Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Side-Mission: Faust and Bishop
Long lost friends.

What Happened?

After the meeting with King Perion, the group split up. Most of the group went to a tavern, while Faust and Master Bishop took a trip in a cab to Sylvandor. Upon entering Sylvandor, the monk was soon spotted as an outsider for not wearing the fancy clothes everyone else was wearing, like a shirt, or a hat.

He later went to the clothing store and acquired a more suitable clothing, but not a hat. He was still noticed as an outsider, but he was not scrutinized for it. Both Faust and Bishop made their way to the Red Dragon Inn, where they had watered down Blue Wine and got immediately drunk. blue_wine_cup.jpeg

After getting drunk, they went to the next door shop at the recommendation of the halfling. Upon further inspection of this shop it was discovered that it was a slave trade business. Here, Bishop found his father, a slave, and disgraced. Bishop practically disowned him as his father, and walked away. Faust found one of the long lost Dolastrad members, and bought him for the day but has no intentions on bringing him back for the rest of his life. His name is Valdar.

Faust and Bishop went their separate ways for awhile; Faust trying to find a way to bring the city to its knees, while Bishop tries to find his mother and long lost lover. Faust does not immediately find a way to do this, but he has been scheming for a very long time with Valdar.

Bishop but himself through perilous peril going from one Brothel to the next, in search of his long lost lover and mother. He cringed at the very thought, but it had to be done. After going for what seemed like forever, hours upon dragging hours (30min) he finally gave up his search, somewhat relieved that he could not find her there. He met back up with Faust to figure out the next step.

What Happens Next?

Will Faust finally bring the city to its knees? Find out next time!

kitara.jpeg Kitara

Chapter 2: Red Wizard Manor
Episode I


What Happened?

The ranger, wizard, and monk entered the Manor after dispatching the three hell hounds on the lawn. It was one hell of a battle, and the monk almost earned another scar!

Upon entering the Manor, the doors disappeared behind the characters, leaving them searching for a way out, and also for the info they seek. They opened the door to the right and found nothing in that room, but did not enter it. They went left and fought a few magmin and worked their way further left.

They found the wife of Ignis the Red laying unconscious on the ground with nothing but a red bath robe on. They helped her up and have relentlessly tried to learn the secret hidden under the robe. They continued anyway, slightly disappointed, and eventually found the room that leads to the south western tower. Inside the room was a book that contained one of Ignis’ mad journal entries.

What Next?

The rest of the party is waiting outside, what will they do? Go in after their teammates, or flee? Graveyard is still buried next to the party outside, what will they do with it? The characters inside seem to be making a lot of progress, but how long will this momentum last? Find out next time!

Chapter 1: Silverspire
Episode VI

Taking Care of Dalton

More New Characters….

Seems we can’t stop getting new characters! In today’s episode we introduced Faust of the Dolastrad. A Laid back character who really doesn’t give a care except what’s in it for him and/or his family.

What Happened?

During today’s episode, the characters debated a long time on what to do with Dalton. They finally got some info out of him and then decided to kidnap him too, because why not. During his entrapment, he was tortured brutally and left to starve to death . The punctured him with spoons and peeled back his nails and let rats eat his skin. Eventually they managed to get some info in addition to what they already had.

They learned that the only man capable of telling them where they can destroy the sword was located at the Red Manor, a 7 day travel on horseback. After torturing him some more, they decided to let him go and then re-capture him and sell him to the Dolastrads…but will the Dolastrads accept their offer?

That night, the party received a message from the king, to meet at his palace the next morning. That’s what they did. The next morning they met with Talis Perion and he told them to destroy the sword, and they would be rewarded with a spell and 4,000 GP, with 1,000 GP in advance. The beautiful Quinitali Perion caught the eye of Arwyn and Marduk.

That next day they set out to the Red Manor. It took seven days just as estimated, with just a few minor set backs in the woods with some boar and centipedes. After clearing the woods, the party now faces the front of the Red Manor…

What’s Next?

The characters must try to infiltrate and find the information in Red Manor. Either find Ignis the Red or find his notes on the sword and Vecna. What will the characters do? Will there be a bridge? Will there be more terribly simple puzzles that seem impossible to pass? Who knows, there may even be a bridge! Check back next time!


Chapter 1: Silverspire
Chapter V

Death of Talon

New Characters

A new player was introduced. Syris, the elven rogue. He entered the dungeon, on a contract to find and deliver the blue sword to his contractor. He later realized that he would make more of a profit by staying with this group of adventurers.

What happened?

The players struggled with fighting the Shadows in the next room, especially without the aid of the Paladin, and wizard, who were taking a nap in the tombs. After the battle started, Olaf took a heavy blow and wound up unconscious. Bishop then drug Olaf and himself around the corner to take cover while he tried to think of a plan, while the rogue remained in the room fending off the shadows with a torch. Eventually, the rogue killed one off, and the monk threw flaming daggers at a couple and killed them off as well. Olaf was revived and the party continued onward

In the room, they fought yet another guard knight of the key. This battle took much longer than the last one, but the result was still the same. The party defeated it and claimed the key.

