Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 5: Eastern Valley [2]
Episode II

Golem Dungeon

On the way

As the day was winding to an end, our friend Faust stepped into the local can for his evening shit. He went to grab anything he could to occupy his mind while he sat there. To his surprise, he happened to come across something very interesting. There just so happened to be an issue of Baulder’s Gate Weekly laying there. After reading the paper, and then eventually finishing up on the toilet, he stepped out of the can with new information for the party.

He told them how the town desired for the Silver Syndicate to leave them and to never come back (or at least not for awhile). Also, it stated how the spies for Baulder’s Gate spotted a Golem Factory just north of the city. That was all it took to catch the party’s interest. They gathered their materials, double checked their ration supply, and headed put on the road. Sarin the Red decided to hang back, as the party was growing very large and all of them were men who were mostly crazy.

So we find our beloved adventurers finally leaving Baulder’s Gate. Hopefully wherever they go to next has an insurance policy. Luckily, they had their sights set for the Golem Dungeon just north of the city. Arawn gathered his scouts and told them to go ahead of the party about 2 miles in case their was a short cut through the mountains without having to go around.

After six hours of travel, Philippe came back to Arawn with some great news. He stroked his mustache as he spoke. Choosing his words very carefully so as to sound as gay as possible, he told Arawn they had found a passage leading through the mountains. Arawn asked himself why Quinitali would send him such a buffoon of a scout, and then acknowledged Philippe with a grunt and nod. All the meanwhile, Faust was watching with the biggest grin this side of the Baulder Gate.

The Silver Syndicate took this passage through the mountain until they had grown too tired to travel any further. They made camp between two large boulders, but before they could finish setting up, they heard a very loud feminine scream come from he direction of Faust. Everyone ran over to see what the matter was, only to see Faust was sitting on the ground with his legs and arms crossed and his face bent with anger. He was starring at a Bulette who had appeared while he was setting up his tent.

Battle began and ended just as quickly. The land shark did manage to injure Faust’s keg in the combat, but otherwise the party was unharmed. Faust continued to mutilate the body until midnight, at which point the body was just paste anyway.

Around 1AM, a cleric by the name of Sagemon approached the campsite. When he approached, he noticed one of the scouts pissing on the rock, making a “Z”. The cleric cleared his throat to let the guard know he was there. Zorro quickly zipped himself up (getting injured in the process of course). He then started asking the cleric questions. Zorro then woke up Arawn with a loud knock on the tent and a shout. Arawn woke and was informed that someone had approached the area and was looking for the leader of the Syndicate. He seemed to be someone of the church, but he was wearing heavy armor.

Arawn spoke to the man, who introduced himself as Sagemon, a Tempest Cleric of Kord, God of strength and storms. His God had told him to find the Silver Syndicate and help them to destroy the sword known as Graveyard. Since he already knew about the sword, and since Shemuel cast a zone of truth around him, Arawn found that he could trust this man, and so he let him into the Syndicate. When everyone woke in the morning, he was introduced and accepted into the party. Deep down Sagemon was wondering if this party would actually be able to destroy anything but themselves.

The Dungeon Entrance

After another day’s travel, the Syndicate finally came to what had to be the entrance to the Golem Factory the scouts were talking about in the paper. Arawn had the scouts stay behind up here to guard the area and to set up traps for any intruders who came through. Then, the party took a deep breath and headed in.

They passed through two rooms made from all natural stone, with nothing of any significance…except the walls were radiating with some kind of life magic. They also spotted some footprints leading directly from a wall and heading further deeper into the dungeon and then disappearing into another wall. The party followed the path southwards, and it lead them to a wet hall full of minty moss. Faust and Sagemon both slipped in the hall and shot down the hall and into the next room. Sadly for them, there was a very cold pool of water in the room. They fell in with a splash and a shiver and immediately started flailing their arms and screaming for help.

The rest of the party caught up. They could see the water was actually alive and trying to hurt the two of them by squeezing them to death. Faust and Sagemon were indeed stuck. Nixero went over to help Sagemon while Shemuel helped Faust. Finally they were out of the water, but the battle had only just begun.

The party began to hurl spells and arrows at the water elementals while they were confined to the water. Suddenly, Bishop pulled out a spear in the shape of a lightning bolt. He hurled it into the water, striking everything in its path with a massive wave of electricity. He did some massive damage, however, it seemed the elementals were now free from their bonds to the water. The water elementals came out of the water and started attacking the party by engulfing them and squeezing them. Eventually the party destroyed the elementals with ease, although they did take some substantial damage.

After the battle, Arawn took a dive under water. He searched with his mother’s keen elf vision, while swimming with the strength granted to him by his father. He found a leather puch resting at the bottom of the lake. He grabbed it and quickly shot back out of the freezing water. Inside the pouch he found a key. He then sat there and studied the thing for over an hour, only to discover the key had no other significance other than being a key.


After resting up a bit in the water room and after shewing some mint moss, the group was ready to move on. They traveled down the path leading westward until they found an iron door locked. With the key they had found in the pond, they opened the door and stepped inside. They saw before them 3 chests. two wooden and one iron. Faust went and kicked open one of the wooden ones, revealing a pile of copper pieces. He was bored wit h that so he left it there. He then walked over to the iron chest and sensed that is had some sort of lock magic in it. He sat there and tried to figure out how to break the spell. Arawn walked in and opened up the other wooden chest and inside he found a pile of silver coins. He took them and was very pleased, so he went over and also took the copper pieces as well.

Marduk then walked over to see if he could figure out this iron chest. He tried to simply flip open the lid, and to everyone’s surprise it worked. Inside there was a single gold coin and an inscription in the box. It read “Bloods open many doors”. After reading that, Marduk cut his tongue open and licked the coin, spreading the blood all over it, and then he put the coin back in the box and shut the lid. After doing so he heard a click, and he opened the lid back up to find a huge pile of gold pieces. He then grabbed the gold and passed the bloody coin to Nixero.

Nixero then cut his thumb and put the coin back in the box just as Marduk did. Nothing happened of course, so Conan decided to rip up the iron chest mounted to the floor. He ripped up the mechanism and the concrete along with it and found nothing of value. The Silver Syndicate then decided to move along into the next room.

They traveled around a corner and moved into another room. This one had piles of rock, iron and clay. Inside the room they found a man who had some kind of alteration in his skin. He appeared to have iron and rock skin on his arms and faces. He looked up at the party and told them they couldn’t be here. The Syndicate kept asking questions, but the only thing he would reply with was leave now while you can. After about the 5 question, he pulled a glowing cube from his pocket and dropped it on the ground. As he did it melted into the ground.

As the cube melted into the ground, two of the clay piles started animating on their own. They morphed into humanoid shaped beings and started approaching the party. Battle began. Nixero, Shemuel, Conan, and Arawn rushed in tot he room and attacked a Golem, while the others stood at the doorway and the Golem walked up and started attacking the party. It was a hard battle, and the Golems’ attacks infused their blood with clay blockers, which blocks up their veins, keeping them from healing.

The battle waged on for about 30 seconds before the Golems finally crumbled beneath the Syndicates’ attacks. The Syndicates then searched the room, but did not find anything useful. They then sat down and took a short rest before continuing on. Sigmon luckily had a prayer that was able to heal the wounds the Golems had inflicted.

Chapter 5: Eastern Valley [1]
Episode I

Leaving Baulder’s Gate

Syndicate Revised

We last left our Syndicaters in Baulder’s Gate, having just escaped the Dreamscape and stopping the assassination of Orlion. With very little else to do here in the town, Faust decided to gather everyone at a near by tavern to have a serious talk about everyone’s bojectives and where the group should head next. He even decided to extend his invite to the holy Paladin of Kossuth, Sarin, who had been searching for her inner peace.

At the meeting, Faust started them off by asking how everyone’s day was going and offered to buy everyone a drink. He then proceeded to establish, one by one, what goals everyone had set and why they were still with the Silver Syndicate. Marduk, Arawn, and Bishop all agreed that they were a part of the Syndicate simply to uphold what it originally stood for when they created it back in the day. In addition to that, they have their own personal reasons to continue being part of the Syndicate.

Nixero told them he was in it until he saw the destruction of the sword known as Graveyard. He is a captain of the Frost Wolf Mercenary Co. established in the north, so he wasn’t very interested in officially joining the Syndicate. Conan made a promise to Arawn to be his personal body guard, as long as he made an effort to find his lost clan members. Shemuel still hasn’t made up his mind about officially joining the Syndicate. The Syndicate has made some grey area decisions before, and he has a very strong moral compass. Sarin agreed to stay as long as they toned down the grey decisions a little.

After that part of the meeting, Faust thought electing a leader would help sort things out. He put Arawn up for his vote, seeing how was the leader of a city already and seeing how he did have a strong moral sense. Everyone started mumbling to themselves and then slowly drifted away from the conversation all together. After about an hour, Faust repeated himself, announcing Arawn should be the voice of reason in the Silver Syndicate. Everyone sort of shrugged and said yeah sure why not.

