Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 3: Silver Syndicate Awakens
Episode IV

Over the Bridge

The bridge


The Silver Syndicate made their way out of the Dead Woods and on to the bridge that crosses the Stoney River. As they were crossing the bridge, they met an elderly man driving a carriage with a young lady in the back. They told the PCs they were on their way to Sylvandor to buy some of the famous Blue Sapphires mined out of the Grey Mines. Faust warned them about the demonic dangers of that particular area. The old man simply nodded in appreciation and continued on his way.

After walking about 5 miles across the bridge, the Syndicate saw a woman leaning against the edge of the bridge wearing nothing but a silk robe. Marduk approached her and looked into the river where this lady was staring. He saw a body floating downward with the stream. He called out to his comrades and jumped off the bridge. Activating his fly spell, he attempted to help retrieve the lady from the river. The rest of the group ran over to the woman, who was now smiling wryly. Bishop grappled her until they knew more of what Marduk was doing.

Marduk flew back on top of the bridge, laying the lifeless body of the lady on the bridge near his comrades with a grim look upon his face. Marduk then walked over to the edge of the bridge and jumped off and hid above in the fog. Suddenly both Faust and Marduk sensed that this other lady was a shape shifter. Marduk came hurling down and used a small cantrip against her. Faust shouted kill her, and Bishop commenced a series of massive blows and combos against her and then kicked her off the bridge into the Stoney River. However, along the way, she managed to grab his arm and pull him down with her.

Marduk, again with his flying, swooped down below to the water and retrieved Bishop from it’s rocky waters. The Syndicate was extremely confused on what had just happened. The Silver Syndicate did not realize, and never will, tat this was the sister of Quinitali. Quinitali and her sister shared the same mother, but they had different fathers. She was on her way to to Silverspire to try and reach out, but no more. The secret is now floating in the Stoney River down to the Dark Sea to be forgotten forever.

The Elvish Camp

After crossing the bridge and taking a moment to bury the young lady they fished out of the river, they continued on to the green valley. In the distance, they saw two tents of elvish make, but they also smelled something extremely delicious cooking on a fire. They moved in closer, and Faust decided to move ahead stealthily. He saw four orc guardsman dressed in full armor, roasting something on the fire. Marduk walked up and announced his presence, sat down, and asked for some food. Bishop and Marduk followed his lead and the Orcs did exactly that. Bishop ate a huge helping of this delicious meat, but Marduk and Faust both realized, this could very well be an elf they are eating.

The Syndicate starting asking some questions, and the orcs and Bishop started to pass around the elderweed. Soon, Faust was fed up and nailed the nearest orc in the face with an eldritch strike. Marduk promptly stood and cast a web over two of them, and Bishop initiated a fight with the only orc left standing, stunning him with his ki powers. Marduk then slipped away from the battle and searched the tents, finding an elven hostage. After talking with her, he confirmed that the meat cooking was in fact her elven friend.

Sarin, Bishop, and Faust annihilated the orcs with little difficulty. Sarin used fireball, Faust used Eldritch Nova, which killed three of the orcs, and Bishop finished off the last one by breaking his neck. Bishop grabbed an extra helping of meat and walked over to the tent with Faust and Sarin. Faust had over heard Marduk speaking to the elf, and decided to bury the rest of the cooked elf so she didn’t have to see that. Bishop simply shrugged and walked in the tent while chomping down on some tasty elf.

What Next?

We leave our Silver Syndicate heading towards a cave of treasures and monsters that the elf hostage told them about. She supposedly dropped her sapphire ring somewhere inside the cave, and asked the PCs to please retrieve it for her. As our Adventurers open the entrance to the cave…. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK!

Chapter 3: Silver Syndicate Awakens
Episode III

Battle for Silverspire

Death of a General


The Silver Syndicate readied themselves for battle at their HQ. They were deciding on plans on who and how to strike to make this war end as fast as possible with the town still somewhat in tact. It was Bishop who called the shots on how to attack. He decided the best way to take Corgan down was to attack his General and body guard, Shegan.

Valfex took his soldiers and went into the fray of the battle and kept the enemies as far away from Corgan and Shegan as possible. While Silver Syndicate made their way into the crowd of blood and death, Shegan spotted them making their way to him. He leaped up into the air with his sword out, and came hurling towards the ground with a forceful magic explosion in front of the Silver Syndicate. He killed civilians, Trident and demons alike with the blast. He looked at the Syndicate.

The Syndicate drew their weapons and began to battle this mighty foe. Attack after attack, Shegan wailed on them with his great sword and magic. He was unlike any foe they had ever fought before. He wielded magic and blade at the same time, using the blade itself as a conduit to amplify his magical abilities. The Syndicate, however, was not so easily beat. Suddenly, a random barbarian appears. It’s Garrett! Garrett landed a great blow with his battle ax into the chest of Shegan, but before he could get another swing in, Shegan grabbed his ax and pushed him back.

The Syndicate returned his attacks by four fold. Marduk casting spells of power and deterioration, Faust cursing him and using his eldritch energy, and Bishop hitting him with everything he could possibly muster. Don’t forget about Garrett slashing away at Shegan like he was slicing a turkey for dinner. The battle went on for quite some time, draining both sides of most of their power. Finally, to weakened to go on any further, Shegan dropped to his knees leaning on his sword. Bishop saw an opportunity, and he took it.

Bishop ran up to the General of Corgan, his eyes set to kill. He felt his anger rise within him, and in a split second he unleashed his fury. He knocked the sword from Shegan’s hands by breaking his wrists with a massive kick. While the sword was air born, Master Bishop did a spin kick, sending it through this chest with a thud. He then grabbed the handle while it was in Shegan’s chest and did a front flip over him, bring the sword all the way around with him, causing the blade to do a 180 degree cut from the bottom of his chest to his lower back. Bishop stepped away, and Shegan fell on the ground bleeding out and convulsing. Shegan’s sword vanished as his life force left his body, and Bishop’s hatred eased back down to a calm simmer.

The King


With no one else to protect him, Corgan was wide open for an attack. So Corgan himself initiated the battle with the Silver Syndicate by charging into their group from afar. His voice was booming, his Ax/hammer above his head, and his anger overflowing giving him speed and power. His eyes glowed blue as he came closer seeing his comrade dead on the ground. Garrett tossed his javelins at him (which he knocked away all of them) and turned tail and ran far away from the battle, not to be seen for a long time.