In the treasure room, the characters found 250 GP, A magical weapon known as WaveBreaker, and a ring of water walk. Olaf claimed the ring and the monk claimed the weapon. Marduk (showing up just in time for treasure) split the gold with Syris.

The party made their way into the Main Chamber with both keys, where they found Talon. Talon placed the sword into the stone, and to everyone’s surprise, he himself turned into the revenant! He summoned his group of skeleton warriors and attacked the party. The fight wasn’t going too well, so Marduk decided to use his huge spell, Chromatic Orb. As he did, he tripped and ended up hitting Bishop with the acid spell, melting his character away completely. Luckily the magic in the room allowed the characters to perform a ritual to bring him back to life, costing 400 GP, a soul gem and a magic weapon, which was sadly WaveBreaker. Feeling bad, Marduk used his extremely powerful Lightning Bolt Scroll, and annihilated Talon and the rest of the skeletons into oblivion. Olaf claimed the sword, and the party marched back to Silverspire with plans of what to do next….Also everyone leveled up!

Chapter 1: Silverspire
Episode IV



Olaf encountered the man to be believed in charge of the small base for the tridents here in Silverspire. The man’s name is Dalton, and he supposedly had something to do with the Shadow Daggers. Dalton asked if Olaf minded he come back and talk with him in private in about a week, because of other plans he had going.

The party also met back up with the mysterious man who deals with death. This time he seemed inclined to help the characters, but just vaguely enough to be mysterious.

The Mission

Talon, intent on his mission to destroy the necromancy afoot, decided to venture into a dungeon in order to finish this business, fully aware that it may end up taking his life. The characters followed him here in order to finish his mission should he fail.

After moving past some gravity effecting mushrooms, which were surely the cause of the collapse in town, the characters entered the dungeon. They split the party into two groups and started working their way through.

The left party, consisting of Olaf and Marduck, stepped into a fire room trap. They would slowly turn into cooked meat if wasn’t for Olaf’s extremely quick thinking and ability to solve the puzzle with only taking very minor damage. He spoke “fire” and disabled the trap. Moving onto the next room, they very quickly dispatched the two undead warriors waiting for them. The room after that was a little more complicated. They had to deafeat a Silvered Chaos Warrior, but they did so in style with the help of their friends, Bishop and Goshkien. They retrieved a silver key, and left for the entrance of the dungeon again, still with no sign of Talon or the blue sword.

The right party, consisting of Master Bishop and Goshkien, walked into a room that contained a massive undead minotaur and hes small treasure. They defeated it and took it’s treasure, but Master Bishop sustained a massive wound that was quickly healed by the paladin. He now has a scar on his left ankle, from where the wound was dealt. They traveled into the next room, but immediately left because they were too afraid of the darkness that lay ahead.

What Next…?

The only option it seems, is to go into the dark room and explore forward, in high hopes that they may find the golden key necessary to proceed and find Talon!


Chapter 1: Silverspire
Episode III

The Silver City

New Characters

The party met a few new characters. After arriving in Silverspire, the characters are immediately met with a monk, who has great physical and mental strength, but knows nothing of the common world. They recruited him with great deliberation, and have found their paths have met for a reason, to take down the Dark Blades!

The characters also met Talon, the holder of the blue sword and armor. After speaking with Talon, the group believes Talon not to be a threat, but perhaps the Sword itself IS! Talon wants to travel to the nearby destroyed ruins of a previous town, to raise a reveneant from the grave and slay it, before the Tridents use it as a weapon, but the party wants to strike the Tridents now while they have the surprise.

Brewstein Barkeeper was met…and he seems reasonably informative. He also seems very loose with this information. He is middle aged and his name is Victor.

Blue Sword and Silverspire

The charters met with Talon, and he carried the Blue Sword. It appears to give off some sort of bad vibe, and when stabbed into the ground, creatures crawl out of the ground trying to escape from its power. Also Olaf picked the sword up and felt some sort of magic work over him.

The characters have only explored just entrance of Silverspire and have yet to explore the rest of the city.

Chapter 1: Silverspire
Episodes I and II

What Happened?

The adventurers met in a tavern, and were then confronted by men who were in the services of The Tridents. When one of the men started provoking one the bar patrons, the gnome stepped in and started battle, while his dwarven comrade kept his cool with the leader and made a business arrangement. The barbarian halfling destroyed the head of one the attackers and the gnome set fire to the bar (only a little bit). The deal was sealed with a shot of blue wine (which some characters took a few bottles with them). When some characters came to, a half-orc came running in being chased by cityguard, for reasons still unknown. The characters have hired デスイーター to take care of the bodies. The characters have leads that tell them to head to Silverspire…Where will they go next?


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