Cyvolt Attacks

With the meeting over, everyone started going about their separate ways in Baulder’s Gate, preparing for their departure. Nixero paid a visit to a blacksmith in town that was rumored to have needed some kind of help. He talked tot he smith and found out there was some kind of white iron material (which is much lighter than normal iron) that was mined and stored by the government. The smith really wanted to make his armor and weapons from that white iron. Nixero thought that since he had some good standing with Orlion (after not assassinating him) maybe he would do him a favor and hand over some white iron.

Nixero paid Orlion a visit and spoke to him about this “white iron” that was supposedly mined from the mines in Baulder’s Gate. However, through their conversation, Nixero soon found his hopes crushed. It turns out the blacksmith he had spoken to before, was actually insane. His father had once owned the blacksmith and was a great miner for the city, and had claimed to have found the white iron once before, but was never able to find anymore. So when he died, his son inherited his shop, and has since been with the suspicion that the government had simply been mining all of it and keeping it for themselves for whatever reason. He was partially right. The government was in possession of some of the white iron, but it was shipped from the north. On top of that, they were using it to create a trade down southward (it never worked out) per Eugene’s request.

In the middle of one of Nixero’s depressed words, the town’s sirens started going off. Everyone was going about their day to day lives. Children playing in the fields and slaving away for their families, women outside drying laundry or fetching water, and men went to and from jobs. The birds were chirping, and the warm rays of the sun were beaming down to heat the earth. Suddenly, the birds stopped chirping, and clouds as dark as night rolled in from nowhere. Lightning started crackling louder than ever, but no rain. The sky slowly turned red, and it started raining small bits of fire that extinguished when they hit the earth. Right beside the front gate of the city, they saw a huge rip form in the air itself. Two huge claws clasped the sides of the rip and slowly pried it open further and further. The claws receded back into the hell they came from, but other things emerged. Many, many demons come rushing out of the portal towards the center of the city! A massive 15ft demon stepped out of the rip holding a sword and wearing bright blue armor. It was Cyvolt.

As soon as everyone was made aware of the attack, they started running to intercept the demon from attacking the middle of the city. Before anyone could make it there, the small demons set the fields on fire, crushing the food supply of Baulder’s Gate. Cyvolt had one mission, to kill the mortals possessing the Sword. He slowly crossed the field between the city and the farms. The Silver Syndicate was ready, and ran out to meet him in battle. As they did, they saw the hooded figure that they encountered back in Greenest who collected bodies for a price. He was making his way away from the City Gates and into the beaten down part of town.

Immediately, Cyvolt started hurling red balls of energy towards the Syndicate, showing no mercy. He then activated his mysterious armor, creating a shadow duplicate of himself. Arawn stayed as far back as possible and let loose as many arrows as he could at Cyvolt. Everyone else charged forward to attack Cyvolt head on, but Bishop got there first. Bishop ran as fast as he could, and started teleporting from shadow to shadow, until he was right next to Cyvolt. He then proceeded to let him have a round of his furious blows. Marduk hurled spells, Faust hurled curses, and the paladin and barbarian and knight all attacked the Bounty hunter with their might.

Soon the battle was over, with the Syndicate being overwhelmingly easily victorious. Baulder’s Gate was not at all pleased with the results of the Silver Syndicate coming her in search of them and setting their town ablaze and destroying their crops. They were thankful for the defeat of Cyvolt, but they were ready for the Syndicate to leave, and if they didn’t leave on their own, they would make them leave if they could.

What Next?

After a minor inconvenience, the party is once again ready to set out. Will they head for Mt. Nex next? or will they get side tracked and track down some other line of work? Found out next time!

Chapter 4: The Mountains [7]
Episode VII

Tidying Up

Layer 3: Nightmares

We last left our beloved Arawn in the city of Silverspire, where he was wedding the lady
[[:princess | [SILVERSPIRE] Quinitali Perion ]] . Arawn became the Lord of Silverspire, but he very shortly grew bored of the life of a noble man. He itched for adventure and the risk of death. Quinitali noticed this, and decided it would be best for him to go and join his friends, at least until they finished their mission they had started so many years ago. And so our Lord Arawn went back into the wilds in search of his friends.

He arrived at Baulder’s Gate with no trouble at all. Arawn soon tasked himself with figuring out where his friends had gone and who they visited while they were here, for his locator ring had suddenly stopped working. He soon found out they had eventually went into a potion seller’s shop, but she denied ever to have seen them. He grew suspicious and decided to wait until night fall.

When night had finally covered the town, he quietly went into the potion seller’s shop. He spotted some ingredients on the counter and recognized them as being ingredients for a potion of sleep. He kept this in mind as he traveled down into the basement looking for the potion seller. He soon found her…and his friends.

His friends were all tied to stone platforms, while the old potion seller was standing in front of them reading from some sort of spellbook. Arawn ran up behind her quickly and knocked her unconscious without her even knowing. Then, Arawn being the great scholar in magic he is, Arawn picked up the magic book she was reading. He managed to figure out what he needed to say and do to end the spell, so he quickly tied the old lady hog style, and began reading the enchantment from the book. Because he fumbled over a few words, the spell was disrupted and instead of pulling his friends out, he managed to put himself inside the Dreamscape.

The Silver Syndicate had made it to layer 3 of the Dreamscape, the layer known as Nightmares. Within this layer, the Syndicate started off by facing a strange and deformed man who explained very shortly that they had arrived in the 3rd layer of the Dreamscape. He then opened a tunnel as the other gate guardians did before him.

Outside they saw many horrid things. First off, they noticed the sandy desert was now a rock desert. Sharp black rocks jutted up everywhere inside the once sand filled desert. Ahead of them, where the forest was previously, was now a layer of fog, with a thick layer of green slime resting on top of it. To their right was the city of Baulder’s Gate. Standing guard in front of it was a hulking demon of seemingly great power.

Trying to continue on as fast as possible, the Syndicate headed straight towards the city. When they reached the guard, he told them no one was to enter the city without his master’s permission. Faust attempted to persuade the demon that the Silver Syndicate actually owned the city he was guarding. Faust saw the guard wasn’t going to buy that very easily, so he began to try and forge a document stating he owned it. Meanwhile, Arawn challenged the demon to a duel of rock paper scissors.

Oddly enough, the demon accepted his offer and they played a game of rock paper scissors. After throwing three straight rounds of scissors, the demon lost and permitted the Syndicate inside the city. Once inside the city, they began to look for the potion shop. They made their way in and out of alleys and streets, but couldn’t find much of anything except strange demons and even stranger humans.

They managed to find themselves at a fork in the road, dividing them between going to the cleaner looking side of the town or continuing on their rugged path leading deeper into the shady area of town. They made a group decision to continue deeper into the shady end of town. They traveled for quite some time with little to no problems what so ever. Just before they reached the end of the road, they saw a sign with a potion on it directing them to one of the buildings. Before they could enter the building, however, two huge demons appeared out of nowhere and demanded they fight.

Nixero at this moment, broke down and teared up. He pleaded with them to let him enter the potion shop, for that shop could be the only way that a reasonably attractive man could ever hope to become reasonably attractive once again. He wanted women to look at him and say aloud, wow that man looks reasonably decent and not hideous and deformed, maybe I should talk to him and not be disgusted. He pleaded that the guards not keep an old crippled deformed man from regaining his former glory. The demons teared up and stepped aside, giving him compliments on his bravery and to keep his chin up.

The Silver Syndicate now stepped through the potion door. They saw exactly what was expected; they saw the potion lady standing behind the counter, offering home made potions. They very quickly and without second thought, took a potion and drank it down.

Layer 4: Shadow Rem

When the PCs arrived in the new layer, they of course saw the same room and hall they had been seeing for every layer so far. This one was different. There were no lights, which caused Nixero to light a torch so they could see what they were walking into. As they looked on, they saw a pit in the middle of the hall 20ft wide by 20ft tall. They approached it and inspected the pit.

There was a thick fog covering, and so it seemed, filling the hole. They stuck their arm and rope down into the hole, but could not feel or see a floor or any end to the pit. So, after deciding it was not safe, they were going to jump it. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem for Nixero, however, in this current deformed body, he wouldn’t have any luck trying to jump or do anything physical without some sort of hindrance. He proposed that the barbarian attach Nixero to his back and then jump across the pit.

It seemed like a fun idea, so the barbarian agreed to it. He picked up Nixero and tied him to his back. After doing so, Conan threw his weapons across the pit and went into some sort of rage mode. With an extremely unnecessarily loud battle scream, Conan made it across the pit without any trouble at all.

Everyone else followed and had no problem making it across. With everyone on the other side, the group moved forward. At the end of the hall, instead of there being some creepy guy waiting on them, it was a potion shop with an elderly looking woman behind the counter. They sensed her magical presence was very strong and decided this was the one they needed to kill.