Master Bishop acted first, attempting to throw this massive beast to the ground quickly, using his momentum against him. Bishop stepped forward and attempted his maneuver, but to no avail. Bishop landed a few good punches but as he tried to kick Corgan, Corgan grabbed his leg and threw him on the ground and stomped on his chest, winding him. He then proceeded to beat on Bishop.

Seeing their friend in trouble, the Syndicate jumped in and started laying into him, just as they did with Shegan. They held nothing back. This was the man who set everything into motion from the very beginning. He was responsible for Talon’s Death, the opening of the portal, and unleashing demons into Silverspire. This was the Syndicate’s chance t finally make him pay for all his crimes.

Even as they beat him down, he continued to wail on Bishop, knocking him unconscious. The group, now enraged, unleashed everything they had against him. Marduk ran over to Bishop and administered a healing potion to him. In no time Bishop was up and attacking Corgan once more! Corgan, feeling trapped in a corner and out numbered, summoned an anti life bubble around himself from the remaining power he still had from Graveyard. This prevented Bishop from making anymore melee attacks against him so he could focus on the two spellcasters.

Marduk created a lightning bolt that kept a steady stream against Corgan. Corgan was annoyed, tired, and growing weak. He could no longer use anything except minor spells. He knew his time of power had ended. He raised his hand for the last time and cast a minor eldritch blast, missing his target. With everything he had, Marduk surged his lightening against Corgan, and fried his brain. Corgan…was no more.

Tides Change

Marduk carried the wolf hat that Corgan wore on top of his staff as Bishop carried him through town to find Tszarno. The citizens saw the symbol of Corgan’s demise and cheered, for they knew the war would end soon, one way or another. The Silver Syndicate made it to Tszarno, avoiding the areas of the city that were filled with heavy battle. They found Tszarno holding a force of demons at bay with his spellcasters launching magic into their ranks.

They approached him and asked him what his thoughts were on stopping the war. He told them Mulfkein was holding out in the King’s palace, giving orders from a safe distance. He told them his soldiers, however, were extremely low on morale. So, in order to rally them, Faust used his telepathic communication to get inside of each and everyone’s head. He told them Corgan was dead and the final stretch of the battle was upon them. The soldiers cheered and charged forth with new found vigor and resolve.

The Syndicate used this distraction to their advantage and made their way to the palace of Silver Kings. They managed to make it to the entrance was heavily guarded by demons the size of small houses. Marduk suddenly had a great idea that no one else in the party thought about. He and Syris had used a secret passage before to get into the castle and steal Graveyard. Marduk told the others and led them to the secret entrance.

Chill Demon General Mulfkein

The Syndicate advanced down the tunnel, but heard something. They crept closer and could see two demon guards at the end of the passage. Zeek (Faust’s squid familiar) popped out and said they should rip the demons’ arms off and beat them to death with them. Faust got a kick out of that idea and said sure, why not guys. Marduk threw a firebolt at one of them, setting it on fire. He then threw an icebolt at the other one’s legs and froze them solid.

impressed with Marduk’s ability, Master Bishop stepped up to bat. He ran forward with precision in every step, his eyes trained on his targets. If only he were wearing shoes… Bishop ran with intense speed, about to attack his prey when suddenly, he stubbed his toes on a rock in the ground. This sent him sailing through the air flipping over himself awkwardly . He managed to hit one of the guards with his body, and then proceeded to hit the wall with his head. He jumped to his feet and did a rapid assault against the wall, spraining his wrists and then kicked the wall hard enough to knock him back on the ground, injuring his head once more.

Valfex and Faust simply stared at what was one of the most horrific, idiotic thing they had seen yet. Valfex shook off the effect of Bishop’s mishap and moved forward striking one of the guards with a massive blow. Faust followed this attack up with an eldritch blast to his leg, shattering it completely off. The guard lay on the ground in pain as Bishop stood up and finished him off with a quick blow to the throat. Marduk finished the other one off with a simple cold spell.

With the guards dispatched, they Syndicate continued forward into the palace. They made their way to the King’s room, and there they saw who they came for. Mulfkein was standing in the room looking out the window at what he thought he was winning. Alongside him were his two trusty guards. The syndicate stepped in, and Mulfkein turned and greeted them in his normal mono chill tone as usual.

He conversed with the Syndicate in his mono tone before the battle broke out. The guards initiated battle and attacked Valfex. Then everyone started attacking everyone. I the middle of battle, Faust cast his ultimate spell. The spell that could send shivers down even a god’s spine. A ball of darkness, whispering, and tentacles was summoned in the center of the room based around Mulfkein. It enveloped one of the guards as well, and you could hear their distant screams coming as whispers through the void. Bishop and Marduk used a combo move to push the other guard into the void as well.

Each time one of the enemies stepped back through the void into the material plane, the Syndicate simply pushed them back inside. Eventually they each were crushed and melted inside the void, never to be seen or heard again. The void sphere dissipated with the final tentacles slithering back from where they came.

The City Anew

The demons felt their lord’s demise and ran back into the portal or were slaughtered right where they stood in the street. Faust made the decision that now was the time to execute the closing of the portal in midtown. He took Graveyard over to the portal where Ignis was using his magic, trying to close the portal. Faust asked if he could help and Ignis said yes, but your magic alone will not be enough to aid me. Faust said yes I realize this, but if using this sword makes me some kind if monster, then it might be worth using it and saving these people from having more demon problems.

He put his hands forward and out from them streamed ancient eldritch energy alongside Ignis’ Red Magic. Faust felt the energy coursing through his body and from the sword, and all of the sudden his magic turned from green to a flaming blue. The sword was influencing his magical abilities. Amplifying them actually. Faust felt the power growing in his hands. He smiled with the energy and let it wash over him with its warm powerful bite. The energy flowed out in great blue flame spouts. When Faust snapped back out of his haze of power, he realized that he had fully unsheathed Graveyard and was using it as an amplifier.

He tried shaking off the desire for more power. He fought with the desire to keep using Graveyard and becoming even more powerful. He managed to try and sheathe the blade, but it was repelling him hard while he was still using magic to help close the portal. He struggled with his inner demon and felt it trying to over power him. He thought of all these people and how they needed his help. He shook away the thoughts of power and completely sheathed the blade and finally shut the portal with the help of Ignis. At long last, it was over.

The Silver Syndicate had freed Silverspire of both of its enemies once and for all! As they walked back into town, everyone cheered for the heroes of Silverspire! So to celebrate, Marduk planted a magic bean right in the middle of town. Out of the grown spouted a stone statue that was identical to Marduk. He started speaking loudly for all to hear of all the great deeds Marduk did (and didn’t do). It was a glory statue!

