Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 1: Silverspire

Episode VI

Taking Care of Dalton

More New Characters….

Seems we can’t stop getting new characters! In today’s episode we introduced Faust of the Dolastrad. A Laid back character who really doesn’t give a care except what’s in it for him and/or his family.

What Happened?

During today’s episode, the characters debated a long time on what to do with Dalton. They finally got some info out of him and then decided to kidnap him too, because why not. During his entrapment, he was tortured brutally and left to starve to death . The punctured him with spoons and peeled back his nails and let rats eat his skin. Eventually they managed to get some info in addition to what they already had.

They learned that the only man capable of telling them where they can destroy the sword was located at the Red Manor, a 7 day travel on horseback. After torturing him some more, they decided to let him go and then re-capture him and sell him to the Dolastrads…but will the Dolastrads accept their offer?

That night, the party received a message from the king, to meet at his palace the next morning. That’s what they did. The next morning they met with Talis Perion and he told them to destroy the sword, and they would be rewarded with a spell and 4,000 GP, with 1,000 GP in advance. The beautiful Quinitali Perion caught the eye of Arwyn and Marduk.

That next day they set out to the Red Manor. It took seven days just as estimated, with just a few minor set backs in the woods with some boar and centipedes. After clearing the woods, the party now faces the front of the Red Manor…

What’s Next?

The characters must try to infiltrate and find the information in Red Manor. Either find Ignis the Red or find his notes on the sword and Vecna. What will the characters do? Will there be a bridge? Will there be more terribly simple puzzles that seem impossible to pass? Who knows, there may even be a bridge! Check back next time!



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