Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Chapter 2: Red Wizard Manor

Episode I


What Happened?

The ranger, wizard, and monk entered the Manor after dispatching the three hell hounds on the lawn. It was one hell of a battle, and the monk almost earned another scar!

Upon entering the Manor, the doors disappeared behind the characters, leaving them searching for a way out, and also for the info they seek. They opened the door to the right and found nothing in that room, but did not enter it. They went left and fought a few magmin and worked their way further left.

They found the wife of Ignis the Red laying unconscious on the ground with nothing but a red bath robe on. They helped her up and have relentlessly tried to learn the secret hidden under the robe. They continued anyway, slightly disappointed, and eventually found the room that leads to the south western tower. Inside the room was a book that contained one of Ignis’ mad journal entries.

What Next?

The rest of the party is waiting outside, what will they do? Go in after their teammates, or flee? Graveyard is still buried next to the party outside, what will they do with it? The characters inside seem to be making a lot of progress, but how long will this momentum last? Find out next time!


Zannon_X96 Zannon_X96

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