The Syndicate sent Quinitali on a parade around town to give hope to all the towns people while the Syndicate took the time to redecorate their new HQ with furniture (broken, stolen, or burned in the war so they say). After having a properly decorated HQ, the Syndicate then set out to Mt. Nex, where they would finally destroy the bluesword.

Just before leaving the area of Silverspire’s reach completely, Faust decided to plant a magic bean. Out of the ground sprung up one of the most beautiful sights Faust had seen in his life. A geyser made of red wine spewed forth from the earth, causing a rain of red alcohol delicious and sweet to patter against the ground all around them. The Silver Syndicate laid there, basking in their reward and long earned break.

What Next?


The characters make their way towards Mt. Nex wit h Sarin by their side, and Arawn staying behind to help Quinitali run the new kingdom. Valfex is recruiting more members to his force. The Syndicate have their eyes set on destroying Graveyard, but their are many miles ahead of them. Tune in next time to find out what happens as they cross yet another bridge….

Chapter 3: Silver Syndicate Awakens
Episode II


War Begins

Prison Break and Debate

The Silver Syndicate spent much time debating on what move they should make first. They bounced ideas off of one another for an entire day, trying to come to some sort of conclusion they could all agree upon. All the while, Syris was busy inside the dungeon (which he locked himself in willingly) searching for Ignis the Red.

Syris made his way deeper into the dungeon under the palace. Picking and sneaking his way through doors, which led him to a room where the demons who disobeyed the law were being kept. Instead of being held by chains, the demons were being held by imprisoning spell wards. There magic was rendered useless and their strength sapped. Syris approached one such Demon.

The demon was a large, oddly shaped creature with four arms. Syris struck up a conversation. Through continuous questioning, Syris learned that the demon was locked up for devouring some of Corgan’s female servants around the castle grounds. Aside from being slightly terrified, Syris also squeezed out the location of where he could hopefully find Ignis.

With this information, Syris traveled up to the guard room. He disarmed the entire room and took a hostage in under ten seconds without being noticed until it was too late. With this hostage, he went to Ignis’ holding cell. Syris forced his hostage to set Ignis free, and they ran out of the dungeon.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Faust, Bishop, and Marduk were still discussing what to do next. When Syris arrived, everyone cheered that he was able to bring Ignis back home. But to Ignis’ surprise, there was now a 50ft by 60ft pyramid in the backyard of their home.

The Pyramid of Pharaoh Garruk

It was finally settled that before any move was made on Corgan, that the Pyramid should first be dealt with. Ignis asked where it had come from, and the answer was somewhat concerning. Marduk told him that they planted a bean, and up sprouted a huge pyramid. After thinking about the things he and this group had been through, he decided that it wasn’t the craziest thing that has happened. However, Ignis did sense an ancient being of great power resting inside.

Slightly daunted by the tone in Ignis’ voice, Faust decided to gather more forced to take the pyramid from this ancient being and use it as their head quarters. He gathered what force he could. Tszarno, Ignis, Valfex and his warriors, and the Silver Syndicate. Everyone one of them ready to have the battle of their life. They stepped through the entry way into the pyramid to see nothing but an empty room. Tszarno could not be fooled though. He cast a spell that shattered the magic wall before them, creating a new room. Inside this new room, stood a mummy lord.

With everyone frozen in place, waiting fro him to make his attack, Bishop stepped forward and initiated conversation. Through an hour long conversation, a neutral peace was made between the Silver Syndicate and Lord Garruk. He would allow the Silver Syndicate to use this place as their HQ, while Lord Garruk and his advisers use the lower level as their resting place. The Silver Syndicate would protect him and his people while staying here. Lord Garruk made an additional offer. If the Silver Syndicate needed a favor from him, all they need to do is make a sacrifice to him. The younger the sacrifice, the more influenced he would be to help them.

With negotiations over, Valfex and Master Bishop were ready to let off some steam. They shook hands and agreed to a sparring match. The match began and in 15 seconds it was over. Their fists and feet flew so fast they barely made a sound as they pierced the air itself. It ended with both of them running low, but with Valfex on top. They stood, shook hands, and earned a great respect for one another.

War Begins

With Arawn still missing (last seen with Quinitali) the group was very reluctant to make any major moves, but it was now or never. They split into two teams. Faust and Master Bishop would take a secret weapon to one of the barracks nearest to the capitol (weapon was made from Ignis…) while Marduk and Syris would go to the secret entrance beneath the palace until the signal was given.

Faust and Bishop very convincingly explained that the package they were carrying was indeed a cake for someone’s birthday that was today. The guards of course believed them because their commander’s birthday just so happened to be that same day. So the two made their way to the commander and asked him to sign for his cake, and with that promptly left.

All of the sudden, Marduk and Syris heard saw a huge explosion come from somewhere near by. Knowing Faust, they assumed this was the signal he was referring to. They entered the castle and emerged behind the throne, just as Tszarno said they would. Upon entering, Syris drank his potion of invisibility and Marduk crouched so he wouldn’t be seen. They found Corgan and Shegan in their room gearing up for battle and cursing. Without wasting a single second, the thief leaped into the room, snagged the sword form Corgan’s sheath, and ran out of the room and then the palace with the Gnome directly behind him.

The group met back up at the HQ and saw something unnerving. The Tridents had begun forming ranks and marching into the street. They were battle ready. As soon as they reached the center of town, they began to attack anything and everyone (aiming for demons but we all know tridents aren’t the brightest). Soon after this, the demons struck back, forming their own ranks and marching against the Tridents with fierce power and anger, attacking civilians who were too slow to get out of the way or who looked tasty.

Just when it seemed to be the death of all of the citizens, a new force came charging over the hill with clouds of lightening and flashes of power. It was Tszarno and his students to the rescue! They joined the fray, destroying both Tridents and Demons.

What Next?

Soon enough, there was a war in Silverspire between Tridents, demons, and Silverspire’s citizens. What will become of Silverspire? Will it ever recover, or will it enter a new age of darkness? Now that the Silver Syndicate is in possession of Graveyard again, what will become of it and them? Tune in next Episode!

Chapter 3: Silver Syndicate Awakens
Episode I

The awakening

The Name

Faust, being the person who most fit in with the crowd, went around town seeking some info from the commoners. He discovered that King Perion was dead, his sorcerer was teaching at a school, and Quinitali was working underneath a blacksmith. Faust found a demon who helped out first time demons enter the city; he spoke to him and acquired some suitable living quarters for himself and the rest of the group. By doing so, they all received a starting wallet of ten gems, and a weapon to defend themselves.