She laughed and told them they would never kill her (famous last words) and then transformed into some sort of tentacle creature thing. Battle for the freedom of leaving the Dreamscape just began. The Syndicate hacked and slashed at the thing, doing massive amounts of damage to it, and it to them. Eventually the Syndicates slaughtered her, with no devastating wounds to themselves.

When she died, the world all around them began to tremble and shake violently. It was if her very consciousness was connected or even creating this world, imprisoning all of these souls in it. The Silver Syndicate collapsed in the ground unconscious, never to see this world again…


The Silver Syndicate woke up and found themselves resting on top of stone slabs. They felt extremely weak and very malnourished, but they immediately got up searching around for where the witch might be. They had one thing in mind for her. Death. Arawn, who had only been under the spell for a mere two days, sprung straight up on to his feet and ran upstairs after seeing the witch was not in the basement with them anymore. As he ran upstairs, he saw her trying to crawl away out of the door. He quickly walked up to her and pinned his knee in the middle of her back, rendering her unable to move.

She was quite powerful, even in her weakened state and had the will of a courageous warrior. She twisted her arms completely around and pointed them towards Arawn and started casting spells at him. Luckily for him, his mother was elven. Most of the sleep and charm spells she cast did not work on him, so instead he knocked her out and tossed her down the stairs. Upon seeing the unconscious body of their enemy tumble down the stairs, the rest of the Syndicate grabbed her and strapped her to the table where they were once held captive.

With the old potion seller on the table tied up, the Syndicate woke her violently. They then proceeded to ask her questions. They asked her why she had done this to them. She replied with a an answer that shocked the PCs. She explained to them about how she was working for a demon known as Cyvolt. Cyvolt is a demon bounty hunter that will sometimes allow himself to be hired out by demon lords. She was not privileged enough to have anymore info on the demon himself, however, she was able to figure out what he was coming for. Before she could explain what her thoughts were on the subject, Nixero was too furious to hear another word come from her mouth, and so he brought down his weapon and let her head roll off of her shoulder on to the floor.

With the witch dead, Faust, Arawn, Nixero, and Shemuel went out in search of Orlion to finish the contract they had created with Eugene. Marduk and Conan decided to stay behind in the shop to look for any useful items. Conan, being extremely well trained in all things alchemy, decided to see what he could create by mixing random ingredients. He soon found out that he was in fact, not an alchemy expert. He created an explosion big enough to blow him out of the shop 25 feet knocking him unconscious briefly.

While Conan was upstairs messing around with some chemicals, Marduk was downstairs looking around through spell books and copying information into his own book. He managed to find and copy a symbol that that he determined would amplify any demon trying to use a spell. After he gathered the info, he then proceeded to blow up the potion shop with a fireball spell. He ran out as soon as he could and left the shop burning and soon to turn to ash.

The Assassination

Earlier that month, the Silver Syndicate accepted a contract with Eugene to assassinate Orlion discretely. The Syndicate had decided their safer bet would be to include Orlion in on the scheming of an assassination plot against him and to get him to turn Eugene in to the authorities. That being said, they discretely traveled over to Orlion’s offices, which just so happened to be his home as well, and spoke to him. He told them the only way for him to earn the full confidence of the people and the authorities, was to get the contract down on paper so as to have proof of this assassination attempt.

Marduk, being as charismatic as he is, strolled over to Eugene’s office. He conjured up some blue donuts for the big guy, and sat down to have a chat with him. Of course, this being Marduk, the chat wasn’t exactly comfortable or sane what so ever. that being said, Marduk managed to get Eugene to sign a paper stating teat the Silver Syndicate was indeed hired to kill Orlion on the behalf of Eugene. Marduk handed the paper over to Arawn who would sneak it to Orlion after night had fallen on the town.

After nightfall, Arawn very quietly snuck into Orlion’s house, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. After going down to the basement, where Orlion happened to be sitting at his desk, Arawn spotted a shadowy figure in the corner of the room. Arawn drew his bow, and fired a warning shot. The figure stepped out of the shadow and drew his swords, initiating combat.

The battle was a decently balanced one. Through out the fight at some point, Arawn was able to disarm the assailant of a grenade he was about to throw. He put this away in his pocket very quickly and knocked the man out cold. He then proceeded to tie up the enemy. After having the area secured, Arawn handed over the papers as promised, and told Orlion about the threat of Cyvolt heading his way. Arawn promised 30 expert archers would be sent his way to help protect the city in case Cyvolt did indeed show up. Orlion gave Arawn 8 citizen passes as promised, and Arawn took his leave…

What Next?

With the Dreamscape destroyed, and the assassination contract fulfilled, The Silver Syndicate was again free to go and do whatever they so wished. However this new threat of Cyvolt showing up at any moment puts pressure on the mission of getting Graveyard destroyed as soon as possible. What will they do next? Tune in next time!

Chapter 4: The Mountains [5 & 6]
Episode V & VI



We left our beloved Silver Syndicate having just destroyed and cleared out the graveyard of all unwanted inhabitants. Once finished with receiving their payment from Eugene, they had other matters to attend to. These other matters involved collecting information on their new assignment. Eugene had spoken to Faust some time ago about hiring the Syndicate to eliminate his campaign opponent, Orlion, in order to secure his place in government. Faust took the job on behalf of the Syndicate, and negotiated prices so that the entire Syndicate would receive citizenship. With the terms set, the Syndicate set out to gather information.

The first step was to speak to the common folk and get an understanding of how each runner acted and what they stood for. So naturally, our adventurers went to a fancy bar. After arriving and being checked for and removed of any weapons by the knightly bouncer at the door, our Syndicaters ventured inward to see what they could gather from a bunch of drunks. The bottom floor of the bar was reserved for the drunkest people at the bar, or anyone looking to become very drunk. The middle floor was reserved for anyone casually drinking, but not looking to black out before they were finished. On the top floor, anyone looking to have one or two drinks and decent conversation or meal were welcomed.

Marduk, loving to drink, decided to get a handful of ice cubes from Nixero and stay on the bottom level of the bar along with Conan. Bishop was very indecisive, so he simply walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. Nixero headed to the top floor, where patrons would be of more use to him. He overheard a table of gentlemen talking about politics on his way up, so he decided to have a seat with them and learn a few things. He was inclined to buy a man a drink who was sitting at the table, but if this was the price for information, then so be it.

Meanwhile, Marduk and Conan were having too much fun for their own good. Marduk was slipping ice cubes under the feet of drunk men walking by to see them fall to the ground. He did so, and managed to put a man in a coma. Doing so aroused the attention of the paladin bouncer. The bouncer’s name was Shemuel Briarcliff. He tended the wounded man and asked the gnome and barbarian a few questions about what just transpired.

Nix got what info he deemed important and wrote it in his handy notebook. He gave the gentlemen a goodbye and walked down the stairs to the main floor. He needed to find someone who where Orlion lived so they could have a discussion that would either end his life or save it. Looking around the bar, Nix found the Paladin to be the most promising lead for knowing where things might be located in the city, so he walked up and had a conversation with the fellow.

Eventually the conversation made its way outside around the corner into an alley way where the Syndicaters spoke to Shemuel in private. There, in midday, the Silver Syndicate convinced a paladin to join forces in the plot to assassinate a politician. With Shemuel on their side, they were ready to continue their task in retrieving information on Orlion. To earn some extra coin however, Marduk managed to convince the group to some randomized potions for the old lady starting her potion shop.

When they arrived, business was as usual. Everyone downed a potion and received their pay. Something wasn’t right though… Everyone felt their hearts start to slow, and they began to feel very tired. They collapsed one by one on tot he floor unconscious by some poison the potion lady had given them. The last image they saw being the potion shop lady pulling out a sacrificial dagger.

Enter Sandman

When the group woke up, they found themselves in a dungeon hall of some sort. They checked their equipment and it was all still in tact. Very confused, out Syndicaters traveled forward down the hall. The magic users of the group started to sense something unworldly about the whole place, and those who were not in tune with their magic quickly felt uneasy about being there. They progressed down the hall and entered a room containing a strange looking man wearing half armor and half bard outfit. He sat on an upside down chair and invited the party to do the same.

The bard-knight went on to tell the Syndicate about the world they had just entered. He told them it was the Dreamscape. If a person ventured into this realm by dreaming, then they were safe. However, if anyone was trapped here by a curse or poison, the realm could be deadly. Dreams along with nightmares exist here in the Dreamscape, and although their bodies could not be damaged by nightmares, their minds could be irreversibly damaged. When the bard-knight finished speaking, he and the chairs disappeared and a tunnel appeared in the wall where there was once no exit.

