Rabbitt's Basement: Rise of Vecna

Side-Mission: Faust and Bishop

Long lost friends.

What Happened?

After the meeting with King Perion, the group split up. Most of the group went to a tavern, while Faust and Master Bishop took a trip in a cab to Sylvandor. Upon entering Sylvandor, the monk was soon spotted as an outsider for not wearing the fancy clothes everyone else was wearing, like a shirt, or a hat.

He later went to the clothing store and acquired a more suitable clothing, but not a hat. He was still noticed as an outsider, but he was not scrutinized for it. Both Faust and Bishop made their way to the Red Dragon Inn, where they had watered down Blue Wine and got immediately drunk. blue_wine_cup.jpeg

After getting drunk, they went to the next door shop at the recommendation of the halfling. Upon further inspection of this shop it was discovered that it was a slave trade business. Here, Bishop found his father, a slave, and disgraced. Bishop practically disowned him as his father, and walked away. Faust found one of the long lost Dolastrad members, and bought him for the day but has no intentions on bringing him back for the rest of his life. His name is Valdar.

Faust and Bishop went their separate ways for awhile; Faust trying to find a way to bring the city to its knees, while Bishop tries to find his mother and long lost lover. Faust does not immediately find a way to do this, but he has been scheming for a very long time with Valdar.

Bishop but himself through perilous peril going from one Brothel to the next, in search of his long lost lover and mother. He cringed at the very thought, but it had to be done. After going for what seemed like forever, hours upon dragging hours (30min) he finally gave up his search, somewhat relieved that he could not find her there. He met back up with Faust to figure out the next step.

What Happens Next?

Will Faust finally bring the city to its knees? Find out next time!

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