After getting settled into their new home in midtown, the PCs decided that in order to get the town back to normal they would need a group to rally behind. So they sat in their home, debating for hours on end what their name should be. They tossed ideas around as if they were simply dead bodies blocking a treasure chest. Eventually they finally came up with a name that everyone agreed upon. The Silver Syndicate: Ones with chaos and control. Everyone cheered and put their hands in the middle and then sorta just walked off in their own direction.


Faust took a trip to the shop master Mulfkein; he was a demon who seemed to be even more chill than an ice wizard. They nonchalantly conversed over whether or not Mulfkein and his shop could support the Silver Syndicate or not. The demon’s basic reply was that he could in no direct way help the company complete their current goal. However who could very well keep most of the demons out of the way so their task might be a little easier. His payment in return would be to sit beside Quinitali Perion if she did indeed return to her rightful place in the throne.

Faust continued to push for information, knowing that this demon had a lot more to say than he let on. Mulfkein finally told Faust of a half-man half-demon named Valfex; the head chef at the old Celestial View restaurant. Faust made it top importance that he meet with this being so he could further their rally to overthrow the King Corgan and take back Graveyard. Having some fruitful info, Faust headed back to tell the others of his incredible find.

Before returning straight home, Faust stopped in to a bar to get a quick drink to help him think things out. He gave 200 GP for one glass of good ol’ whisky. Feeling that he paid way too much for the drink, he took the glass with him. He later put this on a shelf which would be the only decoration or furniture they had.


Arawn had spoke to Faust about where Quinitali a, and having a crush on her from 5 years ago (3 days), he set out to find her and earn her love once and for all. To do so, he went to the blacksmith in midtown, where it was rumored that she was working (According to Todd).

Upon arriving at this blacksmith, Arawn was greeted by a fat and burly dwarf who did not seem to mind that he was being rude to a potential customer. Being courteous, Arawn asked him to fix up a few of his items for him. Uncle Al (the blacksmith’s name) made a few inquiries about Arawn’s bow, and told him how he had trained some people to use a bow. Arawn boasted that he could impress him with his expert bow techniques.

Arawn and Al went out back where Al had set up an archery training ground. Al told Arawn that if he could hit 3 bulls-eyes in six seconds he would be impressed. Arawn excepted is challenge and pulled his arrow back and let it fly. The first two went straight into the target dead in the middle, but the third one slipped from his fingers, and he somehow shot Uncle Al in the belly with it. Feeling embarrassed, Arawn apologized and offered him a drink to settle their debt. Al agreed, and told him that if he brought Ignis here, Al would give up the information about where Quinitali lived.

Ten minutes later Arawn and Ignis arrived back at Al’s. Al and Ignis had a hearty and long conversation between old acquaintances (although Ignis seemed rather bored the entire time). Finally Uncle Al told them the information they came for; the location Quinitali was residing at. Arawn felt like he was getting somewhere and headed back to tell the others.


After hearing that the sorcerer was teaching classes now, Marduk decided to go and see if he would be willing to help supply troops for an uprising that might happen within a few weeks to take Silverspire back. Upon arriving at the school, Marduk climbed the wall to Tszarno’s room like a lizard. When he reached the door and knocked. Tszarno, grayed with a few years of age, let the gnome (floating to pretend he was a human) in to have a seat and talk over tea.

Marduk and Tszarno talked for over an hour about what things he could offer to the Syndicate and what the Syndicate could give him in return. To simplify it, The Syndicate would give him a seat beside the princess when she was back on the throne again, and he would in return supply scholars to their cause. Marduk, as a courtesy, also said that he would provide refuge and an escape route to any one of his scholars that needed it. Both parties pleased, the meeting ended and Marduk returned home to tell the others of what he accomplished.

Master Bishop

Fed up with all these plans, deception, and demons, Bishop was filled with rage. To clear his mind, Bishop decided to go to fighting arena where he could exert his energy and maybe earn the party some demon currency, known as Gems.

He arrived at the fighting arena known as the unsalty platoon. To enter he had to impress the bouncer that he was tough enough to go in and fight. He simply stated that he had eaten a bowl of nails for breakfast…..without any milk. Astounded at this man’s feat, he let Bishop pass. Bishop entered and signed his fighting waiver and waited his turn to fight.

He had been fighting all night with weird creatures. Creatures with three arms and a face on their chest, creatures that walk on their arms and use their legs like arms, and creatures that four arms. He only lost one battle, and that was to the demon with four arms. On his final battle of the evening, His companions found him there using their location rings. They saw him in the ring fighting, and decided to stir the crowd up in Bishop’s favor. Marduk created banners that sparkled with The Silver Syndicate printed on them while Arawn bought some business cards and distributed them among the crowd.

Castle Corgan

After bringing Bishop back home from a long evening of fighting and earning very little for his trouble, the group arrived to their house to find Sarin and Ignis missing. Upon further inspection, it was determined that there was a struggle. The only piece of decoration they had, the cup, was shattered on the ground. Faust wept for a brief second over the glass, then filled with rage over the kidnapping of his team.

Faust ran outside and found the nearest hobo. He grabbed him by the collar and demanded that he tell him what he knew. He threw Gems in his face as incentive. The hobo told him he saw Trident guards take some people out of the house and away to the castle. Faust and the rest of the group headed for the castle at top speed, with Bishop in the lead and Arawn stealthing in the distance.

When Bishop arrived at the gate, he tricked the two guards there to open the gate AND direct him to King Corgan’s sleeping quarters. When the rest of the group caught up, Bishop lead them to Corgan’s room. In front of his room standing guard was a master Spellblade named Shegan. Faust really angered him by telling him he was insignificant and powerless. He opened the door and woke Corgan, hoping that he would slay these morons where they stood.

King Corgan came to the door with Graveyard slung over his shoulder. The group engaged in conversation about the release of Sarin, and that Faust was actually someone else that wasn’t wanted by the Dolastrads. The Silver Syndicate (with the reasoning voice of Arawn calming Faust down) managed to release Sarin, but not Ignis. Arawn and Bishop carried a severely wounded and unconscious Sarin back home, while Faust and Marduk stayed to complete one more item of business.

Faust and Marduk went to the East wing of the Castle to see a man named Ulbeck, who was supposedly one of Corgan’s close advisers and the representative of the Dolastrads in the area. They entered the room and a mutually respectful conversation with the dwarf. Faust simply said that he either side with the Syndicate or be defeated when the time came. Ulbeck, loyal to the family as always, declined his invitation. With that, the group went back home to regroup themselves.