Layer 1: Pleasant Nights

The tunnel lead the group to an outside area, where they found an open green field with children playing around with dinosaurs and a ball. Northward was a forest heavy with fog. In the west was a dry and empty desert. To the East was a city that looked much like Baulder’s Gate in the material plane, except this one was made of Marble. Assuming the easiest way to get out would be in Baulder’s Gate, the Syndicaters went to the marble city.

Upon arrival, they realized there were no guards here in the Dreamscape. They pushed open the doors and went into the city. The first thing the saw there was a shop owned by a beautiful young woman. Further perception revealed her to be the younger version of the old potion lady in the material world. Hesitant to do anything just yet, the party ventured further into the city to discover any other useful information.

They traveled to a man known as the Bone Baron. The baron was a large individual, he had the skin of a man and the body of a man, but his head was of a cow skull. He had a hollow voice and the empty eye sockets would fill any man’s heart with terror after talking with him for too long. So the group decided to barter with him for information. After what seemed like hours of debating between Faust and the Baron, a deal was struck by Nixero. They would kill five ghouls to receive information leading to a man who could tell them how the Dreamscape works and have other questions answered.

Five very easy kills later (and 4 1/2 right ears later) the Silver Syndicate got their information and a very crudely drawn map. Following the map, they met an old man who had a couch made of cheese. He spoke to them about how curses int eh Dreamscape worked. He told them a theory of his: in order to find the true form of something in the Dreamscape, one must travel to the fourth level. If what they were looking for is in the Dreamscape, then there should find it and hopefully break the curse or end whatever is causing them to be here at the current moment.

The Silver Syndicate journeyed back to the potion shop they had visited in the beginning. Once there, each of them drank a potion in hopes it might lead them deeper into the Dreamscape.

Layer 2: Restless Nights

After the party regained consciousness, they realized they were in the same location they had arrived in the first time they drank the potion given to them from the old lady in the material world. Somethings had changed however. When they stepped out into the hall, their feet sank into the concrete as if it were sand. In addition to this, the sconces holding the torches were hung upside down in the hall. The party had a bad feeling about this place. Who knew what foul nightmares awaited them here?

They arrived in the room where they first saw the bard-knight. In here they instead found a man who was mostly covered in 3rd degree burns from head to toe. He was very rude to the adventurers and basically told them to get the hell out of his room. He disappeared and a tunnel once again formed in the wall, leading outside.

`Outside, instead of finding the peaceful and serene picture they had seen previous;y in the last layer of the Dreamscape, they found a barren looking land full of despair and a sense of doom. The sands had turned black, the field was no longer green, but a brown/yellow color. The forest was filled with dead twigs for trees. The city was still marble, but it was now cracked and aged almost by 200 years.

The Syndicate again went to the gates of the city, in search of the way to the next layer downward. The gates fell down as soon as they were touched, and the group walked into to the city. They did not find the potion shop in the entrance as they had once before, this time there was a cheese shop. This caused some slight despair among the Syndicate seeing as finding a way deeper into the realm would be increasingly harder. They did not give up though, and decided to walk into the cheese shop. When they walked in, a man introduced himself as Tony.

As soon as the doors were open and Marduk set his eyes upon the cheese that was displayed in glass cases like jewelry, he was hooked. Marduk walked right in and pressed his face up against one of the glass cases and stared at what he thought looked like blue cheese, hoping maybe he would be able to taste it if he stared long enough. Jerome and Faust decided to interrogate the gentleman for any information he knew. As they continued to ask him questions, it was clear he was lying to them about something.

Faust and Jerome both used intimidation techniques, causing to immediately buckle. He gave them the location of where the potion shop should be located, along with a warning that there should be a chest that would open a secret tunnel in the room to allow access to the chamber beneath the store. As a token of apology, he offered all of them a triangle of cheese. All of them declined this offer, except Marduk of course. After Marduk ate his piece of cheese, the group continued on their way, seeking out the furniture salesman.

After reaching the furniture salesman, they discovered that chests were the only things he sold. He was a very mono tone man, sharing his deep interest in the history of how chests were first developed. Then all of the sudden, he sprang into life and pulled open a curtain. He spoke loudly and enthusiastically about a game he had created for any soul who was feeling lucky enough to try their luck at the game.

He had revealed three chests. One copper, one silver, and one gold. The copper was the largest, silver was second largest, and gold was the smallest. His game was, guess which one would hold the most valuable sum of the items inside. If you lost, you lose your soul. If you win, you get what was inside the box. Faust jumped for joy and decided to stake his soul on the line. He took about 3 hours without saying or moving a muscle. He had a very disturbing smile on his face the entire time while he pondered over his options, and occasionally said “go on” for no apparent reason.

Finally Faust was able to make a decision. He lifted his finger and pointed to the gold chest and said I choose the silver chest. The owner was confused and said that wasn’t how the game worked. Faust cursed and decided to just go with the silver one. When the shopkeeper opened it after a dramatic pause, a huge hideous beast was summoned as if the chest was a poke ball.

The Silver Syndicate went toe to toe with their first giant kind. It’s too bad their first encounter would be with a Fomorian. They attacked it with all they had, never relenting their attack. During the battle, the Fomorian cast a curse upon Nixero the cold, causing his body to become twisted and disgusting. Who knows if he will ever be able to fully lift the curse. They brought down the giant with a little bit of difficulty, but it was slain. After the battle, the Paladin tried to remove the curse from Nixero, however he could not remove such strong a curse.

As the fomorian turned into dust, a passage opened up in the corner of the room revealing stairs that lead to the basement. The Syndicate, having just defeated a dark giant, gave no cares in the world and ran down the stairs without caution. They saw what they expected; a young potion lady stood before them asking them if they would like to try a potion. Now, why a potion lady was trying to sell potions and make a living in a basement with no customer revenue what so ever, eluded the group. They did not care however, and drank one of her potions immediately.

Next Time

The Silver Syndicate travels one layer deeper into the Dreamscape, attempting to find the true source of power behind their curse. They have reached Layer 3, Nightmares. Meanwhile, in the city of Silverspire, their new King, Arawn, groes restless of the noble life and decides to make his way to Baulder’s Gate in order to meet back up with the Syndicate.

Chapter 4: The Mountains [4]
Episode IV

The Graveyard

After walking through the gates of the city, the group decided to go their separate ways for a few days. In this chapter, we will be viewing what Marduk and Nixero accomplished in a few days together.

Potion Testers

Nixero and Marduk had the same immediate idea after walking through the gates of the city, and that was to find a magic shop of some kind. Both of them had a few items to sell, including many gems that had been distributed after killing the legendary beast. Marduk was, as usual, on the look out for anything magical or anything pertaining to having more spells in his spell book.

Marduk and Nixero arrived at the closest Bazaar shop to the gates. Inside they found a man who (Marduk thought he looked stupid) had small tufts of white hair on his balding head. He wore a very old and beaten purple robe. He greeted the PCs and asked them what they needed. Marduk took out a list as long as his staff and began to slowly read the contents he carried on his person out loud.

After almost an hour, Marduk was able to get the old man to buy a few small items, receiving almost 200 GP for the trash items he no longer wished to carry, or had completely forgot their use. Next, Nixero stepped up to the counter and asked the man for some information. He asked about jewelers in town and about any work that needed to be done around the place. The old man went on to tell them about a few different places of interest. He also mentioned two things that sparked the ears of our two current adventurers. A graveyard, filled with undead, and a potion shop in need of potion testers.

After much deliberation (almost none at all) Marduk and Nixero went to the potion shop described to them by the old man. There, they were greeted by a mid aged halfling stocking some shelves with ingredients. Marduk found this woman to very unusually attractive (probably her height). She explained to them that she was making potions using the recipies given to her by the elderly man who lives on a mountain, and she needed to make sure the ingredients were just right before she sold them to the public. In irder to have them tested, she was willing to have them both try a potion for 150 GP as long as they returned to her and described the effects to her (good or bad).

Both Marduk and Nixero took a potion and drank them down without a second thought. Nixero immediately saw the effects of the potion work on him. He lost balance and felt his body become incredibly light. Sudden;y he felt his feet lift off the floor and he was floating inside the shop. Marduk felt almost the exact opposite. He felt as if his blood suddenly had lead coursing through it. He felt heavy, but he also felt like a brick wall, as if nothing could harm him. It turns out the potion lady gave them a potion of invulnerability and a potion of flying. Both of these were unstable however, and they would both soon start to receive ill effects.

Nixero used his power to start building hopping, while Marduk started to make his way to the arena in the middle of the city. After about three buildings, Nix saw the effects of the unstable potion. His body began to float uncontrollably higher and higher. He decided to force his way down to ground level and wait for Marduk over by the arena. Marduk took over thirty minutes to walk the three block distance form the potion shop to the arena. His potion was making him slower and slower by the minute.

Finally, the two met and ventured into the arena, where Marduk could test his new abilities and hopefully Nixero could make some coin.

