helping him. Now when he showed up to the temple, he was greeted by the very clergy that visited his visited a few years ago. He was shocked and confused on how they knew he was coming. But his thoughts were soon interrupted when a man of great stature approached him and in a hearty voice greeted the boy. “I am Wren and I am the head of this order”, the man said. He went on to say, "It is good to see that you have finally arrived Sagemon Ravencrest. We have been expecting you. The boy explained the situation the group and they were saddened for him. They sent a small group to see if they can help. But now it was time for the boy to start his training. Wren explained that there would be trial and a lot of work, but if Sagemon could persevere and succeed, he would become a powerful cleric. The boy was nervous but his heart was steadfast with the thoughts that he would make his parents proud. As the years went by (the village had now developed a plague. and this disheartened Sagemon, but he knew he must get stronger if he was going to help), Sagemon grew stronger and wiser. He helped others with the most humble of character. He also learned that he could be a force of both healing and power, but that both must be balanced so that one would not overcome the other and render him ineffective. It was instilled in him that all life is precious, but sometimes there may come a time when he must defend himself, and it would have to be either kill or be killed. Though the thought of it troubled Sagemon, he grew to accept it. News came that Sagemon’s father and mother had grown sick and were getting worse. Sagemon wanted to go to them but was warned not to go because of the plague. If something did not change, the village would be wiped out. This disheartened him but he understood the peril of going. Hopefully there would be a solution to the troubles soon. He learned that through their alignment with Kord and training as tempest clerics, the clerics had influence over storms. They could be fearsome when it was time to keep others in check or a force to help others take on powerful foes. Sagemon trained even harder. He excelled in his training. Wren himself was impressed. Could this boy be what they need to increase their ability to help others. Only time will tell, but unfortunately all things change. Wren knew that Sagemon’s greatest trial was to come. He was to go out on his own and show other the power and devotion of Kord until he finally received a vision or message from the god himself. The day came when it was time for Sagemon to set out on his journey. The boy had grown much. He grew in stature and no longer was a boy but a man ready to take control of his destiny. He made preparations and met with Wren to say his good byes. “When you will return, you will return as a cleric of the order of the Storm Shields. Be a shield to those in need. Protect those who can not protect themselves. Provide aid to those in need. Be a beacon of hope. And finally Sagemon Ravencrest, never forget who you are. May Kord bless you in all that you do” Sagemon set on his journey. He helped those in need and witnessed to others. Everywhere he went, he was welcomed and respected. People in the area began to call upon him if he were available. This bolstered Sagemon’s confidence, and he did more. One evening as he was praying at an alter for Kord, he was hit with what seemed like a dream. It seemed so real though. He was on the plains and it was storming outside. Just then heard a booming voice. “Ah, there you are.” “Who..?, what…?, Am I…..?”, Sagemon fumbling to get the words out. “Ha,Ha,HA…I haven’t had a reaction like that since I visited Wren, but if I must say, you did not let out a shriek…Ha, HA, Ha”, cracked the voice. “Come now all that aside, I am most pleased with you child. You have indeed become strong and I am pleased. I have am important task for you.” command the voice. “Please of Kord what is it that you have need of me for?” asked Sagemon (less confused after realizing who was talking to him). Kord, then said, " I need to seek out the group known as the Silver Syndicate, they are in need of someone with your abilities in more ones than one. Please help this group out and represent me. They can be trying and some times brash. But know that what they are trying to accomplish is truly important." “Kord my god what is it that they are trying to accomplish if I may ask.” begged Sagemon. Kord paused for a moment, “Since you are very respectfull I will let you know this. They carry a dangerous sword that must be destroyed (a image of the sword flashes before Sagemon’s eyes). That is all I will tell you…..NOW GOOOOO!!!!!” Boomed the voice Just in that instance Sagemon awoke and was pushed back. He felt something burning on his shoulder. Having trouble seeing it, he went to the local physician to have it looked at. To both of their amazement. It was symbol of a shield surrounded by what looked like a storm cloud. Instantly Sagemon knew he was part of the order, but one that he would keep secret so know on would figure out where he was from. He thanked the good sir and made his exit. “Hmmmm….well I am not sure who this Silver Syndicate is but I probably should make my way to larger cities to see if any one has heard of them. I have been meaning to make a trip to Baulder’s Gate.

Sagemon Ravencrest

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