Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 7: PLaying with Death [3]

Episode III

Random Adventures

Going Shopping

It was another peaceful day in Gaia. A dragon was destroying a city, the Silver Syndicate were barely pieced together by a single cause, and there was a time overlap causing two versions of Graveyard to exist at the same time. Our adventurers were last seen talking to Ignis the Red and seeing about maybe getting a teleport to the Citadel of Clouds. Ignis seemed like he would do it for them, however they would need to cough up some magical power for him to absorb. They gave him some fire elemetnals so he could use their power instead of tapping into the elemental plane of fire.

After accepting the payment, he created a small portal that would send them directly into the Citadel of Clouds. Everyone stepped through except Shemuel and Sarin who stayed behind to look after Graveyard. Once they stepped through, they found themselves on the 4 layer of the city. They went to the nearest general goods shop they could find, and went inside.

Inside the shop, they found one of the least helpful and grotesque shop keepers they had ever come across. He was a middle aged man with a very large beer belly. He had a t-shirt stained with alcohol that didn’t quite fit him all the way, revealing the stubby bottom of his stomach. He offered the party doughnuts every time hey tried to buy something, and constantly changed the prices, both up and down. Eventually, the party just bough the potions he had for sale and left. Marduk did actually buy a doughnut and later found out it was a grog doughnut.

The group went to the next shop, where they could actually find some useful items to shop for. Inside, they found man who called himself Rockwill Blackstaff. Once Nixero started buying climber’s gear, he started asking questions. He made Nixero feel very uneasy, along with the rest of the group. They hurriedly bough the rest of their things, including potions, and made they way out of the store as fast as possible. They agreed that he may have something to do with an order of magi possibly, and that maybe Ignis the Red was a part of the group. Meanwhile, Marduk was at the magic shop buying himself an upgraded staff.


When the group traveled outside the shop, they saw Shemuel outside waiting for them. He greeted them with the biggest smile he could, but it was not enough to stop the sudden anger that coursed through everyone standing there at the time. Nixero shouted at him for leaving Sarin there all alone with Graveyard, followed by Ignis telling him it was a very bad idea to leave her alone with powerful objects. The group decided it was suddenly time to return to Sarin and see if she was alright.

Sarin…Oh NO!

After rushing back to where they had left Shemuel in charge of watching over Graveyard, they proved one of their greatest fears true. Sarin was wielding the sword, and had no control of her own actions. The group very quickly mustered up the courage it took to kill one of their own for the sake of humanity, but Nixero was willing to risk his own life to talk Sarin down. He stepped up to her and began to rant on about being a hero and what it truly meant. He reminded her of all the great times they had together. Eventually, he was able to break through to her and get her to put down the sword.

When she dropped the sword and fell unconscious, the sword did not stop. It continued to pulsate with power, and the one nearest it was compelled to pick it up. Shemuel tried to resist the urge, but it overcame him. He wielded the sword, but the rest of the group helped him out by attacking his sword hand sot hat he would drop the blade. Eventually he did, and fell unconscious as well. This horrific chain continued until the sword had dropped almost the entire party, and then the sword ceased being active.

The party was hit hard with the fact that the sword was no laughing matter and needed to be taken care of at once. The party helped each other up and brushed off the effects of the necromancy pulsing through their veins. They made their next goal the base of Mt. Nex. Everything but Graveyard would have to wait until after the world wasn’t under immediate threat.

What Next?

After a shocking display of power, Graveyard has become more and more aggressive. The party’s next side track may end the world. Who knows? Maybe the Syndicate was always meant to bring about the destruction of the people?


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