Marduk battled Freddie the brawler, and ended up mostly just trying to sit on him to use his new found weight to his advantage. Marduk did in fact end up winning, but only because Freddie somehow strangled himself unconscious while trying to get Marduk off of his chest. Nixero bet one coin on Gregnar the barbarian, and won double his money (that’s two gold for those who can’t do math). After their battles, they went back to the potion master and told her the effects of the potions.

Graveyard Slaughter

With the potion testing out of the way, Nixero urged that he and Marduk take on a more serious job. The government had put out a contract for 1,000 GP to anyone who cleared out the graveyard of the current infestation of undead, and discovered the reason for the undead being there in the first place. Marduk agreed to help Nixero with this, mainly because it said the word undead.

They traveled to the graveyard in northern most portion of the city, and had no doubt they had found the correct spot. They could count 25 undead beings roaming inside the graveyard. Nixero suddenly had doubts about their abilities to take on all of these with just the two of them. Marduk was very confident (as usual) and persuaded Nixero to take them on.

Nixero began to move silently behind trees and bushes, keeping low. He would duck out of cover and decapitate a skeleton before moving on to the next tree. He finally made it to the nearest mausoleum and climbed on top real quiet like. Marduk then ran into the graveyard making sparks and noises that could be heard half a mile a way. He then cast fly on himself and started luring as many undead beings as he could to the mausoleum. Nixero and Marduk started pelting the undead with spells left and right. Before they knew it, they were surrounded, and things were beginning to look bad.

They were soon surrounded with five hulking skeletons, five shades, and twenty skeletons (they had been picking the skeletons off very easily) Marduk used fireball at the hordes that were gathered around, while Nixero was keeping the hulking skeletons from climbing up on top of the Mausoleum. It was a fierce battle, and the undead seemed more prone to attack Marduk than Nixero. Perhaps it was his strong connection to the undead within his blood. The hulking skeletons began to destroy the Mausoleum bit by bit, swinging at the walls with their huge hammers and axes. Soon the building would collapse, and most of the undead were now defeated, so they decided to abandon the Mausoleum.

Nixero hopped off and destroyed the last two remaining skeletons, while Marduk flew off the building to one side, above the hulking skeletons, and used a thunder wave on them (trying to wedge them into the ground). He managed to knock them down and do some damage, but not as much as he would have liked. The hulks stood back up and finished destroying the Mausoleum. When they did, one of the hulks grabbed a piece of concrete from the rubble, and chucked it Marduk. Marduk was hit hard, and was sent flying into a pile of ruble unconscious.

With two hulking skeletons and two shades remaining, Nixero felt the odds were against him completely. He ran and hid from the hulks behind a tree, but the shades weren’t fooled. They came down to attack him, but his moves were swift and performed expertly. He dodged their attacks and brought his blade around to attack one . It landed solid into the tree beside him that he did not notice before. As it stuck into the tree, he called out for Sarin the Red, and then he brought out Blight (a magic sword for killing plants). He sliced right through the tree, and sliced the head off of a shade all in one swing. He was quite impressed with himself. He looked over to where Marduk lay, and saw the Hulks starting to converge on his body.

Nixero made a ton of noise and attracted the hulks to his location as he dealt the final blow to the last shade. He felt weak, and he was running out of time to save Marduk from bleeding out. Suddenly, a huge fireball came hurling from the sky and landed right on top of the two hulking skeletons. Once the dust settled, Nixero could make out Sarin. As she stood up, she lit her ax on fire and said, “Sorry i’m late”

She and Nixero very quickly finished off the two remaining hulking skeletons. Sarin cast a healing spell upon Marduk and Nixero. Finally, the graveyard was rid of the undead. Nixero was quite finished with graveyards and the undead, so he started to chat with Sarin. As he did so, Faust appeared and talked to Marduk.

Both Marduk and Faust felt something necrotic pulling them towards a massive mausoleum towards the back of the graveyard. When they got there, they saw a barbarian looking man among the tombstones. They were needing some muscle currently, so they asked he would come a long in case they needed him, and promised him a share of coin.

The entrance was sealed with a secret pass phrase, which was located on a tombstone, quickly found by Gabriel (the barbarian) They went inside, feeling the necrotic energy increase the further they went in. They found a stairway leading down into a basement, where magic torches lit themselves. They found nothing in the room except one tomb, sealed with some sort of magic. Both Marduk and Faust began to channel their arcane energy in order to disperse the seal.

As soon as the seal was removed, two spirits leaped out of the tomb. One took form as a reaper looking creature, while the other spirit merged with Faust’s soul. Faust felt the knowledge and memories coursing through him. It was overwhelming and sent him to his knees as he tried to process everything that was going on. Meanwhile, Marduk and Gabriel began their assault against the shadow spirit who was clearly hostile.

The shadow spirit claimed to be the spirit of a lich who had long ago been a great and powerful wizard. He boasted way too much for his own good, so the other liches teamed up and sealed him away in his tomb. When they did so, the original Faust just so happened to be there investigating the rumors about liches being in the area, hence his soul being trapped with the shadow spirit.

After a round or two of trading blows, Faust stepped in and started hurling hexes and Eldritch Novas. The shadow spirit didn’t stand a chance in its weakened state, and so it was quite easily destroyed. After defeating the lich and clearing the graveyard of all undead, the Silver Syndicate went to the “governor to be” in order to collect the contract of 1,000GP. With the gold divided up between them, the Silver Syndicate is ready to take on the next job. This time…it could even include assassination….

Chapter 4: The Mountains [3]
Episode III


The Journey


We left off with our group of syndicates standing around a dead cylcops and with mixed feelings about their new and powerful ally. Just as Faust was about to ask Nixero some questions, a man appeared behind Nixero. With a snap, the sword on Nix’s belt appeared in the hand of the other man and he stabbed Nix through the abdomen. Just as if he were made of butter, he slid the sword back out. Nix collapsed to his knees, and the other man grabbed the staff from his dying hands and bashed it over Nix’s head, shattering most of the staff. Nix fell to the ground lifeless, and Faust readied an attack demanding the attacker explain himself.

The attacker explained that he was the real Nixero the Cold and the other was simply an impostor obsessed with him for some unknown reason. The impostor stole Nixero’s items from him in his sleep and ran off claiming he was the true Nixero. Nixero then went on to explain that he was the captain of a mercenary group known as the Frost Wolves who had an interest in ensuring the destruction of the artifact known as Graveyard. For this reason, the party decided to trust him enough to help them get the sword at east to Mt. Nex.

After accepting the alternate true Nixero into their group, the Silver Syndicate moved along (still carrying Marduk and Jerome following a days travel behind them. They traveled for over half a week with nothing much exciting happening. They gathered food here and there where they could find it before going into the rocky regions. Harbek managed to find a bear and get some good food from that. Nixero found a couple of buck which he then proceeded to ruin by hunting with ice magic. Faust had some rather bad luck the whole trip there. He not only found absolutely nothing, but he stumbled across a bulette. It attacked the party until they wounded it enough to scare him off. Faust vowed to never again look for anything to eat in the wilderness.

The Rochklein (rock breather)

The Silver Syndicate traveled forward into a rocky valley between the beginning of two mountain ranges. Everything became dry and the plants stopped growing, save for the random decrepit looking bush or patch of grass here and there. As the Syndicate traveled forward, they found themselves a cave.

The party listened inside of the cave that was too deep to see the back of. Inside they heard the shallow rumbling of something moving around as if turning in a sleep. Everyone backed up from the cave entrance and decided they would take on whatever was inside the cave.Everyone took a defensive position and readied an attack. They placed Marduk’s sleeping body on top of the cave entrance so he wouldn’t get trampled in the fight and hopefully all the noise would wake him from his drunken slumber. When everyone was in position, Faust communicated with the beast telepathically. He called it a few names and said some things about its mother. The ground started to rumble and they heard a low hollow roar.

Suddenly, the ground shook with tremendous force, and behind them in the middle of the valley a hole formed. Out sprang the Rochklein, a legendary beast known for being made entirely of rocks and tearing apart any who walked too near its home. It was enormous; the beast was nearly 30ft tall and close to 40 feet long. Its skin was nothing but hardened stone. It bore a shell on its back which was made of even harder rock than its skin. It had a tail with spikes on the end, large enough to pierce through a horse long ways. Its mouth was like that of a flat toothed shark.

It attacked the PCs on sight. The battle was truly a harsh one. The beat lashed out at every one of them and was relentless in every meaning of the word. Harbek was caught in its jaws at point and was knocked unconscious and thrown upon the ground. Sarin was doing her best to heal everyone while he was out and get over to him. Marduk finally woke up in the middle of the battle, and turned the tides. As he woke up and looked around at what was happening, he pointed his staff at the creature and started a witch bolt. Harbek regained consciousness and as soon as he did, he cast call lightning. A huge cloud formed above in the sky and huge bolts of lightning came down and struck the Rochklein with hearty blows.