What Next?

With Sarin injured, Ignis in jail, and a few leads, the Silver Syndicate has few choices in what they must now do. They must continue their quest for an uprising to over throw Corgan and retake Silverspire! Tune in next time to find out what happens to The Silver Syndicate!

Chapter 2: Red Wizard Manor
Episode VII



We left the adventurers in a room where they had the chance to enchant their weapons. They took a short rest to do so. Arawn gained a radiant bow of bludgeoning, and Marduk gained a cloak of resisting necrotic energy. Sarin and the rest of the party healed up a little, and then continued on their way.

The Red Dragon


Faust, with Sarin and Marduk (who is riding atop Sarin’s shoulder) right behind him, opened up the iron door leading into the next room. Within three seconds of opening the door, a huge blast of fire hurled through the doorway. It knocked Sarin back, and caused Marduk to fly across to the other side of the room, knocking him unconscious. Faust, a little stunned by the suddenness of the attack, then moved back into the previous room to try and create a plan with his fellow party members.

While Faust was coming up with a plan with Bishop and Arawn, Sarin crawled over to the burnt gnome wizard, and healed his wounds with what magic she could muster, and then passed out from exhaustion. Upon seeing his Paladin fall unconscious, Bishop filled to the brim with rage. He ran into the next room, screaming his battle cry and connected a huge right hook into the jaw of the dragon and then followed up with a series of massive blows. After Bishop ran out of steam, the red drained from his eyes, and he saw what he did while raging. He had dislocated the jaw of the dragon, knocked teeth out, and caused one of its eyes to go blind. Astounded at what he had done with his bare hands, he stepped back in awe. Arawn, seeing a moment to let off a few shots, jumped in front of the doorway and let loose two arrows that found their mark exactly as he had planned. They each landed a deep blow against the dragon, causing it to roar with even more hatred for the intruders.

Marduk awoke to see the paladin unconscious at his feet. He stood up with anger and hobbled into the room as fast as he could. He raised his hands and said a few arcane words. The dragon could no longer see anything but blizzards. Marduk had entered the mind of the dragon and caused it to see and hear only blizzards, rendering it useless in a combat situation…just what the party needed. Faust, who sensed danger was no longer as deadly as the initial attack, stepped into the room. He reached out for lockhorn, who instinctively turned into a wand. With this wand in hand, Faust waved a it a few times and said a few curses, placing a hex on the beast who was already incapable of defending itself . He then continued on to casting a hurling arcane ball of energy at the dragon, injuring it further.

The battle continued for a fairly short amount of time. When the dragon finally escaped the dreaded blizzard spell, Marduk dug into his deeper darker side, and cast a spell even more cruel than blizzards. He caused the dragon to start laughing hysterically and uncontrollably. Faust saw an opportunity, and took it. While the dragon was laughing, Faust called upon the demons from the far realm. A spell that no sane spellcaster would ever cast. An area of complete darkness that night itself would seem like day next to it appeared around the general area of the dragon. From within this darkness, whispers of mad souls and slurping sounds of things known only to those who exist beyond the material plane. Milky white tentacles appeared and started lashing out tot he air until they could find a solid piece of the laughing dragon. Suddenly, all of the tentacles grabbed hold of the dragon, and the darkness started to grow smaller and smaller. The tentacles started to twist and flex as if it were a hand crumbling a sheet of stationary. The dragon, still laughing hysterically, started to fold. Its body broke into two, then into 8ths, then 16ths. Bones cracking, organs forcing their way out of the body by force, and its eyes popped from its head while it still tried to laugh but could manage nothing more than gurgling sounds. Finally the tentacles pulled the crumbled and mutilated body of the dragon through the remaining blackness, and disappeared along with the darkness, leaving behind its 200 platinum pieces.

The Button

After the PCs entered the next room, the door slammed shut behind them. Before them was a table with a 30sec timer and ceramic tiles, all just white. Beside the timer was a stone button. Marduk began to study the contraption to see if it was magical or not, while Arawn checked the room for any traps. Faust walked up to the button and pressed it. Everyone hurried to the table to try and figure the puzzle out as fast as possible. The tiles flipped over and had letters on them, that would maybe spell something out. The PCs frantically moved tiles around trying to discern some kind of message. Time was not on their side. Just before time ran out, Sarin pressed the button once again, and gained the party 30 more seconds. They party thanked her and continued working on making words with the tiles. Eventually time continued to almost run out, so Marduk kept pressing the button when he needed to. The extra time, however, came with price. Every time he hit the button it zapped him with electricity. Soon, Marduk was low on health, but the party managed to get something from the scrambled letters. “let it go”. They all laughed (except Marduk who got zapped) and let the timer run its course all the way through this time. When it finally ran out, the door to the next room opened up.


Sarin went through the door first, and soon felt as if a dagger had pierced her heart. In front of her she saw her husband, Ignis, insane and bent over an old magic book. He turned to the party and started talking gibberish. Sarin fell to her knees, trembling, and cried over the sight of her husband like this. Marduk took out the notes they had previously found and started to go over them while the rest of the party tried to reason with Ignis. After putting the pages in order, Marduk somehow got the pages to glow and have a reaction when they got close to Ignis. He got closer to Ignis and Ignis howled in agony. All of the sudden, the PCs were transported into Ignis’ head to battle his madness.

There were three different versions of Ignis. An old weak man, who was so weak he couldn’t even stand. In front of him flickered a human sized fire elemental, burning with the desire to destroy and feed on the destruction. Beside the elemental stood a man with slicked back hair, and a fancy robe made of fire and red silk. Sarin said he resembled Kossuth. The PCs readied themselves for a fight.

Right off the bat, Arawn let loose two arrows at Kossuth, initiating a great battle for the sanity of Ignis. The PCs gave it their all to save him. Marduk casting deadly spells, Faust using his agonizing blast, Bishop slamming is fists into faces, and Arawn letting his arrows fly like the wind. Sarin rushed to the weak man’s side to protect him from anyone doing him harm. The battle progressed steadily, it was quite an even match. Kossuth had used his spell, fly, and floated above the battle to have advantage against the PCs, Bishop had none of this. Bishop ran and jumped off of Sarin’s shield to launch himself into the air. He soared with great majesty, but fell short of even reaching Kossuth’s feet. So feeling determined, Bishop decided to run and launch himself off of the Paladin’s shield once again. This time, he fell short even further. He fell to one knee feeling defeated and embarrassed, but it didn’t stop him. He pulled three daggers out from his cloak, and threw them at Kossuth, landing all three.

