Sarin the Red

Red Paladin


A Player Character generated by the DM. She is a red haired Paladin named Sarin the Red. She matches the average level of the party.


Before Ignis

Before she met Ignis, she was in a holy school to learn and worship the divines and to use their energies to help other people in the world. She excelled at almost anything she did, and surpassed everyone in her class. She was a straight A goody two shoes student. Until one day…

Sarin had two sisters. Both were younger, and very naive. Her sisters were happy about everything and always saw the good in people, no matter how bad they seemed. This was a trait Sarin really admired, but she also realized this made them very vulnerable. She always protected them, and made herself stronger and harder, so they wouldn’t have to. One day, while she was at school, something terrible happened.

After a long and tiring day at school, she came home to a house blazing with flames. It rained ash as she stood there shocked for a moment. As soon as she came to her senses, she rushed into the house. She didn’t care about her own safety, only the safety of her two sisters. She searched frantically. She found nothing, the house was collapsing, and she could barely breathe with all the smoke.

The next thing she knew, she woke up on a healer’s table with bandages on her arm and head. She knew she had failed and immediately sobbed. She forever carries a smal scar on the alm of her hand that reminds her of her sisters and those whom she fights to protect. She managed to gather from her care takers that a young magic user who lived on the streets was responsible for the misfortune. Instead of feeling angry for him, she felt sad and understanding.

For the next few months, it was her mission to find this person and talk to him. Eventually she found him sleeping next to garbage containers, filthy and discarded from society. She took him in, and taught him what she was taught. After realizing that he was a magic user, but had little control over it, she decided it would be a better idea to teach him how to use his abilities.


One day while outside training her young apprentice, a man with red cape and robes walked by. The magic practice caught his attention, so he stayed and watched. After they had finished, the man walked up to Sarina and asked if what she did was fulfilling enough, or if she would be willing to make a whole school dedicated to this. She was overwhelmed with joy and accepted his gracious offer.

6 months later, a school was built for young magic users, and by that time, Ignis had won the heart of Sarin. Although he was a power happy wizard, he still cared enough to devote his time to a school and his wife, and so they lived happily for quite some time. However not all things can shine forever. Sarin’s apprentice went missing, chaos was found, and minds were destroyed.

The Storm

Over the course of 5 years, Ignis had grown restless and uneasy. He needed change, he needed adventure, he needed power. He started doing research into the occult and into dimension travel. He bought an estate that had a dungeon built under it. He needed space to conduct his experiments.

Sarin moved into the Red Wizard Manor with him, not knowing it would be the death of her dreams, her marriage, and her husbands sanity…

Sarin the Red

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