Vampire Ally


Lv 8 Chef


Before Vampirism

5 years ago, Valfex was at the head of the table for the Granite Knights (The royal guard of Silverspire). He was King Perion’s chief adviser in all things related to war and defending the city. He wore a glamouring set of plate armor and carried with him a sword made of pure silver that was melted from the first ore of the mines to the west. He had resolve, he had respect, and he had honor.

Once the attack had started, he led King perion to the underground war counseling chambers to keep him from harm. When the demons finally made their way down to the chambers, Valfex made his stand. He slayed over 50 demons, never wavering or slowing down. Finally he met his match. The demons sent in their general, a vampire of great power. Although he put up a fight, Valfex was no match for the speed and strength of this mighty foe. As the demon had him on his knees, he took his honor and dignity by filling Valfex with unlife.

Laying on the ground bleeding out, Valfex watched as his King was slaughtered and his head severed. He slowly slipped into the darkness as he felt fire in his heart for revenge.

After the Cataclysm

Keeping himself alive, and hopefully secret, Valfex got a job at a restaurant as the head chef. He lives his days out caring for younglings who lost their parents and cannot defend themselves. He still carries his silver sword even though it burns him to wield it. It reminds him of who was, and still is deep down inside. An outstanding member of the Granite Knights, and he will avenge his King and save his people from this misery.


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