[COMPANY] The Thasador Family

Mountain Dwarf Merchant Family


Harbeck Thasador

Harbeck Thasador was once a young dwarven adventurer. He was the son of a high priest who longed for escape from religion’s mighty grasp. To do so, he found a group of well off adventurers in need of a healer and joined them. Little did he know they were the group that would save all of existence.

After many years of traveling with these people, he realized they were destined by some greater force to be more than adventurers. They were destined to be heroes of the people, heroes of all living things. There came a time of darkness, when all things pure and light were devoured by evil and soulless beings seeking only power. Orcus was trying to take over the material plane.

The party, himself included, became so powerful, that the goddess Raven Queen sought the help of these mighty heroes. They traveled to her realm, where only souls could normally go. There, they collected even more power in hopes to defeat Orcus. They destroyed the soul eaters and the blockade keeping the souls from moving on to their after life. With this, they earned the power of immortality and the ability to collectively trap a soul.

They traveled to the 113th level of the Abyss, the belly of death, known as Thanatos. There awaited them was Orcus, Prince of the Undead. They battled him for a day before the party was finally too fatigued to continue. However, the fight with Orcus had drained Orcus of all the power he had been gathering to make his move. With this defeat, he let the adventurers live and return home, so they may battle once again.

Orcus was a trickster though. He rigged the portal they traveled through so that it leeched the group of their magic and abilities, all the way to their basic selves once more. With nothing left to tie them together, the group split up, and went back to whatever they did before the crazy adventure ever started. But for Harbeck, it was different.


A long tie ago, a dwarf named Harbeck Thasador, wandered into the mountains to the South West. In these desert mountains, He found a hearty mountain range rich with minerals for the taking. He had heard the mountains here were cursed, but believing in curses was for children. He went to the nearest town and bought himself a pickax, and began his destiny as a miner.

After a few years of digging the tunnels of the mountain until his pick broke, and then selling what he had found for another pick, Harbeck had a massed somewhat of a small fortune all on his own. He used this money to invest in the gnomes’ power and engineering, as well as hired diggers and builders. After more time passed, he began to rack in more and more money and land. Along with these things came influence. All the nearby towns used his jewels and gold, and the military bought his iron.

Thasador now had a family, and a decently large one at that. Along with people he considered to be family. Anyone of the inner circle bore a tattoo that had a hammer, a pick, a sword, and a book below all three. This way they were vouched for in case they needed to prove their name. Thasador began dealing with shadier characters to the south to earn more money and influence for his family. He now sold weapons, illegal goods, everything except theft and slavery were tools.


Everyone associated with the Thasadors bore a crest. The diggers and miners had a pick. Those who were smiths and gear workers had the hammer. Those who were the front liners of the family bore the sword. They defended the family at all costs. Anyone who was not directly a part of the family like info merchants and fences bore the book.

Thasador’s main income now comes from their metal works. Deep within the heart of the mountains they call home, Thasador found a new metal, colored red. He called this crimson steel. This steel was extremely durable, heavy, and seemed to be sharper than any other sword or arrow tip. The down side to using this material is the fact that it is indeed heavy.

Thasador has shops everywhere in the south with a few scattered in the east. People from all over Gaia come to get his crimson steel, and they are right to do so. It has two main competitors. Abner Weaponry, and The Dolastrads. While Dolastrad has lighter steel, Thasador has heavy steel. Abner is using some sort of magic in their smithing.

[COMPANY] The Thasador Family

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