The PCs fought the beast for over an hour until finally it started to weaken and crumble. As it weakened, it started to burrow into the ground in order to heal, leaving only its shell exposed. Faust took care of that by shoving the creature back on tot he surface of the battle field. The PCs rushed it, and with all their might combined, destroyed the creature. It crumbled into nothing but dust and a large fire opal (the heart of the Rochklein. The PCs checked the inside of the cave and found quite a treasure hoard thanks to the long dead adventurers who dared to take on the beast unprepared. The Syndicate then decided to use the cave as shelter for the evening.

Baulder’s Gate

After the defeat of the Rochklein, The Silver Syndicate felt like they could take on anything at this point. They continued their journey and could finally see the gates of Baulder’s Gate, the gateway city. Along their path to the city, they came across an old fellow named Merlyn, who just so happened to be Marduk’s old mentor. They exchanged a few words and Marduk learned the possible location of one of his parents.

After continuing on, the Silver Syndicate approached the gates of the city. They were stopped by a guard, who spoke with them. He explained to them about the 1,000 GP entrance fee and a 2,500 GP fee to become a citizen. Faust stepped forward and decided to try and do some negotiating. He brought out the heart of the Rochklein. He told them the tale of the battle that had taken place and how they destroyed the Rochklein and how the roads were no longer treacherous. The guard told them hold on and fetched Captain Corey .

Once Corey came over, he inspected the heart, and told them they could get a discount to the price of 250 GP to enter. The PCs agreed on this, and each paid up 250 GP. The guards opened the gates with a slow and low grinding sound, and the Silver Syndicate entered Baulder’s Gate at long last…

Chapter 4: The Mountains (2)
Episode II

Training in Greentop


The Silver Syndicate decided it would benefit everyone if they just went along with it and helped out the town the best they could. Bishop on the other hand, was over joyed to help out the town in teaching them to fight. It reminded him of his village, except these people were all stinky idiots who mostly only cared about when their next beer would be. The Syndicate agreed upon 7 days of training.

Day 1


Harbek’s first day went rather…bad. He showed up to the holy building ready and willing to teach young minds the powers they possessed somewhere inside of them. Through his terrible training however, the young minds learned only how to curse small animals such as dogs or cats.

After class let out, the kids ran around everywhere cursing dogs and cats. They were terrible curses indeed. It made any small living thing start rotting from the inside out. Bones become soft and brittle while skin becomes as thin as paper. Blood turns black, organs half work, and blood seeps from many pores of the body. Half of the dog population that day was destroyed because a disease of unknown origin…


Faust had a day far better than Harbek, but still unsuccessful. He walked into the shop of magic with very low expectations, but even those were crushed as he set his eyes upon the three idiots that called themselves bazaar managers. He sighed and began his work attempting to teach them how to determine what a magic item was. It went quite horribly and they accomplished nothing.

Stressed out, he left work for the day and sought out Sarin to see if she could help out with the diseased dogs. He managed to find her, but ended up losing her in the crowd. At least now he knew she was still here. Tired, he went back to his room for the evening.


Bishop went to his class in the morning and saw something he had hoped he would never see. The yard was almost empty. Saddened by this, he trudged along with his lesson. Most of the commoners who showed up didn’t comprehend much, but at leas they tried.

Bishop was desperate to train this small town how to fight, so after work he went in search of more recruits. He wandered into the closest bar known as the green stag. Inside, he sat down and had himself a drink. Sometime in the night, Bishop was able to recruit the bartender into taking classes in the yard with him in the morning. With that, Bishop retired to his bed.

Marduk and Jerome

Marduk and Jerome were given the same task since they both had the same strong suit. Instead of going to the school and teaching however, they parked themselves at the bar and called for the students to come to them and learn from them while they drink and occasionally cast spells (non-lethal of course).

Through out the next week, the students learned a lot from Marduk and Jerome. For instance; Marduk taught them that every spell caster should be able to take a drink while muttering the chant for certain spells like Color Orb. Jerome taught them that every person should be able to use their magic in order to convince the common people to give spell casters free drinks.

When everything was said and done, Marduk and Jerome taught the magic users one very valuable thing. Jerome and Marduk were not very good teachers after all. Jerome and Marduk stayed at a constant level of drunk the entire stay at Greentop.

Rest of the Time

To make this long story a short one, let’s sum everything up here in just a few paragraphs. Marduk and Jerome didn’t manage to teach much besides how to take shots incorrectly, but were paid for their efforts none the less and had free drinks. Bishop managed to convince almost half of the town to take his lessons while he was there. He taught them the most basic and necessary fighting skills in case they ever needed to protect themselves. In the process of doing so, he gained almost a dozen loyal pupils of the way of the shadow, who would aid him if they could when he called near Greentop.

Faust was extremely successful in teaching the Bazaar owners how to determine if items were magical or had any value. It was a long and aggravating road, and many cards and inanimate suits of armor were destroyed in the process. By the end of it all, he had three masters of arcane perception, who found him a sack of 4 magic beans. Faust took these graciously and left as quickly as possible. Harbek was very unsuccessful in trials. He not only managed to not train the clerics correctly, but he was also some how able to worsen their training with disease spells and some sort of spell having to do with flies. Through all the horrors that happened though, he surprisingly taught them one important thing. He taught them the spell Lay on Hands in case the city were to ever go to war.

Cyclops Hunting

With the task of helping out the town complete, Marduk and Jerome decided to take a small rest in the city and just soak everything in (trying to rid themselves of a massive hang over). Faust and the rest of the group were ready to charge into he next adventure and leave this town as fast as possible and forget all of the fly infected ignorant people.

The group knew they needed to go in the general direction of the Gateway mountains, and Faust needed to find a Cyclops eye for Zeke. So to kill two birds with one stone, Faust gathered the group, including Sarin, and made the mountains just south of the green valley their destination.

After quite a few miles and days, the Syndicate finally reached a cave that seemed to fit the description of a Cyclops cave. The group approached very carefully, not knowing what to expect. None of them had encountered a Cyclops before, but they had all heard of the terrifying stories about the one eyed beasts that lived in solitude. It is said that any living thing so unlucky enough to enter a cave containing a cyclops, was never seen again.

Just as the group was about to enter the cave, they suddenly heard a man sighing in relief and the sound of liquid hitting the ground for about a minute and then stopped. Out from behind a bush stepped an elf draped in a white cloak and blue clothes. He yawned and then spawned some ice cubes which he then proceeded to rub on his frost bitten nipples. The group, although confused, decided maybe it was best to let the man help since they had no experience what so ever. He was very happy with this decision, causing him to rub the cubes harder and faster. Disgusted with these men, Sarin turned and walked away from the Syndicate for at least this battle.

Nixero, as he introduced himself as, brought forth his ice staff and created a sleet storm which caused the ground in front of the cave to form a thick layer of ice. The Syndicate created a lot of noise to make the Cyclops wake up, and it worked. Annoyed, the Cyclops woke up and strolled out of the ave yawning. He should have known to check for ice before stepping out of his cave! The cyclops suddenly slipped and fell on his back because of the ice Nixero caused.

The Cyclops started crying huge tears, which made Nixero laugh with pleasure. He created two huge ice balls and hurled them at the cyclops, showing no mercy. The ice balls exploded with a chilled fury of hate, giving most of the cyclops’ body frostbite and burns from the cold. Faust followed this up with a massive blight spell. The life and moisture drained out from the cyclops as necrotic energy washed over him. He was left looking like a dried out husk struggling with every last breath he took. Bishop felt the fire of the kill burn within him, so leaped forth on top of the cyclops and started beating him. By the time he was finished, the skull of the cyclops had caved in and Bishop had brain matter on his fists.

Faust strolled over to the Cyclops with a huge grin on is face. He crouched down and took out his blood dagger of sacrificing and removed the cyclops eye from its socket. He snapped and summoned Zeke from the abyss. Upon seeing the Cyclops held aloft in Faust’s hand, Zeke inked with joy. Faust gave him the eye and hoped soon, he would learn more secrets of the Abyss and his own past.

What Next?

The group rests in the woods waiting on Marduk and Jerome to catch back up, but who knows how long that will take? Find out of the group finally makes it to the Gateway Mountains next time on…Rise of Vecna.

Chapter 4: The Mountains
Episode I

Welcome to Greentop

The Sorcerer…

After retrieving the ring belonging to the elf waiting above and delivering to her, the Syndicates continued on their way to Greentop. While traveling, they spotted a fancy looking tent along the side of the road. Curious, Harbek decided to pop his head in and see what was going on. Inside he saw a man dressed in red robes reading a book. The man looked up and told the dwarf to get out and leave him alone. Harbek insisted that he was not actually in the tent, only his head was. This banter went on for quite sometime.

Marduk eventually stepped up and pulled Harbek back and asked the sorcerer if they could come in politely. The sorcerer agreed and introduced himself as Jerome. He held out his had to shake the Gnome’s hand, but the Gnome ignored the hand and went straight for the book sitting in the corner of the room and began reading.