The Paladin saw what Bishop was trying to do, so she walked over to him and grabbed him like a dwarf, and tossed him up at Kossuth with all her might. He flew far enough to reach him, and he grabbed his hair in mid-air and held on tightly, causing Kossuth to lower about 15 feet. Faust enjoyed watching that transpire so much, that he himself jumped off of the Paladin’s shield and leaped to Kossuth with his hand outstretched. He managed to leap high enough to grab him, and grab him he did. Right in the testicles. Faust held on as tight as he could as Kossuth fell to the ground again. When he finally landed, Faust eldritch blasted his crotch and caused him great pain.

The battle then continued on as a normal battle would. On the ground with no one flying through the air or teleporting or turning invisible. After an excruciating long hour, the PCs managed to defeat Kossuth and his flame elemental. After their defeat, the old man in the back stood up and dusted himself off. With a blinding flash of light, Ignis and the rest of the party reappeared in the study they had found Ignis in.

Ignis thanked the party and gave all of them a fire pact which allowed them to be resistant to a little fire and heat. They took a short rest there in his study, preparing themselves for what they knew lie in the next room.

The Portal

After walking into the room and seeing the portal inactive, it was clear what the party must do. Right off the bat they noticed the keystone from the arched portal was missing. After a few minutes of searching they found it on an altar with a bloody sacrificial knife. Faust knew what he had to do. He walked up, slit his hand, and rubbed his blood on the keystone. As he did this he felt like he was flying through space wielding an arcing bolt of lightening. He connected the keystone where it was meant to go. It snapped into place, and right before their eyes, the fiery portal sprang into life. Without hesitation, Faust and Sarin stepped into the portal. Faust was smiling and slightly laughing as he did. The rest of them paused but only for a moment. Once through on the other side of the portal, they were greeted with heat, and fire…

The Plane of Fire

The portal they had stepped through was nowhere to be seen. Instead all they could perceive was a room with walls made out of hardened magma, and a floor with magma that looked some what hardened. They made their way across the room, trying to be sure to step on solid ground. However, not everyone made it safely. Bishop leaped to a wrong spot that wasn’t quite stable, and took some damage. Sarin, with armor as heavy as a small dragon, simply fell through even the stable ground because of her immense weight. So she swam across to the other side.

The party made their way through many rooms of hazard for strangers to this elemental death trap of a plane, but would be just a walk in the park for someone from this plane of existence. Finally, after using many random potions, flying, and turning into mists, the party met up with the demon Isaphrontal…for the last time.


After a very brief battle speech, Isaphrontal started the show off by turning into a chain demon. This would be one of the most difficult battle the PCs had to face so far. They unleashed everything they had on him, one after another. Fireballs, flaming swords, magic arrows of radiance, magic fists, and curses. They held nothing back, and neither did the Demon. The PCs eventually destroyed his chain devil form, leaving the true demon vulnerable for attacks. Faust managed to get a spell in before he turned back into a chain demon. Frustrated, the party continued to wail on the demon, regardless of what form he was in.

They managed to destroy the Demon’s alternate form multiple times, dealing true damage each time. Finally, with one final blow, Isaphrontal stood up in his true form and yelled at the PCs. The famous “If I’m going down, so are you” speech was said, and then he turned into a massive flying demon with a pitch fork and a poisoned tail. He attacked the characters, showing no mercy. He knocked both Faust and Arawn unconscious and gave them infernal injuries. Sarin did her best to heal them and rid them of their injuries. She then passed out from exhaustion. Pissed off and desperate, Arawn flipped his Coin of Chaos into the air. It gave him advantage and he took his shot. Landing a critical blow, something extraordinary happened.

Out of nowhere, a rift as black as night was cut into the air by something as if the fabric of reality were nothing more than a piece of paper. out from that rift, slowly drifted a menacing figure. Death himself. He hovered over to Isaphrontal, who was too stunned to even think about leaving or casting anything. He brought up his huge scythe, and without saying a word, cut the demons wings off and nearly severing his arm off in one blow. Satisfied with his work, Death turned around and returned from whence he came, closing the rift behind him.

Quivering with fear, Isaphrontal lashed out at the characters with more intense attacks, giving everything he had. Out of nowhere another rift opened. This one was r e d and larger than the last. Out stepped a huge demon. It was Balor, Isaphrontal’s demon father. He strolled casually over to his son and before Isaphrontal could even beg for mercy, he cut him in half, ending his cruel and miserable life. Balor gave the characters a strange and frightening message, and then returned to his homeland. Dumbfounded but glad, the PCs took the treasure they had found, a souldthat appeared after the defeat of Isaphrontal, and continued on to the portal.


With only one thing left to do, the characters approached the portal with eagerness to go home again and to be done with manor of madness. Marduk approached the portal and exclaimed with a booming voice “There is only one thing to do!” and licked the spirit, which tasted kind of like butterscotch. Lockhorn exclaimed “Fool!” and Faust took the soul from him and used it as a conduit to channel his arcane energy into the portal. Doing so caused Faust to take some damage from the feedback, but it appeared to damage the portal some. Marduk took the soul back and tried for himself, but failed. So he gave it back to Faust who had one more success but was now quite wounded. Marduk took it back and completed the destruction of the portal. It glowed and flashed bright purple and pink until it suddenly changed to space. They were falling thousands of miles an hour toward some random sun. When all of the sudden they hit the ground with a thud, back in the material plane.

What Next?

According to studies done by a few characters when they entered the material plane, it had been five years since they had entered the manor…they left Graveyard buried in the woods for 5 years and now it was gone. Someone had graveyard and caused a portal to the demon realm to open. Corgan was now king of Silverspire, and Tridents are everywhere. Dolastrad also had something to do with this change in power as well. Find out what happens next!

Chapter 2: Red Wizard Manor
Episode VI


What happened?

In the this episode, the PCs had to face the labyrinth elaborately set up by Ignis the Red. Marduk made himself in charge of creating a map while walking around. After traveling for a bit in some random halls following his lead, they came to a door. Before anyone checked it for traps, Faust blundered through the door, setting off an arcane trap causing a small explosion. Luckily Faust is resistant to that sort of thing.

The PCs traveled on, chuckling at Faust’s impatience. Before going into the next door, Marduk sat on the ground for nearly half an hour, trying to choose what arcane familiar he wanted to create to help him figure out this maze. He finally made the decision and created an emu. He then proceeded to check the door for any arcane traps. He did find one, but couldn’t discern what it was. So after another half an hour of deliberation, Syris stepped up to the door and swung it wide open. It turns out the door had a rust spell on it, and this caused one of his daggers to fall onto the ground into a pile of rust.

