Hand: Tasith Corrodedstaff

Acid Wizard


Was defeated in the tunnels under Deep Root by the Silver Syndicate.


Tasith is a powerful wizard associated with a group of magic users calling themselves the Order of the Hand. She specializes in magic dealing with acid and corrosive properties. She dresses in green garments, and her hair is a mass if tangled blue and green. Her eyes seem as though they stare through you when you speak to her. She has a soft voice and speaks as though you were her sibling.

Tasith once had an apprentice named Xandor Glasstaff. This young apprentice was very eager to acquire power, and this was a trait in apprentices she disliked very much. She kept him on as her apprentice despite her best judgement, because to leave the Order of the hand is death. One day, Xandor ended up stealing one of her artifacts that she was saving for the right apprentice. It was a special ring of power. it was time her apprentice get what was coming to him.

Although she regrets the need to kill, he disobeyed the law of the Hand and so must be punished by the laws of the Hand. Death was the only way for him to earn his place in the afterlife. With him out of the way, Tasith would need to find herself a new apprentice.

Hand: Tasith Corrodedstaff

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