As Bishop and Faust entered the tent, Jerome offered them each a drink. After a bit of chit chat, warming Jerome up to be more friendly, Marduk proposed a deal. If Jerome could take a shot of blue wine and stay awake, they would leave him be. However, if he passed out, he would have to join the Silver Syndicate. Jerome shook his hand, and the next thing he remembers is waking just before entering Greentop Greentop.

The Change

Before entering Greentop, Sarin and Faust had a few things they needed to get off their chest. Faust felt that the current way of things would do no good for the Syndicate. They needed to change their image if they wanted to earn more money and match their end objectives. They all agreed upon becoming hired swords.

Sarin wasn’t too sure how she felt about this new change. This plus what happened with Rocloe in the caves made her re-think about the group she was traveling with. She announced to the group that she was going to take a short leave of absence in order to think through some things. So with a farewell, she took her leave until the group leaves Greentop.

Mayor Roundtop

As soon as the Syndicates reached town, they all immediately went into the first bar they saw. Upon entering, Harbek challenged Faust to a drink off. The waitress came over with the alcohol and they began the drinking. The loser bought was the only wager bid. They took shots one after another. They stood toe to toe. A dwarf and a Fancy diplomat assassin. They each took one final shot, and passed out onto the table in their seats.

Taking advantage of this, Marduk, Bishop and Faust fallowed the elf woman to her house in order to receive their payment for what they did for her. She gave them each some money and told them they could call upon her for a favor at anytime. They agreed to these terms and went to a blacksmith to try and get something done about the hunk of metal Marduk stole. Along the way however, Bishop was lured by a brothel sighting. He floated on his tip toes to the brothel, entranced in what pleasure would come to him when he entered those doors. He walked through the doors and wouldn’t be seen until the end of the night, 150GP short than when he went in.

Marduk and Jerome made it to the blacksmith. Marduk asked about what his metal could do. The blacksmith said plainly that the metal could be used to upgrade weapons, or could be made into jewelry for later enchanting. Marduk was unhappy with this, so he and Jerome decided to go to a Bizarre shop. Marduk again did not receive the answer he was looking for. Marduk immediately left, but Jerome was still interested. Jerome very smoothly talked to the salesman about enchanting his dagger, when suddenly he had a coughing fit. He ended up spitting a huge amount of spit into the salesman’s face. Jerome very quickly walked out of the shop and followed Marduk back to the bar they had went into before.

A couple hours later (mostly of just rounding up all the characters) the Silver Syndicate met up with the Mayor of the town, Mayor Roundtop.


They spoke tot he mayor about the Syndicate lending their expertise to the town and helping the town out. Each one would be donating their individual specialties. Marduk would be teaching the teachers at the mage academy. Jerome and Faust would be helping the Bizarre to authenticate artifacts and special items. Bishop would help the militia train in hand to hand combat and the ways of martial arts. Harbek would help the priests use their powers to manifest their god’s will into spells.

What Next?

Will the Syndicate accept helping the town for some gold and XP? Or will the PCs tell the mayor to fuck off and do something else? Find out next time!

Chapter 3: Silver Syndicate Awakens [6]
Episode VI

Red Claw Dungeon (part 2)

From Stone

After finding the magic ancient treasure hidden behind a wall, the Syndicate moved on further into the caverns. They eventually wandered to a fork in their path. To the left of them was a roughly chiseled tunnel leading into darkness. In front of them, continuing in the same direction as they were heading before, was an iron door set into the warm stone wall.

The Syndicates decided to travel down the small tunnel first. They traveled for almost a quarter of a mile, when they saw something peculiar. A dwarf, or at least the shape of one, was embedded into the natural stone wall. Faust took another huge drink from his canteen, crept slowly to the dwarf, stuck out his tongue, and very gently licked the cheek of the dwarf. His eyes then split apart and he stated the dwarf was magical. Recognizing the spell, Sarin stepped forward, and with the wave of her hand and a few magic prayer words, the spell of petrification was broke. The dwarf introduced himself as Harbek, and stated that he was on a never ending mission to destroy Orcus. So with that, the Silver Syndicate allowed him into their ranks.

The Syndicates (with their new member Harbek) headed back to the iron door. Bishop crouched next to the door, and began to pick it open expertly using his locksmith tools. He was listening for the pins, feeling every movement with the tips of his fingers, when suddenly the door was forced open with an enormous kick by Harbek . Everyone stared at him in silence as he walked forward into the room. As they walked into the bedroom like room, they saw a young woman with fiery red hair and emerald eyes. She turned to them and greeted them with a sincere smile.


She very politely asked them to leave the way they came from. The Syndicate had other ideas though. Rocloe (as the female introduced herself as) asked them to leave once again, however, the Silver Syndicate had their minds made on going through her room to go deeper into the caverns below. Starting to become upset, Rocloe threatened that she would tell her father about the strangers in her room. The Syndicates took this as a challenge of power and stood their ground. Rocloe became very angry. Magic coursed through her veins, her voice became that of a demon, and her skin became scaled. She told them to leave and disappeared into a fiery cloud of red smoke.

Home of the Dragons

The Syndicates pushed forward through Rocloe’s bedroom, deeper into the mountain, intent on finding treasure and a sapphire ring. In the next room, they saw a man dressed in white robes moving toward them with an angry look on his face. Before they could speak , the man stated firmly and loudly for them to leave his daughter alone and to get out. The PCs laughed and Bishop grappled the old man. He beat the man until he was almost unconscious and then told him they had come in peace. They only wanted to move into the next room to look for a sapphire ring that had somehow made its way all the way down into his home.

Bishop let him stand and he pleaded with the Syndicates once more to leave his home. For that, Faust jerked the necklace he was wearing off his neck. In immediate reaction, he cast fireball upon Faust, slightly warming him. Bishop then finished him off by punching a hole through his throat. His body dropped to the floor, and the Syndicate continued through to the next room.

In this room, the Syndicates found a terrifying site. A pool of blood in the shape of a triangle. Marduk immediately jumped in, taking damage. He then climbed out and ran back to the previous room. He grabbed the old man by his arm and pulled him all the way into the pool of blood, sinking it in blood. Horrified that it’s a triangle, Bishop stands back. Bishop had inspected the necklace from the old man, and discovered it was a vial of blood from a dragon of some kind. Bishop had the idea of dropping the blood into the pool first so no one else would take any damage. Everyone told him he was stupid. The Syndicate members each (except Bishop) in some way or another drank the blood in the pool and took some minor damage.

Bishop then begged Faust to at least put a drop of blood into the pool before Bishop drank. Reluctantly, Faust dropped some blood into the pool. The pool rippled, and then bishop drank from it. He felt fine. Faust then closed his eyes, dumped the rest of the necklace into the pool, then tossed the necklace into the pool. The Syndicates then continued into the next room.

In the corner, curled up and crying with a blanket was Rocloe. She was terrified at what was going on, and had no idea her father had been viciously murdered yet, but she did hear loud noises and voices. Marduk sat on the ground in front of her and asked how she was doing. She didn’t reply, and Faust found this very rude. So Faust walked up and shot at her with an eldritch blast right over Marduk’s head. She screamed and covered her head after taking the blast.

Not liking that at all, Sarin bashed Faust out of the way with her shield and got between Marduk and and Rocloe, protecting her at all costs. A huge argument came about between the Syndicates. They were arguing about if they should kill Rocloe, her mother, or both. All of them had their points. Why should they care about these beings and families that do no good or evil. The reverse to that is just that. They had done nothing to harm anyone, so what would justify this murder? Treasure? On top of all this, Zargon was contacting Faust, influencing him. It lasted for hours while Rocloe sat in the corner crying to herself.

Extremely aggravated, the dwarf Harbek walked out of the room and grabbed the old man out of the pool of blood. He dragged him back to the door of the room, but when they saw what Harbek was doing, Sarin and a couple other Syndicates barred the door before he could get in. The dwarf slammed on the door, demanding they let him in.

The group finally came to a consensus. They would not kill the girl. With that being settled, the dwarf was let back into the room without the body. However, as soon as Harbek entered the room, he grabbed Rocloe and busted through the door leading to the dragon’s layer. He through Rocloe on the ground and placed his unmovable rod on top of her so she could’t escape, and stood behind her. Harbek demanded the dragon give up her treasure or Rocloe would be killed. The dragon snorted, and used draining fire breath on Harbek and Rocloe. Rocloe was completely immune, while Harbek on the other hand, was not. He was pushed backwards on fire, while Rocloe lay on the ground completely unharmed.


Sarin grabbed Bishop, who she sided with at the time, and ran over to Rocloe. She then cast a spell that enveloped all three of them in some sort of protection sphere. Marduk ran out the door and focused his aim at the dragon. Bishop felt something deep inside him snap in two, and his eyes widened. He turned towards and Rocloe and completely went insane. He threatened her, complimented her, complimented himself, and threatened her once again, explaining how a mere human like himself was able to punch a hole into her father’s throat with ease. Frightened, she agreed to help him in his quest, so he took the immovable bar off of her and laughed for a good long minute.