Traveling around more twists and turns, the characters eventually came across a room that smelled of death and dried blood that was barred from the outside. Sarin decided to step up and take the lead on this one, kicking in the door. In front of them stood a huge Demon, shaped like a gigantic gorilla. Syris initiated the first blow, shooting an arrow right through the demon’s eye socket. The battle was a quick one, ending in the PCs favor. Marduk then proceeded to set shit on fire. Literally. And closed the door.

The PCs (still following Marduk’s lead) wound their way through the labyrinth’s many confusing and winding hallways for nearly an hour. They stumbled upon a hallway that was full of doors, left and right. Some of the knobs were a dull bronze (which Bishop wanted to spit shine) and others were shiny. Marduk walked up to one of the dull knobs and opened the door. He was shocked so he immediately closed the door. He then proceeded to open a shiny door, and the same thing happened, except thanks to his great knowledge of magic, he redirected the electricity elsewhere leaving himself unharmed. Bishop decided to get in on the action too, so he walked up to a door and opened it and fell face first slamming the door shut behind him. All the while, Marduk’s emu is running around as if its head was cut off. Finally Marduk had a great idea of running down the hall and opening all the doors as fast as possible. Doing this he managed to redirect all the lightening damage, and find the correct door leading to another hall.

After a shockingly quick dispatch of those trap doors, the PCs moved to the next room, which contained nothing more than a Samurai. He asked for the most honorable among them to step forth and battle him. Bishop stepped up, and they battled. After a few rounds of fighting, Bishop was knocked unconscious by a massive flurry of blows. Although Bishop was downed, the samurai wasn’t without damage. He realized the rest of the group would attack if he didn’t surrender, so he laid down his magic beans, and disappeared.

Sarin gave Bishop a quick patch up and Content Not Found: null ]] helped a little as well. The PCs moved forward nearing the end of the labyrinth. In the final room of the Labyrinth, the PCs found crates belonging to the Dolastrad’s, with a note saying “contact me when it’s complete. Dolastrad”

Down the hall, the PCs saw two helmed horrors and initiated an attack against them, destroying them in less than 5 minutes. By now they have collected all four pieces of the madness journal left behind by Ignis.

The next room contained the ghost of a knight who wanted bloodshed and to only face the strongest of the group. The group convinced him to face only Sarin. She gladly accepted this battle and so did the knight, and so they battled. It was a great battle, going back and forth. Flames, spirits, and holy magic going everywhere. Eventually Sarin claimed victory with one last fire spell, annihilating the spirit for good. After defeating it, two doors appeared. One leading to a Dragon’s lair, and one leading to a magic room. They entered the magic room, and half decided to take the enchantment, the other half took the 1,000 GP.

What’s Next?

They hear the sound something breathing hevaily on the other side of the door, and a smell that is almost definitely a dragon. They are also ending the length of the basement, so Isaphrontal and Ignis must be near! Stay tuned for next weeks Episode!

Chapter 2: Red Wizard Manor
Episode V

Second Towers

What happened?

Well, not much. The PCs pressed through all 4 towers with great ease. In the first tower, they encountered a two headed fire beast. They fought him but he proved too weak to put up much of a fight. Arawn and Bishop managed to even knock his arm clean off. They retrieved the key, and moved on to the next one. This one had a fiery red dragon slumbering in it. Faust stepped in after Arawn tried sneaking in. Faust struck up a casual conversation with the dragon and managed to get him to lend the key to Faust as long as he made a promise to bring it back. Just like that, they moved on. In the next tower they were confronted with an old man who was very wise and loved to play at riddles. They took turns between the PCs and himself guessing and making riddles. Eventually Marduck made a riddle that wasn’t even a riddle but still classified. He was stumped and they received the key that lead them into the basement.


After traveling into the basement, the group managed to trigger a lot of pit traps while walking blindly in the dark.

What Next?

In front of them stands the door to the labyrinth. Will the characters make it out alive again, or will the maze be their demise? Find out next time!

Chapter 2: Red Wizard Manor
Episode IV


What Happened?

After a refreshing dinner party, the adventurers travel onward in the manor. The first room they come to, they are greeted with the incense of sweet pea, and over fifty different statues that had no monetary or tasteful value whatsoever. After further inspection, the fat statue of a naked man had some arcane energy. Faust decided it would be a real turn on to rub its belly and see what would happen. After rubbing it for an awkwardly long time, Faust revealed words on its belly that said “Feed me". After almost an hour of trying to feed it arcane energy, statues, rocks, and everything else imaginable except food, they finally decide to feed it some food. After eating food, the statue released a spirit that told them an extremely small riddle. Which the party had an extremely difficult time remembering.

They passed through 2 similar rooms, with the sweet pea incense and a fat naked man, which faust felt the need to rub their bellies again, causing them to feed him again and then hear another riddle. They then proceeded to the next room, where they encountered Isaphrontal once again. He sprang into action and teleported himself and his two women out of the room, leaving a few of his minions behind to take care of the characters. Suddenly Faust jumps into action out of nowhere and literally shatters all but a couple of the minions instantaneously. The PCs quickly dispatched the rest of them except for a blue one which appeared to be a runt of the group. They let him live and made him go in front of the party to show them the way, but to keep him from completely disappearing again they gave him a silk shirt. By giving him that shirt, they set him free and he disappeared and ran away never to be seen again.

Once they dealt with those guys, they proceeded to the next room where they found yet another piece of the riddle, which they had a very hard time remembering. Again. After blundering around the halls and eating pizza, they eventually came to the room which contained a living set of plate mail and a fancy chair. The characters battled it and the chair, with Marduk getting whooped by the chair in the corner. They defeated them and proceeded to the next room. (Sarin is still following close behind staying out of trouble while all of this is going on.) In the next room there was a chest, which contained a few small items, as well as a fragment from a green runestone, and the boomy coin.

Having collected all the pieces of riddle, The characters headed to the central room where they needed to re-arrange the riddle into a story that unlocked a chest. In this chest contained a coin of chaos. Having destroyed all other rooms but two, the PCs went to the last rooms where they encountered Isaphrontal once again. This time, they had to face their inner selves. Marduk faced is inner gnome, Faust fought against his inner demon, Bishop fought his inner fear of losing his sister again, and Arawn fought against his number one enemy, Ulag. They defeated the trials and proceeded to the next room where there was a treasure chest. Inside this chest was a Cape and more soul gem fragments. Each of them tried the cape on and it gave them unique powers. They gave it to Sarin to see what happened, and suddenly she became a beautiful Paladin wearing armor with all of her memories restored.

