Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 7: Playing with Death [2]

Episode II


Time Travel, Fate, and Morals

We left our hot blooded adventurers in Blackfang cave. Having just defeated Blackfang and Rocloe, the party was divided as to what the Syndicate should stand for and what rules the group should abide by while together. Most of the group found killing Rocloe for the greater good was the correct course of action, however, the divine members (also Faust) felt there should have been a better path to take. This is where the Syndicates stands as of now, arguing about the future of the Syndicate with a pile of dragon treasure resting in the corner.

Eventually, the group made a list of rules that everyone had to follow, or at least while they traveled together. With these new rules, the group felt they could get along better, and get the sword destroyed (which Shemuel now carried because of the incident with Faust.) With morality out of the way for now, the group wandered over to the pile of treasure and sifted through it. In it, they found lot’s of gold and items worth gold. In addition to that, they found a couple of mundane magical items, and a couple of interesting ones. They found a Thasador weapon called Crusher, and the stop watch of Ouroboros.

Upon further inspection of the stop watch, the group discovered that the clock had the ability to change time. It originally had 10 years on it, and had 5 left. This made them realize that whoever had possession of this watch was the one who sent them hurtling through the future 5 years. Now that the Syndicate had time travel capability, an entire new can of worms was opened up. The debated over and over again about how they thought time travel would work, and what events needed to remain unchanged. Faust didn’t really care what happened, he just wanted to nail his past self in the ass, for whatever reason.

If the party did anything in the past to cause their past selves to not travel to Blackfang cave, then everything would be erased back to the point the group made the alternate decision. Also, if they did anything to Rocloe that made her not send the party forward in time, the same result would occur. It was a big risk for the group to take, but they needed those 5 years back, and hopefully they could change Rocloe’s mind about setting the plague loose on the town of Silverspire.

Finally, the group made a decision. Before they could do anything however, they had to battle a flaming demon that appeared out of a portal that suddenly spawned in the middle of the cave. It didn’t take much time to defeat her, but she was still potent enough to knock Shemuel unconscious (who was carrying the sword at the time)


The group walked outside the cave and held up their clock. With a few spoken arcane words, the clock activated. They time warped to a magical surge back in time 5 years ago. It was exactly one month before their past selves would go in the portal Death created and travel 5 years into the future. However, at the current moment, the when was irrelevant. Blackfang was destroying the city of Tinsler, which was exactly where they were. They ran as fast as they could out of the town. Shemuel wanted to stay behind and help the people screaming in pain, but he could not. If they interfered with the whole situation, so many things could change in the future.

They left what would soon be renamed as Tinsler ruins. After they left, all of them remembered seeing something very strange. It was a man with a dark red cowboy hat covering his face, dressed with a large black cloak over what appeared to be a dressy looking vest. He was 60ft away from them from what they can remember, and he was casually walking through the ruins with the dragon attacking overhead. They only remember seeing a glimpse of him as they turn to run out of the city.


regardless of what they did or did not see, they now had to figure out how to find Rocloe. They pulled out heir maps and began calculating how long each path would take. Meanwhile, Sarin used her fire crystal to teleport to Ignis. The group could not find any simple solutions. They had no way of telling where Rocloe would be or where she would go. Meanwhile, Shemuel was sweating trying to resist the anger emanating from the sword. Suddenly Ignis and Sarin appeared out of a fiery portal.

Ignis greeted them and asked what the group needed help with. Nixero explained that they were from the future and they needed to find a way to talk to Rocloe. Ignis shook his head. Ignis said he would be able to help, but he would need all the elemental golem stones in order to perform the magic needed to make a few more portals. Nixero and Shemuel gladly handed it over to him. He grew bright red and opened yet another portal. He stepped through and out he threw teen Rocloe. She was scared and small and defenseless. As she passed through the portal, Shemuel felt the surge trigger the sword. He could not hold back its power.

Shemuel stood and drew the sword. Everyone immediately grabbed Rocloe and took her away to protect her, while Nulaf tried to talk to Shemuel and calm him down. Shemuel almost swung at the barbarians neck, but luckily, he was able to overcome its power at the last second. He threw the sword on the ground and put his head in hands. Meanwhile, the rest of the group talked to Rocloe.

They explained to her that she could seek revenge, but she should not include anyone else in her battle with the Syndicate (hinting at her to not make the spell plague) She told them she understood, and Ignis threw her back through the portal. Ignis told everyone good luck on their adventure, and that Sarin was now a single woman. He also told Arawn that his wife is pregnant. He then stepped through the portal, returning to Silverspire. What good this would do, they would find out in a month’s time, but for now, they needed to act as though it had worked.

What Next?

Now there were two sets of the group walking around. Yes this means 4 Marduk souls. At this point, the party has decided to work their way up Mt. Nex at least, or scout the area, but they definitely were not going to destroy the sword until their future selves were sent into the future. How long could they wait though? The sword was now very active, and apparently demons were very interested in it.


Lol. REALLY under sold the debate at the beginning. Lots of animosity. Great session guys!

Chapter 7: Playing with Death [2]

Lol. REALLY under sold the debate at the beginning. Lots of animosity. Great session guys!

Chapter 7: Playing with Death [2]
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