Faust ran out of the room and aimed straight for the dragon’s throat. Of course he missed and just managed to cause it enough damage to make it even more agitated and ferocious. The Syndicates each lowered their weapon, and the dragon did the same. Bishop left the bubble and approached the dragon. While he stood there unleashing his taunts, compliments, and threats to the dragon, Marduk crept around the back and started stealing treasure from the chest it was guarding. Bishop (in short) talked about how they didn’t want to kill anyone anymore, they only wanted to have their health restored and they would be on their way. The dragon agreed and gave the party a vial of Rocloe’s blood to Faust (who graciously shared with everyone, and then it put it’s arms around Rocloe to guard her.

Marduk made it out of the cave with Sarin, Faust, and the treasure, while Bishop stayed in the dragon’s layer and Harbek stood at the entrance waiting for Bishop. Bishop stood there talking to dragon for over an hour about how things that change up int he real world will eventually change things underground. And how this would in turn be better for Rocloe if she joined the Silver Syndicate. The dragon and Rocloe were both unmoved by Bishop’s speech, so Bishop bowed, and took his leave with Harbek.

What Next?

The Syndicates leave the dungeon with a new frame of mind. Everyone seems to be somehow against each other in this world altering quest to destroy Graveyard. Marduk learns he doesn’t have much of a conscious. Faust learns he does actually have a conscious. Bishop suddenly loses his mind, Harbek is thrown into chaos, and Sarin is generally confused about the whole ordeal. Find out what happens to our heroes next time!

Chapter 3: Silver Syndicate Awakens
Episode V

Red Claw Dungeon (part 1)

The Entrance

The female elf they had saved from the orcs, led them to a cave entrance blocked by a huge boulder. Bishop came up with the idea of asking it to move…but it didn’t. So everyone got on one side of the boulder, and with a few shoves, the boulder moved enough to create a gap the PCs could fit through. Much to their surprise, however, a swarm of ravens came rushing our of the cave in a swarm. After the ravens cleared, standing with his hood over his face and grinning, was Syris the Mysterious.

Confused, the Syndicate simply open their arms to him as they have always done before. Together they walked through the entrance into the cave. The first room was extraordinarily beautiful and serene. Light shone through cracks in the ceiling creating small pools of light on the mossy stone of the cave floor and walls. There was a sound of water falling gently from a small waterfall in the corner of the room. The PCs each walked over to the pool of water and noticed some fish swimming in it. Marduk detected the fish to be poisonous. The Syndicate decided they may be able to use these later and so they each caught one (except Bishop who caught two with ease) and stored them in their packs.

Bear Den

Figuring this should be an easy retrieval, the Syndicate pushed forward. The next room did not seem so serene. After traveling half a mile down a tunnel leading deeper into the heart of the mountain, the Syndicate arrived in a wide cavern. There was a pedestal standing in the center of the room with red liquid, as well as 5 sleeping black bears in their nests. The two exits out of the room leading forward were blocked by a portcullis.

Thinking quickly and expertly, Syris snatched the fish and ran around the room as silent as a shadow in the night, placing a fish in front of each bear and keeping the last one in his pack. The bears smelled the fish, woke up, and ate them without hesitating. The bears then fell back into a deep slumber that they would never again wake from. The Syndicates took a deep breath and moved to the pedestal. Marduk and Faust were busy trying to figure out what the liquid was, when Bishop scooped some of the crimson liquid with his hands and drank it without a second thought.

It was very cold. Ice cold. He felt it chill his bones and suddenly felt very weak. It was poison. However, now the portcullises raised into the ceiling. (The poison gave Bishop 3 damage every time he rolled an odd number on his D20) Bishop shook off the pain and the cold, lit a torch, and moved forward to the western tunnel.

The Chuuls

The circular room had one visible exit continuing to the west. Standing between the exit and the Syndicates were two huge Chuuls. They made strange and frightening noises, and combat began. Bishop ran up to one with all his might and let him have it. The Chuul lost its claw, however, Bishop was weak because of his poison and was sloppy enough for the Chuul to grab him with his other claw. Faust quickly fired two eldritch blasts at the chuul’s claw holding Bishop. Faust sneezed suddenly in the middle of his attack and accidentally shot Bishop instead, knocking him unconscious. Sarin ran to Bishop’s aid, healing him some and covering him with her shield as they lay at the chuul’s feet.

Marduk clapped his hands to warm them some, and he readied burning hands. He ran and tried to slide under the creature, but instead just fell on the ground, unleashing his burning hands anyway. It was enough force and heat to kill the wounded chuul, shrinking it to a burnt crisp. Sarin and Bishop were healing, while Syris made his attacks. His first attack landed a mighty blow against the creature, however his second attack was not as productive. While Sarin was healing Bishop, she felt a piercing pain in her back. Syris had apparently tripped over something and landed a blade in her back. She lay on the ground bleeding and in massive pain.

Bishop was back on his feet again, and felt compelled to strike Syris for his ignorance, but instead focused his anger on the chuul. He jumped into the air and let his fists fly against the tentacle mouth of the chuul. When he landed on his feet again, he realized the tentacles were actually laced with a paralysis poison. He stood there in pain and agony , unable to move. Now Faust had to redeem himself from his earlier mistake. He said a few words, and extended his hands. Before the chuul knew what happened, it was engulfed in an eldritch nova. The chuul was shattered into a thousand smoking pieces across the room. Faust smirked and felt good about this.

The Syndicates took a short rest here to regain their strength. Everyone attempted to heal Sarin, except for Syris, who slipped away in the shadows. With everyone feeling somewhat back up to par, the Syndicates moved forward.

Ancient Treasure

The next room felt and looked ancient. The tiles on the floor were cracked, and their were carvings in the walls around this circular room. There were four torches crackling already when the Syndicates entered. Upon closer inspection, the carvings formed 4 images and what seemed to be words of some language. the four images were:
- A skeleton holding a piece of paper. On the paper there was something written. O=A X=R Z=T
- An elf maiden with her mouth missing and her hand reaching up into the sky at nothing in particular.
- A dragon standing on its hind legs and its wings spread wide.
- A sword striking the sun, creating a hole in the sky.
The words that were some sort of language were:
+ Cxeoze zhoz which is so fxogile zo uzzex iz’s nome would bxeok iz

Without hesitation, Bishop immediately started deciphering the words. Faust and Sarin had no idea what Bishop was doing so they stood there and watched. Marduk was having a difficult time using his graphite to write everything down. Just when Marduk managed to write everything, Bishop had solved it. “Create that which is so fragile, to utter it’s name would break it”

The group collectively decided to be silent, but nothing happened. Bishop and Faust realized that one of the images was something destroying a light source, so they ran around and put the lights out even though Bishop wouldn’t be able to see in the dark. When they did this, something started to glow on the wall . It was a sliding image puzzle. Bishop stood back and let the others do some work for a change. Marduk and Faust immediately started working on the puzzle. It took over an hour but they finally completed it! The image glowed brightly, and created a keyhole set into the wall. Now all they needed was a matching key.

With nowhere else to go , they retraced their steps back to the split. This time, they traveled northward. They traveled nearly 2 miles deeper into the mountain’s heart. The tunnel eventually led them to a chamber with worked cobblestone. The only thing in the room was a pedestal in the center of the room with a red gem set into it, and the exit with it’s entrance barred. The writing around the pedestal stated that the only way to go further was to sacrifice some blood and knowledge.

without any hesitation what so ever, Faust took out his ritual knife and slit his hand deep in the palm. His thick red blood dripped onto the gem and it glowed slightly. He smiled. Marduk and Bishop shrugged and followed suit. Sarin very reluctantly did the same, and as she did, she felt a power surge from Graveyard. Once everyone had done this, the door opened up and a small chest appeared on the ground. Marduk opened the chest to find a large stone key.

The Syndicates looked at each other and nodded. They proceeded back to the ancient room where the puzzle was before. When they arrived, they immediately attempted to fit the key in and turn it. They heard stone grinding behind the wall, and saw creases of a door form and slide open to reveal a small room containing a large chest.

With eager eyes and hands, the Syndicates stepped forward to claim their loot. They each retrieved a randomized potion. In addition to that, Bishop received a lightning spear, Marduk received a robe of useful items, and Faust received a ring of mind shielding. They took a rest here and pondered over their new treasures and regained their energy.

What Next?

Rested, and ready to see what else this strange dungeon holds, The Syndicates get ready to travel further down into the mountain. There are rumors that this used to be a dragon’s den way back in time. Perhaps there is a horde left unguarded? Or perhaps the dragon has been slumbering all these years and is waiting for unwary adventurers to come stumbling along? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!


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