What Next?

With another member on their team, the party should be able to survive the fights a little easier…but is she really on their team? Or is she simply using them to meet her own goal in the end? They now possess a key to enter one of the corner towers and continue their journey onward, tune in next time to see what happens!

Chapter 2: Red Wizard Manor
Episode III


New Characters

Esgalwathon was introduced this evening. A rogue on the hunt for the Blue Sword known as Graveyard. He sought out the party, who were believed to have been wielding the sword, and followed them into the Manor. Now he himself is trapped within the Manor and his only escape, may be to help the party he was meant to steal from.

What Happened?

After Meeting up with Master Bishop and the new guy Esgal, the party continued forward from the clothing room where they took a short rest. The next room was a kitchen…or at least it was once. Now it seemed to be some sort of make shift and unstable laboratory, capable of exploding at even the slightest touch. So Marduk walked over to the chemistry set, and shook up a bottle and made it explode, singing the hairs off of most of the party’s brows. After the insults were thrown at the poor wizard, who wanted nothing more than to play with fire, the party realized that this room contained a puzzle. The door leading into the next room was in fact a talking door. The riddle was very quickly figured out by Marduk and Content Not Found: arwyn , forcing the door to say fire, and opening for the party.

Through the door was yet another tower, but blocking this one was an old familiar face the party had faced once before. It was a Nothic. A one eyed, mischievous beast, who knew nothing but trickery and madness. It was not the same one. but the party knew how to deal with it. With violence of course. They made quick work of it and continued on their way to the Northwest tower.

The party then went from one tower to the next defeating hell hounds one after another, collecting keys and using them to unlock all other towers save for one. The Southeast tower. All of the tower battles were extremely easy, except for one. The party had to battle three Azers (fire dwarves from the fire plane). The battle was fierce, and Faust and Bishop had a hard time keeping their HP above 0. They prevailed however, and then felt safe to take an extended rest, where Marduk leveled up to level 5!.

After collecting all the keys, the party went to the upstairs part of the Manor. Upstairs, the party opened one room on the right side of the floor and immediately faced one of the most fearsome creatures they had yet to face. The red 5 headed Hydra, Kalahan. It was a long and gruesome battle. Marduk had no luck casting his Chromatic Orb as usual and landed a hit against Bishop, but he didn’t kill him this time, only pissed him off. Faust and Bishop were both dropped below zero HP, and thanks to a final mighty blow by Marduk, the Hydra was felled and the party was rewarded with half a key and a golden sword.


After a nice rest to lick their wounds, they continued on. The next room they encountered was an enchanted dining room with very sexy waitresses and delicious foods. They were forced to sit at the table, and suddenly chains were wrapped around them tight. They had to find a way out of these chains before they were eaten alive by the evil sister! Faust and his pseudo dragon had no interest in their plight, and simply ate the fine meal with grade A Dijon mustard. Luckily, thanks to the brilliance of his mother, and the good looks of his father, Arawn found the solution to the puzzle. They needed to spell a 7 letter word to release themselves! Master Bishop, being a man of few words, somehow pulled the word out of his hat and helped solve the puzzle! The party was released, and the only ones who could escape were those who ate. So naturally Faust left, and the others soon followed suit…except Bishop and Marduk. As a reward for being so smart and handsome, the nice sister gave Master Bishop something he had been longing for, for a really long time…while the gnome watched in silence.

All in all it was great progress. Bishop finally got a good lovin’. Marduk leveled up to 5. Arawn made arrows form Hydra teeth and found a magic sword. Faust found more fancy mustard…but then it was used up just as quickly as it was gotten. Everyone was happy…except lockhorn….who still has not hit a damn thing.

What next?

Will the group get any closer to actually defeating Content Not Found: isaphrontal? Will the party actually make a move on Sarin? Will the party find the other half of the key, or even what door it belongs to? Will the pseudo dragon finally hit something?! FIND OUT NEXT TIME IN EPISODE IV!

Chapter 2: Red Wizard Manor
Episode II


New Characters:

Content Not Found: isaphrontal was introduced in this episode. After walking into a room with extravagant sleeping arrangements, the characters noticed a Cambion laying with two female cambions. His name is Isaphrontal, and the other two are unimportant and died shortly after meeting them anyway.

What Happened?

The characters continued their quest through the manor, searching for keys and Ignis the Red. The characters first came across a room with trip wires all about in varying directions. The Ranger Arawn stepped into the room without first searching for traps and soon found those traps. He triggered one and was instantly set on fire. He then (using his mother’s half agility, and father’s human sexiness) made his way across the room and safely to the other side. Marduk Had the idea to use paintings by grabbing them off the wall and tossing them at the wires using mage hand. He disarmed most of them and continued on tot he other side of the room safely. Faust of the Dolastrad randomly fired his elderitch blast into the room in every direction. He disarmed the remaining wires, but also landed a hit against Arawn, who then screamed insults at Faust because it hurt so much (he was being a wussy).

The next room was a puzzle. There were three torches on an alter, each saying something different: Fire Madness and Knowledge. The riddle above the exit door said light the torch which breeds life and destruction and in less than a min, the party lit the fire torch and exited the room.

The next few rooms, they battled succubi, gargoyles, and magmin. During the succubi battle, arawn managed to loose an arrow at Sarin and get her in the leg. The party also managed to deal just as much damage to eachother as the succubi did to the characters. After the battle, Faust tried to help her out, but ended up making things worse. So arawn stepped in and helped heal her wound, and got a feel up her thigh for his troubles.

At first Faust tricked the Gargoyles into believing he was on their side and started giving them orders so they wouldn’t attack. He then said “Fuck It” and they killed the Gargoyles anyway.

The Magmin was a pretty straight battle with surprisingly nothing going wrong for the party.

In a room filled with expensive clothing, Faust’s Psuedodragon found a ring of resist 5 fire damage. Pretty useful in a place located in the fire plane eh? Marduk and Arawn played rock papaer siccors for it, and Marduk won. He now carries this ring of power!

The characters left off in the middle of a hallway leading for directions, with no keys, and everyone pretty much half dead. What will they do now? Will Arawn finally get the girl of his dreams? Will Marduk continue to hit his opponents and not his party? Will Faust’s dragon eventually hit something? Find out next time!


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